Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


NOt fare. I don’t have any drawings. DAMN!!! You’ve won this round :cry: but i will be back :twisted: JUST like the Dark Knight lurking around the shadows (now i need to go draw something, dammit), hehehe.

I’LL BE BACK (system overdrive…shutting down)


Archie,use the power of my lightsabers to resist the hell kittys.hehe.:twisted:


muahahahahaa lol! waiting for that fightback! cant waiiit! lol! :buttrock: :cool: :wip: :beer:


Blast those kitties away and eat them alive!!! MUAHAHAHAHA


THanks for the new WALLPAPER bro. IT’s AWESOME. You rock dude:buttrock:

I did a couple of sketches, but i think this should do it for your kitties, heeheehee.



what the hellllllllllllllllll…
Archie strike back!!
Sacha…i guest u r in trouble now.:argh: hehe…


they told me they had a hot afternoon that day. birdiehunt never was more fun, playfull kittys they are! hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, ur turn bro :wip: :beer: :scream: looool!

bout the wallpaper: moooost welcome bro! the least i could do for you and thank you so much again for yours! you rock!!! :bowdown: :beer: :buttrock:

thitipon. hahaha nah, its so fun to play silly. lol. run Archie RUN! :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, looks like the competition still lives in this thread. Waiting to see what Archie will reply with. Oh, and Congrats on the complete entry.


It was a little tasty. I cant believe they didn’t know how to use a light saver.
Oh well, that was a nice dinner, HAHAHA!!! :twisted: :wip: :wip: :wip:

Okay, that doesn’t really look like a dragon, but it should do. hehehe.

cheers bro and :buttrock:


Okay, this is a little bit too much fun. So we should make your move the last one. We should join the Daily skeching group or create a new thread similar to that. I don’t know, heehee :thumbsup:

:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


dude, awesome work and details man~ love it :slight_smile:


congrats on the end piece. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congrats on the final piece and thank you for your support on my. Thus far, I have heard nothing, so I guess there’s no “break”. Such is life!

Good luck!


So you’re oficially in now eh, yay! Congrats!:beer: rock, rock on:buttrock:


Hey, Angel, I’m just getting back from my week away and only now getting to see everyone’s finally-finished pieces. This came out looking great! Nice work, and congrats for finishing! Good luck in the judging!



I know I have been a very bad boy keeping from the last days of your entry… but I was fortunate to even be able to look at mine. Luckily having more posts to post in hand than I have the time to go through the ttrouble for :frowning:

Your entry is breath taking and all in all it looks like it is up there in the top rows… I wish you nothing but the bests of luck and just hope for the best to come your way. You worked hard and had some hard times through the making of this impressive image…

Good Luck Sacha!



Hey buddy, your image is in at the final list. WOOHOO!!!, so now you can really relax dude. It’s in, hehehe :applause: :applause:
Well, now we just need to wait for the result. I wonder when the voting begins… You definately got my vote bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Archie: hahahaha, ok, had to work tonight on the animation i gotta finnish for the studio and i admit the final of the lil sketchbattle in my case isnt very original, but, lol, lets make a new section, called “daily sketch minibattles”, that be fun! that final is for u!
about the voting, if there was one, you sure would have mine, but as far as i know, there wont be a public vote anymore, cuz back in other challenges, you even had to worry you would be fan collecting if you told someone you like his work and that sux. now i can do it and spam into your tread as much as i like :stuck_out_tongue:

Snoppy: hahahaha, yeah was loadsa fun! And thank you so much! cant believe it finally is done. wow!

Sloth79: Hey Terence, thank you so much! love your work man! your girls rock!

Jugeras: THank you so much Joni!

OliveBeard: congratulations again on your final entry! happy you made it too!

Rudeone: you don’t know how happy i am! thank you so much! and congrats again on yours. love your sweet toons!

Walrus: Thank you so much! hehe, hope you got my email as well, i loved your work before i knew it was yours, spent countless nights with your barb and your sorc. congrats on your fantastic and great funny final entry as well! u rock!!!

Black: I am so happy you finally made it too. was there when it happened and was so happy. as i said, you propoably are the best example for how a great community member should be and if someone deserves it to have gotten this nothing but fair chance than its you. you done so much for anyone and you are not only talented and dedicated, you are a wonderfull person and i wish you all the best. for you, your dreams, your health, your happiness, your life. may it be kind to you and grant you all your dreams fulfill. stay as you are my friend, you rock!

Archie:yes, i sort of kickback and relaxed a bit those last 2 days, wasnt very good at health, comes siply from never sleeping enough, so i tried catching up some sleep. except i was making a sketchbattle vs. my bro :stuck_out_tongue: here, this is my final sketch for u :slight_smile:

coming home with sum to play with… lol :wink:


Ladies and gentlemen, cgtalkers, guy n gals, you were a huge help, i would have NEVER never ever made it without your help. a few posts back i posetd the poster, and i repost it now, cuz i simply wanna thank you all, for your great help encouragement and that great and inspiring time i had with you. this was my first 2d challenge ever, and it was a wonderfull process i learned so much and it was a a pleasure and an honor to do this along with you.
keep on rocking my friends. all of you! you all rock!


Hi Sacha, woah man! what a picture, it’s great work:thumbsup: :scream: Congratulations. So many details and yet still clear and readable. Love it! All the best!