Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


thanks Thierry! All the best to u too!

oh, and here’s a few closeups by the way, goin to make the 2 promised wallpapers somewhen today :slight_smile:


I wish to congratulate you on excellent end of work. Exclusively successful ending-very beautiful and expressive work has turned out! Well done the Clear head! :thumbsup: Good work!



It’s an honor to be on tha cast list! :slight_smile: I really dig the movie poster idea (unique as it is). And I think your image is great too, a whole story in there! So i guess I’ll be seeing you in the next challenge, untill then wish you all the best!

Adam, ==> a member of the “cast” :slight_smile: probably just a “best boy”, or a catering person though Lol :smiley:



omg i wasnt even here,

sorry for my lact of presence and encouragment in the final stretch… but it seems like you didnt need it… an exceptional piece, u would never know that it was your first attempt at a 2d entry.

best of luck for the judging, good to see ur piece in teh final but it was always going to get there… that was a given.

tilite… signing out… from heaven:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


It has literally become a common practice to come to your thread only to get overflooded with compliments… this is your thread and your work is the star of it Sacha… no one deserves the credit of it more than you do.
I personally know how much of yourself you had to put aside to get the picture to the state it was earlier… I can’t even imagine how much you had to sacrifice to do the rest!
Little to say… there are wonderful things in life and I prey for a great variaty of them to be presented to you much more often. IT is about time and you deserve it all!

I can’t help but notice your constant little posts wiht images…
I guess some one is having a LOT of fun with their new tablet (Yeah envious… :sad: )

Best of wishes Sacha and thank you VERY VERY much for the role in your production! …
But I think you got it worng… BlackDidThis(Banned From Heaven) should be how it goes :sad:

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!


Ps; hey why not make it “Painted in ‘Many Sleepless Nights’ Studios…” :slight_smile:
hehehe… good catch all together!


HAHAHA, that’s a really AWESome Final image bro. That quick battle was freakin fun (XRIC7, next time join us. You are one of the crew now, hehehe). Hey… where did those light saver came from. I thought my character took yours to smight your dragon, LOL. Anyway, great job as always. We should definately create a thread for that later :bounce:

Oh and somebody’s been having too much fun with their cintique 21, heeheehee (Lucky bastard :argh: ). I wish i have one. My poor wacom is getting old :cry: Must buy one later :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

cheers bro and STOP SPAMMING my thread :twisted: (i’m going to spam yours and thitipon later on when i get a nice break, MUAHAHAHAHAHA)


heya hun! I’ve come to say congrats on getting your image uploaded finally! I really do think this deserves recognition, it is such an amazing piece, and considering its your first 2D challenge too… You have an amazing ability to make things look photographically painterly… if that makes sense. All your colours and values have a really realistic quality to them, but the way you draw is more like a painter would. I really do love this piece Sacha… I can’t wait to see what other marvels you can produce with your wacom. And whenever I come to look at your piece, it spurs me on to get back to my own! hugs Thanks for being such an inspiration Sacha… I can’t wait for the next challenge to get working with all these fantastic people again!


hey Sacha and Archie. great work u next round let’s see ur animation.:wip::cool: :twisted: hehe.

ps.Archie:i surrender:bowdown: .i can’t put my pic in the thread without submitting.:blush: how can i do?


awesome pic, dude

u gonna work on the pic after contest ? like make it uberfinished,
going thru all that detail and make it all photo-like n stuff ?

so cool pic , u always paint the ladies so fine :thumbsup:


Considering you’ve entered both 2D and 3D, I think you’ve done an exceptional job with this, the characters are well thought out and the anatomy is really impressive. I’m not sure I like the filter transition you’ve used and the image could use a little more contrast and detail in places but having said that, over all this is a really cool piece. Well done mate and best of luck with the judging:thumbsup:


Congratulation angel
its so butifull
and they are so any “details”(i am french sorry)


I sort of kickback and relaxed a bit those last 2 days, wasnt very good at health, comes siply from never sleeping enough, so i tried catching up some sleep.

You deserve all that rest man… I tried to live like U the 4 final days of the challenge, sleeping 3 or 4 hours a day, and now, after a complete week I’m still like a zombie, hahaha… You have been a real influence in my work this weeks, and a real friend, Thanks!.. I want to apologyze to be a little too critique sometimes with your work, or to radical in my choices; this image you did was very important for me, and you achieve it really nice :buttrock: best luck!


Hey, no fair! You did two pictures. :wink:

Actually, I like the way they contrast each other. Very original concept that the god/king and servant/dancer are only roles they play, but in reality they are more or less equals. You did a great job of showing both the reality and Concept sketches looked promising from the start, but the finished image is just :eek: !

So glad you were able to get all your milestones in by the deadline. To Mibus! :beer:
Good luck in the challenge. You should do very well.

BTW, thanks for the nice things you wrote in my thread. I’m not sure that I’m worthy, but it was nice to read. :slight_smile:


thank you all, i am overwhelmed by your comments and compliments! i just humbly want to say thank you for your encouragements, continiuos support and help during this. thank you so much! was about to go to bed when being sleepless leaded me to here for a short visit.

Fish-kaart: thank you so much Alena, much appreciate! thank you!

Adamos: thank you Adam! I’ll see you on the mainactor list on the next run we do side by side and its an honor and pleasure to do it along with such talented and great artists as you are! all my best wishes mate!

Tilite: you and black keept continious spoiling me with your help and advices, and i sure wouldnt have reached the finnishing line without the help and encouragements, thanks for all you done for me here! you rock!

Black: hey my friend, you are THE EXAMPLE how i picture a cg talker, you are propably the most helpfull unselfish and hardest working person i met in all communities i been so far yet. your continious efforts to help the fellows along and your outstanding talent shold alone be enough for a special award for the best cg talker.
about the little posts, jep, the kids were having some extrafun, the “threadspammers crew” was playing a bit around and i have to admit, i love my new tablet.I am so happy you made it into the finals and if someone deserves it than you. thank you for everything. you simply are the best. thank you my friend!

Archie: hahaha, my overtalented bro, stop flattering me! lol, heaing xric is spamming like crazy gives me laughs! hahahaha, seems i gotta follow that example and spam your tread a bit! har har! simple storys end, he can use the sbre to smite the dragon, but that wont help him to deal with both side of the force my kitty team uses in tem. but no worries, the love to play with him, they wont hurt him (much), as i know them :wink: keep on rocking bro!!!

Zephyri: Sam, to have met you here is my biggest award, ever. You are making me so happy, and i am so happy you like my final. I wouldn’t have made it trough the nights, you kept me on it, made me proud and work as hard as i could. You are my inspiration and my light, and for all my efforts and my way i went trough CG, i found with you the one and true Lady, wich keeps me on what i do, with all my love, passion and inspiration i’m having trough you. hugs thank you for enlighting my life! You not only are a wonderfull artist, blessed and passionate, you also have a most beautifull mind and soul and i deeply love it! Can’t wait to see you finnish your most beautifull piece and give the cg world another treasure of yours. and next challenge, side by side i know you take over the lead in a storm! Sam, my fair Lady, always, and more every day. thank you for all you do for me! luv:love::love::love: you rock!!!

Xric7: Thitipon, crazy bro! hahaha you rock, always did and its been most wonderfull to have found such a great friend as you are!

i can’t put my pic in the thread without submitting
upload it on any webbased storageplace and post the pic as a link. might be an attachment, might be as an integrated linked image, just add an image and paste the url you uploaded it.
keep on rocking my friend, your outstanding talent and your kind and gentle being are just wonderfull. stay as you are. keep on rocking!

Squibbit:well i took a little break on it now, but theres many flaws i plan to trow out and let it reappear in the final polish i think. in time. glad you like the final i found. You know, you inspired all of us, love your great sense of humor, your unique style and of course your making off! you always rocked, keep it up, keep on rocking my friend!

Jezzarts: glad you like it. well at the moment i only see the flaws in it, and i am happy i made it to come that far with it. i’ll try to cleanout the flaws when i have the reqquired distance to it and upload a second attemp of if soon. for now, i’m happy i made it to postr it as a final. and i am glad you like it. thanks for your suggestions. i’ll put em on my to fix list.

Mastergotenks: merci mon ami, je suis très heureux to aime mon image. Merci beaucoup!
a plus gars! :slight_smile:

Moscoloco: crazy bro! hahahaha, don’t scare me, a mosco Zombie, thats weirrrf in the first hand! thankyo very very much, you and snoopy have been a huge help always, and there’s no but really NOT need to appologize in any way, stop that immediately:twisted: ! you are a great talented and wonderfull artist, and above a great and kind person and a wonderfull friend.
just thank you so much for everything. keep on rockling!

I like Soup too! thank you so much Chris! You done a very fun and wonderfully and unique painting yourself, congrats again on this. and about the little things i worte on your thread, most welcome! always a pleasure!

CG Talk: thank you for offering us all this great chance and possebileties. i am just a humble participant of this and a proud memebr of the greatest community i know, and i would like to thankl you for all you do and done for us.
and specially Robert Mibus:thank you again for your patience, your help and your tollerance. you helped me once back in the alienware challenge and helped ppl here all over. i would like to thank you again for all you do and done for us. keep on rocking!


Congratulations ! It’s a very amazing job ! :applause:


:slight_smile: thanks Dan.


your women are flawless!:thumbsup:


i always second that:love::love:


Well, after the hassle, I just had to come back to it and check. The poster’s really friggin awesome! :thumbsup: Quite the thing to do man! :slight_smile:

And I just gotta say it’s a very beautiful and delicate piece. Amazing shapes in there, especially her face with all the sorrow on it and such.


Congratulations Sacha on your community award. I felt you placed much higher but I wasn’t a judge. I love your piece here and you cracked me up in the DSG (DSF) avatar wars!