Master and Servant 2D Entry: Simon Bull


Simon Bull has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: YAY FINISHEDED

final image. don’t you want to touch it?


welcome and good luck:thumbsup:


thanks amd same to al this is gonna be cool :slight_smile:


I went to school with a guy called Simon Bull. You ain’t originally from Southern England are are you?

Good luck either way! :love:


just playing around…put in me to get the comp and building up the tank…

this is fun…lol


interesting concept.good luck!


working out the lights a little and getting the colours down too…but this is really just a sketch for the beginning


keep at it!


working out the lights a little and getting the colours down too…but this is really just a sketch for the beginning


inspired from the book…secret…heheh

and im from australia…lol…ot many simon bulls around :slight_smile:


Wow! great start. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your entry! I’ll be stoping by regularly, as long as you post regularly too! :stuck_out_tongue:


woke up with the hangover from hell…cant remember making the picture above…lol

looks cool but…lol

love CYB


i havefigured out the three things that will make this picture wat it is…

beer, evil and …dunno

i also think that i am going crazy…lol…the walls are melting again…this hang over is really killing me…might work on the pic again later

welcome to the life of cyb


still working out the story the way i want to go…either going for really evil or very sad…dont know yet…i think the sad had more potential for emotion as this is what the challenge is all about…

should have my first line sketch up in the next few days…

then to the full painting which is where all the fun lies :slight_smile:

should have something a little more solid than the crappy sketch thats above :slight_smile:




Nice Work Cybu San, looking forward to seeing something pretty messed up from the likes of you.


ok did a quick line art piece to get the feeling of the perspective and see how its looking…i dont really do line art at all anymore since i studied painting and i actually think its a bad habit for most people…i usually lay down a tonal painting first…anyway i like how its looking so far…
next stap is to ad a little more ruined stuff on the left and along the floor…

also heres the background story for thoes who care…

A guy and a dolphin in a spaceship…they are the only two aboard…dolphin is a little suped up…ite it can communicate on a higher level than normal…

the slave is the dolphin…tuned into the ship with its brain to run stuff for the human…although it is a happy slave…the dolphin likes its master and the master loves the dolphin in return (as they are the only two on the ship)…

but something goes wrong and the dolphin loses all control of the ship…they are now flying blind…when the master comes down to check on his friend something hits the ship or there is an explosin. the master gets half crushed infront of the tank by the ceiling above…he is pinned down and wull surely die.

the dolphin cant go anywhere and cant control the ship to get help…he can so nothing but watch his master (and best friend) slowly die…with nobody else in the ship and no control of the ship the dolphin will soon start its own lonely death from starvation or some other not so nice fate…

Any way thats the short background story…thinking i might write a real short staoy to match the painting if i get time…

what do you all think?



Ha, All I can really say is “I told you so”. I must point out though, it does look unusual to se you draw in line. And if he was just going down to check up on him…then why is he naked?


just fo mark i thought id put some clothing on the guy…lol

Hes wearing a light full body wet suit…
Cloud gave me the idea for the logo on the back…thanks man…

also aded a panal that has fallen in the blast and spilt its guts of wires into the room…

also some girders that are half hanging down…

tHink that will be it for the night…



Lookin Awesome Man. His bottom hand looks better like that too. Keep it up.


thanks man…gotta work today but ill be working on it again later tonight…
really wanna get to the colouring stage as thats where i think my real strenght lies…although i think the line work is doing me good…im pretty much ONLY using the line tool…lol

Have a fun day all :slight_smile: