Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


Mann Sacha, das ist kickass. Habe den letzten Update gar nicht gesehen…eine total coole Idee!!



Wow, great piece of art! I have always loved this kind of cartoony touch instead a too realistic style, and this is gorgeous.
I have visited your website too and I really like your work.
Good luck!


OK, I gotta do it … I got it wrong, that is, ignore my comments above … I actually, after looking at it again have to say that it is a strong and unique idea to make it a poster! So I take back my comments and add another good luck to ya since it has gotten better for me! (I need an icon with its tail between its legs) I had to see the final composition to comprehend …


beautiful painting, that snake dancer is awesome, really like the pose you chose, that snake dragon around her is fatastic. COngratulations with your great final entry !


Adriano :thumbsup:


Hey great job! Looks like it can be a promising movie as well


hey angel:

dude u rock hard, the piece looks out of this world…I can definetly see the cintique :wink:

u really are incredible…(u put my name on the wallpaper :blush: u :buttrock: )


1st Angel,


Eventhough the only post I offered had to do with boogers, I still get to be in your movie!

Not to be sophomoric or anything (oh no!) but I want to play that nasty old man (he doesn’t seem to do much, except eat and stare and grab). And the snake. And the fern. And the palm tree. And papyrus reeds. And I’ll do makeup. And editing. Hey. I’ll serve the mosquito-filled donuts too. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just settle for being thanked. :slight_smile:

The snakecharmer is gorgeous. Beautiful rendering of volume :wink:

I noticed you did not finish your 3d entry, which is a shame, but I’m glad you chose to stick it out with the 2d. The final submission is a glamorous glitz gaggle.


edit… has solved. :slight_smile:


Kyena: Vielen dank Tasha! :slight_smile: happy dass es Dir gefällt! na, spass mit wow? bis bald!

joseart: thank you very much! i think there’s no better way to play and have fun than make toons, of course with much love. toons are the most individual way to create characters. it takes much to create realism, but it never was my maintarget. cuz i have a very big love for toons :slight_smile: like you. seen your site and its great!

bowditch: thanks mate! i am happy you finally liked my work, i had this to tell all the aspects of my story. glad u like the final solution Marc!

Adriano_Zanetti: thank you so much mate! congrats on your great final as well!

digital_bobert: thanks mate! hahaha, the movie soure would be fun! who knows, maybe someday that wish fulfills! thanks for your kind words mate!

cha0t1c1: thank you so much my friend! yeah of course i did. you helped me so much and encouraged anyone, that was the least i could have done!

ravioli_rancher: hahahaha oook, you’ll have your casting! :stuck_out_tongue: u did it again hahahahaha pee my pants u simply are too funny! hahaha u rock! best of luck mate and see you sonn! Stay as u are!


Ow yeah! looks like you’re still in:thumbsup: now lets hope Mibus contacts you to confirm it.
lol great sketch BTW

ps I just checked out your wallpaper again, didn’t notice it before but did I just spot my name in there, hahahaha that’s so cool:buttrock: this one will be printed, framed and will get a nice spot on my wall:bounce:


The story behind it:
She was the greatest dancer of her time, he was the mightiest man of his aera.
Their destiny was written before they were born. She was living a life she didn’t choose, and the only moments
she enjoyed freedom were when she was dancing. Even thought he rules her, owns her, dominates her, he can not please her.
All his might is useless, her heart and soul always will be free.
The magical avatar, snake symbolizes her unbreakable pride. She was born to serve his godly majesty, born to please a godking.


hey Sacha…
CONGRATULATION:bounce: :thumbsup: :applause: :buttrock: :bowdown: :wip: :beer: :wavey:
THank u,Mibus.u r so sweet.:love:

wonderful painting.very impressive!!one of the best luck,buddy.


congrats sacha, truly this is a great day, both you and Berter deserved it…
congrats :applause:


Hehe, that’s a nice painting you put there. You’ll definately get a reply tomorrow. You just wait. Don’t they take a break on the weekend or something. Anyway, i know you’ll get a reply, so stay tune and relax bro…just relax. Don’t stress it :smiley:

You and XRIC7 seriously needs to stop bombarding people’s thread with spams, hehehe. SPAMERS!!! LOL (just kidding). Keep doing it, it’s kinda fun reading all this thing, :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers bro :buttrock:


I agree…stop spamming(rns away after this spam) :smiley:


Jipppiiiiieeeeeeee!!! this makes my day! thank you Mohanned and Tithipon! you been such a great help, so great friends in this nervewracking time! thank u both of u u rock!!!:beer: :buttrock: :bowdown: :wavey: :buttrock::beer:


hahahaha Thanks Archie! hahaha i am so happy! hahahha, okk, i promise the only treat i continue spam will be yourse and mohanneds :stuck_out_tongue: lol, hahaha u rock!
and rudy! thank you so much! of course u’re in there, its my thanks to all who were with me and helped me! hehe.


hey Archie,…what is spam?:blush: i can’t find it’s meaning.



Honey, where is my super suite? Give me my damn super suite woman!!! … i’m about to whip Sacha’s arse, heeheehee :wip: :wip: :wip:
Your light saver has no effect on me, HAHAHA.

cheers bro (i guess i need some sleep, hehe)


Sends both kittys now on Archie, hahahaha they are always bloodthirsty hahahaha:twisted:
cheers bro hahahaa lol!:wip: :beer: :wip: