Master and Servant 2D Entry: shekhar shimpi


shekhar shimpi has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: grethel

final image

good luck to all!


Wicked witch: “get fire going I’m going to cook your brother tonight”.

(Sad scene from grim tale of hansel and grethel;
Wicked witch is exploiting Grethel;)


Wicked witch exploiting little grethel.

more into graphical style; triangular wall and coffin shaped window.


Funny and original one. I like it


Wow, you’ve got style. Like it. :slight_smile:
I’m wondering what kind of coloring you’re going to do…


Thanks for the comment man,

For coloring; maybe I’ll do some simple coloring in Photoshop or something, that go with the style,

Need to work fast…


this is not final;
lot of work has to be done,

need to be more dark, really dark,


Wicked witch is exploiting poor little grethel;
Commanding her to burn the woods;
Witch is going to cook the hansel for dinner,

Not final yet…
Open for suggestions,

Good luck to all,


very nice!!!you should illustrate the whole story!!!


I’m happy with this one.

Wicked witch screaming at poor little grethel.


I love your design


dude, screw the colored on, submit your pencil drawing! its got muh more character and personality! and it looks damn cool too! that is straight out of a book. good job! submit the pencil one, or a more finished on in that style… well… im sure others would disagree, but i really like the pencil one. lala.


final image

good luck to all!


hehe, that was quiet fast :slight_smile:
I like your image a lot though! stylish, beautiful. Congrats! :thumbsup:


Shekhar, I don’t belive that this is done in photoshop or something. Do you use any special tool to get such a great stroke style ? Or mouse ?

I am already a fan of yours :slight_smile:


forgive me my dear friend;
i was complete mess; past few months;
catch you soon:)

it was fantastic that you find me here,


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