Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


I told ya you would win something! I didn’t told you which prize :D… however, congratz, except 4 linda’s, this is my favourite 2D entry! :buttrock:


Congrats, dude, happy reading times!



congratulation sasha! how do you do with your double copies of ballistic books??? heheheh! good work , and can’t wait to see you again in the next one!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


:applause::applause:Congrats Sacha…i knew You would go for something…after all You did a nice work here,all those night Working and hard times came up to somethin…See You next time With 2 BoxX in Your Home So U dont have to wory fo Your POOR PC:thumbsup::bounce:


HEY U STOLE ME PRIZE !! hehe kiddin

if there was a challenge comedian prize i wudda got it.

congrats u!!


Sasha…Congratulations…U are dear to CGtalk that i can tell…have help me a couple of times and definitely deserve the Community award…Applause…applause…:applause: :applause: :bowdown:


Congratulations Sacha! It was a great job! I dig your style and personality :thumbsup:

So cya next time!



Nice one, Sacha. Good going!

Karel De Wolf


congratulations sash… u deserve it!!!


Congratulations, Sacha! I was sorry to not see you also get the nod for your wonderful art itself, but it’s great to see you get some recognition. Great work!



Walrus: thanks a lot mate! didn’t expect a thing, and the award means so much to me. :slight_smile: i’m just happy! thaks for your nice words Mike!

Arkinet: Thanks mate!

De Vlaming: thankees Karel!

Tremoside: Thank you so much Mark!

Maranello: Thanks Nazirull! thankyou! :bowdown:

Noob: lol! hahaha, thanks. No doubts you’d get it! Keep on rocking bro!

Kmest: Lol, thanks mate! just happy i could finnish and all went soooo great. hehe, cant wait for the next challenge!

Monsit: hehe, it’s like with vinil records. you never know what happens, so its fine to have an extra one of em in any case, or one or the other also would make a great gift :smiley: thanks cand likewise!

Squib: hehe, thanks a lot!

Moscoloco: hahaha, sneak insect you knew the winners before anyone did? nasty insect :stuck_out_tongue: hehethanks mate!

JDT: THanks a lot John, hahaha, yeah the avatar wars were very funny. happy you liked my little sketches there :slight_smile:

JM: thanks a lot mate! hehe, keep on rocking, flying dutch :smiley:

Pushav: thank you so much mate!

this was so great to do this along with you! now that all of us can relax a bit, you’re all invited to the crazy cg talk party! that’s been a wild time and itr really should end up in a grand final it deserves with such great company around!
Hahaha congrats, let the party beginn!!!


Congrats hun… it really couldnt have gone to a more deserving person. hugs

Edit: now if that’s not linked brains, dont know what is… grin


definately linked, hun! hehe, floating happy around here. oh, and thanks a lot! sigh


Congratulations right back at ya’!


Congrats for the community award, Sacha - enjoy all those great books. :slight_smile:


Congrats Sacha… this piece definately deserves recognition, but you already knew that from your artsy fans here because we’ve been sayin’ all along that this piece rocked! Yay!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the next challenge. Oh, and great ‘after hours’ pic… aw, damn… who gave squibbit a light saber?! Shit! RUN FOR COVER!!! :stuck_out_tongue:



As usual I am the last to find out :sad:

Congratulations on your noticed efforts and your award on it!
This time you didn’t make it to the listings maybe with an image… but there is always a new challange and always a new oppertunity… and a good reason to assinate some of the contestants rehand (Take the winners list as a guidline :slight_smile: ).

You had your fun and a good picture to keep around… I said it before and I say it again:

There weren’t eally any loosers this round. They were all amazing to their own standards.

Take care and keep having fun!



This an incredible work !!
Congratulations on that, I was kind of ‘away’ lately due to business so I didn’t see it before now… wow! I Really loved it!

Keep in touch,


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