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Ok, gang, this is it. Will upload the final full rez file this morning when I get to work. Again, thanks to everyone for your support. This was extremly fun. In this short time I have learned so much (from folks, the software I used etc). What I did to the final image: Fixed the left arm (bicep and the way the shoulder was looking), made his hand holding the axe bigger so it looks like it is holding the axe. Added straps to the axe, chains to the shoulder guard, flames from the back of the car, smoke from the burning rocks, changed the color of the sparks leading up to the axe from blue to red, put a reflextion of Wor on Sleeks hood, put shadow under his chin and down his chest, shadow where the bicep meets the forearm and under the left hand, shadow under the car to seperate the car from the ground a little better, made the top of the car lighter as it is above directly under the light, and finaly, made his right hand bigger to match with his bigger left hand (balance). OK, again, many, many thanks. Will be talking to everyone again real soon. Best to ALL. Dragon, out.


I hope folks like where I am going with this. I have always been a fan of cars (anyone remember Cartoons magazine?) and big strong barbaric looking dudes (Conan etc). Everyday we get in our cars and basicaly guide (control) them where to go. Just trying to think ‘out side’ the box here (I hope). This was the first layout I had. Will update as I go along. Any comments welcomed.


this could be cool, but i think the challenge took feelings and emotions as important.
Is the car happy or sad?

I think you have to show that.

A great original consept
Best of luck! :scream:


Hi Remi. Thank you for your suggestions. I re-read all the info and your correct. I plan to make the car looking sad, worn out etc. Don’t know if to stick with a 41 Ford or make it a 32 Coupe?? or even a Futuristic Hot Rod Battle machine like. Will see. I am planning to change the background as well. I am putting in buildings and a moon (moons are always great for setting a mood). I am looking to put a battle axe in the Blue Barbarians right arm (make it look futuristic or something-smile). On the ground I am going to put nothing but chrome or gold chains (will see). Believe it or not, there is a story to this image. Basicaly, the car has emotions and can talk. It pretty much is a battle vehicle that has a soul. It’s master is a warrior from another dimension (the blue dude). So I am playing around this theme. Speaking of which, I may ‘Battle up’ the car (oh, I already said that-smile). Again, I will put new updates as I get them done. I am using Photoshop and Painter for this image. And about your english, don’t worry man, I understand you just perfect. “It’s not how you say it, but what your trying to say that matters”.


Going to other folks posts, ran out of time to post a new concept I have come up with-smile. Will post tomorrow. I looked at what I did and find it VERY boring. No action going on etc. Will show new one tomorrow. Out.


Getting the idea right and fixing the basic consept-problems is important to do at an earlt stage. So it’s good to take some time off to just think. You don’t have to submit daily you know.

If you get the mood right and the car and the composition and the colors this would be a really nice image!

Hope you come back with some new stuff soon :slight_smile:


Hey very original!! Made me chuckle. I think with this idea there are many possibilities of interesting backdrops - like a Car junk yard!. You have a good opportunity to lay down a whole society of strange car human relationships!!
The styling of the car is way cool too. You’ve got a lot of potential.
Good Like, & I’ll be back on this thread for sure!


At the end of nothingness in our Universe, begins ‘something’. To not make it so complex, the start of another Universe (alternate Universe??)
For in a time not measured like our own, wars have been raging between the Zor and the Auvik.
The reason (to get to the point), two GODS (one evil human like/or evil Alien like?? And the other a ‘self generated’ GOOD Machine-vehicle- no details right now, it just became), made images of themselves (copies) and of course, each GOD giving their ‘beings/machines’ Eidolon’s (spirits). But, where there is good and evil, well, there is conflict.
To make a long story short, the Zor have their leader, Wor and the machines (cars), have theirs, Sleek (hey, what can I say, can’t come up with a good name right now- :slight_smile: ).
For what has seemed forever, the Zor have ruled the Auvik with an evil and brutal method of control. Well, as time went on, a rebellion (of course), came about and a leader for the Auvik was picked, Sleek.
And so, the image I am putting together here is, Sleek representing the oppressed vehicles that no longer want to do as their masters (the Zor) command of them. So hence, the struggle between Wor (the Zor leader) and Sleek, the Auvik representative.
Here is my second layout sketch. I like this one much better (the image on the left). On the right is just a sketch for a face (like the cigar but not the rest, will work on this). At bottom right, detail of the front end of the car (Sleek) and oh, by the way, decided to go with a 32’ Ford Coupe, man, those cars are just so cool and fun to draw. Anywho, you can see (I hope), the shocks/springs, tires and break drums. Louis J. Browne suggested the struggle happen in a junk yard. This would probably be a cool idea. A futuristic junkyard and will allow me to ‘open’ up the image some (left to right) as so it does not look like we are looking through a hole or something. All in all, think I am sticking with this composition (just need to add more action etc). I hope this is what you were thinking of as well Scorpier (or something close- :slight_smile: ). Ok, going to draw some more this weekend to start moving on to the final piece. And of course, I will post my process and discuss what I am doing as I go along. Style, drew ideas on paper with pencil. Then scanned in the individual sketches into Photoshop. Combined them all into one document and selected each sketch and sized and moved around. Made a layer multiply, put down purple for the overall base and used a hard brush to do the quick painting style. Dodged and burned as needed. Messed wth Hue&Sat to mess with Wor’s skin color and Levels to mess with Tones. Not too many fancy things, just trying to get ideas down so I can start on the final piece. Oh, for Wor I posed in the mirror to get a quick refernce and did some searching on the internet for vehicle reference and for the chains as well. Also bought some chains so when I get ready to do the detail drawing, I have ‘real’ reference. Think this has been long enough. Any comments suggestions HIGHLY welcomed.


lol thats one cool purple dood!

looking foward to more progress.


Hi Louise J. Browne. I liked your idea of a chunk yard and am currently working it in (we will see if it works). On the comment about a whole society, funny you would mention that. To be honest, last year I was working on a book with some good friends of mine, based on an idea I have had since I was a kid. It was going to be a graphic novel almost based on what you just mentioned (can’t give the details away, cause right now we are in the middle of revamping the book i.e. making it a ‘story book’ and including 3D elements and have done all the legal things etc). The idea was so good, we actually had landed a contract with a publisher. The publisher was looking not only to publish the book, but take it to the Cartoon network etc. But, it fell through. Why? The contract was ‘one sided’. We could not negotiate a ‘fair’ contract. So, we had to walk away from it. Hey, I was not going to sell the idea for pennies.
Well, this image and story is ‘kind’ of a spin off of what we have going on, just not anywhere near the idea of the book I am currently working on.
What I mean is, any painting or ‘idea’ I come up with is going to involve a vehicle and some sort of human/alien in it. In other words, Frazzetta painted many Barbarians, but one idea or painting never had anything to do with the other (except for Conan of course).
So, this is an idea/image/story all it’s own.
Heck, as soon as I finish the book I am working on, this could well be another whole book?? Who knows.
Nubian, I am glad you like the purple them I have going on. Think I will stick with it. I am not happy with the background though. What do you folks think of some ‘Roman’ like buildings to the sides and some other Zor behind Wor?. You know, like looking on as to what is happening? I was also thinking of making a storm with lightning in the background. What do you think of that?
OK, I tend to write too much, so I will stop here. Out.


Looking great there big guy, when you going to have a update up?


Hey dude hows it going… Your concepts are strong… good luck putting it all together… rock on :thumbsup:


Basicaly my guide and of course the line art image that is required. The details will be put in during the WIP/painting process. Hope folks like where I am going with the image.
Dragon OUT.


Ok, so it starts. I am going for a cartoon/realistic (if that makes any sense-smile) look for the image. I am looking to put a thunderstorm in the background with a mountain range in the distance. Wor will be standing on a pile of heep (car parts/junkyard kind of look-thanks Louis J. Browne). Here I am just throwing down overall color. Any and all tackful comments welcomed.
Dragon, out for now.


[left]Looking good there buddy… Thats one mean looking axe :slight_smile: Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing the progress.


Cool you’ve started the final > Let the games begin
cool concept


Hey there!

Thought I would check out your thread since you responded and helped. Realised you were in the contest by the bottom link from the Photoshop thread, thought Ide check it out! I really hope you get around to finishing as it seems you have a lot of work ahead, my only suggestions would be the color theme! I would suggest if your dominent color is purple, to really push the adjacent colors on the color wheel with it, it will help your overal composition. Also try keeping your character not as stiff meaning right arm, throw in a bend etc. Sometimes I will use a circle and box technique to get the right proportion and angles for drawing humans. Ill keep posted to your progress and will try to help in any way if you have any questions!



Man, like many folks here, I too have been very busy (took the car in to have the inner tie rods changed and I replaced the rotors and breaks all this weekend). Not only that, just had brain freeze. I will be honest, been years since I have actualy painted. I mean, really painted (like at the level of art I see with many folks here. Good stuff). So, I am a little rusty. And that\'s why I entered this contest, to get back in the groove of things. You see, I have been a military multi media artist and for the last three years, a professional comic book colorist (colored on The Uncanny X-men: Marvel, G.I. Joe:Image/Devils Due, The Filth: D.C. Comics, The Gift: Raven Pub/Image Comics, G.I. Joe Mini comics: Hasbro, and many other projects). So, I am not new to this computer and art thing, what I am new to is, learning to REALLY \‘PAINT\’ again. So, I hope the image at least turns out HALF way good-smile.
SEL, I will give your brain child of using adjacent colors a shot (thanks). I will go over to your link and comment (me likes).
Ok, here I am just blocking in colors and starting to detail the clouds in the background. When I was in high school, I use to airbrush cars for money. So, as you can see, I still use the technique of blocking in colors with the selection tool like I use to do with Frisket and a blade. However, I once this is done, unlike airbrushing, I will then use a hard brush to paint like I use to with oils. I know, kind of odd, but, I need to get moving if I am to finish this peice. As usual, any comments welcomed (please). : - )
And why the heck do my images post twice??


Ok, not much of an update, but an update non the less. Building up tones. Promise to make a major update this weekend. I know there is still time, but it is quickly creeping up. As usual, any comments welcomed.
Dragon, out.


Looking good buddy… :slight_smile: