Master and Servant 2D Entry: Saul D. Orihuela


I looked at my image again and as my good friend pointed out “many of the images in this contest, look static i.e. as if someone asked them to pose for a photograph”. I took this to heart as well as Shaun’s (SEL) suggestion not to make the human character '…stiff right arm…". I realized I need to put more action in the image, at least with the big dude. Not only that, I watched a Frank Frazetta documentray this weeked and that pumped me up (his life is/was really amazing). So, here I go.


Ok, so I have been a bit slow here. Just trying to find myself again (as an actual ‘painter’). And tonight, I think I am getting there. Here is a start on the human character (close up). I appreciate all for your comments (I like his pose much better here). Alright, moving along to finish the image.
As usual, any body have more comments? What does everyone think of the human (Wor) characters face expression? Nutty enough? Cause that’s what I am going for. And yes, redoing the background (that won’t take long). And yes, I am looking to submit my final coloring milestone this coming weekend.

Dragon, out.


thats looks great man,although his right arm seems a bit broken.i don’t think u wud be able to see his elbow.


nice work. :thumbsup:
i’ll wait to see more.


Looking sweet my man, I’m love the popping muscles. Nice choice of colours too > nice & moody night scene, I can’t wait till you put in the moon and let it’s light ping off the side of things!!.
Yo, here’s an ideas, to make the geeza look more like the Master of the car/s, how about a chain/s from the geeza’s hand to the cars bumper and possibly some axe holes in the car!! Just a fleeting idea of comedy I had, hope you like :slight_smile:


Ok, here is a little update on the car. Still need to work on more shine, the gold on the car and tires. Louis, loved your idea on putting ‘scars’ on the car (will do). Man, that’s what I was looking for (more action). With this idea of yours, now I can put like pieces of metal traveling up toward the axe (motion). Thanks man. I will be working on the pile of junk Wor is on, the background sky and chains tonight. Tomorrow (Sat), will spend the whole day on Wor and the axe and on Sunday the car and the over all image. So, I should be done on Sunday for a final submit. As usual, keep the comments coming. Thanks.
Dragon, out.


Hi gang. Ok, believe it or not, this background took me forever. Not because I did not know what I wanted, but try to make it look the way I wanted in Painter. You see, I am no Painter pro. But man, I love the program and it has soooo much control. Anywho, I will be putting a lighting storm in the bottom part (you can already see the shine on the clouds) and some moutains. Will put another update tonight as I finish the junk yard Wor is on and, Wor himself. Hope it is looking ‘cool’?? Louis, I will be putting a ‘battle’ scar on car (on the roof, cool idea). Ok, talk to ya all tonight. Need to go get something to eat.


Adding, removing items. Picking an overall color que. Detailing Wor. I will be putting in the scar in the car (hey, that ryhmed-smile). I will be putting FX like flying pieces of metal from the metal scar, lights on, shines, sparks, fog etc. The rest will go quick once I finish Wor and Sleek (the car). Man, just had to reread the posts here to remember the great suggestions-smile. Ok, moving along.
Dragon, out.


Ok, adding detail to Wor (Fixed the arm Noob, hope you like it THANKS FOR THE TIP-and everyone else). Louis, seems I found the other half of my brain-smile. You were talking about adding rim lighting, well, that’s exactly what I had in mind. Scary, you thinking like me-smile. Thanks. I am going to add viens to the arms/body and dirty up the flesh some so it’s not so perfect. Also, fixed Wors face (the one I had looked like he had a scar on his lip and chin). I have been using dry media, Photo, and brushes with custom variants for the painting in Painter of course. I used Photoshop on the car. Just more compfortable with the airbrush in there. Well, moving onto adding the shoulder plate, the arm band (left arm) and axe. Little by little. Still got time-smile.
As usual, comments please.
Dragon, out.


this is going really well, your gradients are neat and the textures are coming along nicely.
I can´t really crit to help in 2d because I don´t know much but I would just say something about the axe’s “equilibrium”, it seems that there is a part of the axe that is much more bigger and heavier than the other one. Maybe that´s the design anyway.
Good Job Saul!


i’m not quite sure if u mentioned u wanted this to be a realistic painting,but if u want it to look more realistic…the human body is made up of all different tones,u might wanna consider changing/adding different tones all around the body,instead of one fixed colour pallette,but i understand ur used to comic book colouring,so that cud be intentional.

later man,keep it up!


Thanks to Noob for pointing out the ‘boring’ comic book like coloring I had on Wor (compared to work I have seen at this site, yes, normal comic book coloring looks boring now-smile). Now, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a comic book that is colored well, however, there is no comparison to the detailed work that is up here. Anywho, cooled and warmed the body in different parts and well as lighten and darken as needed i.e. light around the chest and darken around the ribs, elbows down the forearm and into the hand. As well as cooled the left arm in the back (depth). Did all toning in Photoshop with a selections set around 5 and 7 pixels. Used layers also filled with destaturated blue with opacity turned down to 28%. Darkened areas using levels and Hue&Sat. Comments, comments… please.
Dragon, out.


Ok, just wanted to show a close up of Wor’s face. Still need to add some detail in the corner of the right eye and ‘dark’ rim lighting on the right side (by the hair). Also need to make the teeth not so perfect (grey/yellow). Greyed a little around the jaw and chin area as well as added a little orche to the forehead etc (trying to break up the face). Will be adding an earing to the right ear. Ok, moving on to the axe and pillars. Comments, comments, comments-smile.
Dragon, out.


Oops, have to fix the lower gums, I have them going up instead of down and around the teeth. Hum, need to fix that cock-eyed left eye too-smile. Anybody have any other suggestions? Hey, Bealobo, I fixed the axe (made it less heavy at bottom, more proportionate, thanks). Man, this site is great. It’s been so, so long since I’ve painted (years). Can’t believe how much I have forgotten about the rules of good painting (I’m reading books left and right about oil painting and just rules of art etc, it’s all coming back slowly but surely). Please, give your fellow artist a hand here. I am so open to comments, bad and good. By the way, I LOVE everyone’s work I have seen here. Man, you all rock.
Dragon, out.


Nice work. Like the colors!


keep at it brother! nice gums heh.


i do love his face.great detail and great expression!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
good luck.


just dropping off two of these saul…:thumbsup: :thumbsup: …I like the ideas and execution…real comic book creativity,and the color choice is vibrant and alive…nice designs as well…well done saul…:thumbsup:


Cool man!

Its great to see this thing starting to take shape, great work on the ighlights and mild texturing of the skin. Quick suggestion that I think may help the character. It feels like the head is floating and not attached to the body, that is primarilly because it is like a hulk type of frame, try working out a little indication of the neck and place some shadows to show there is a neck and it should do the trick! Your highlights are really coming along nicelly, try shadowing some of the veins slightly though, the opposite of the light, it will help with muscle definition. Ill check back another time to see this unfold, keep up the great work!



Looking sweet my man > Soz if haven’t been about for awhile - no excuses.

Hope you still interested in the damage axe idea, the flying metal idea is ace. It’ll make the still image move!! hehe. Yup I definitely see your way of thinking. The composition is balance really well with you new sky > I esp like the way the moons light seems to tunnel though the clouds. < very originally crafted

Hey, I know it’s not finished so I might be getting ahead of my self saying; you should go ahead a drop in some self casting shadows on the geezer, you know like darken under his shoulder and neck etc. Basically leveling the shadow incomprehension to the moons light.

Still liking your fun&funky offset style, it’s like a step outside our universe*

Peace my man