Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


this´ll have a happy end!!! i´ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!:bounce::bounce::bounce:


yeah, keep your hopes up… were behind you bro.

(edit) i checked the final submitted entries, yours is there, m not sure if thats the final jpeg or tiff though.


Dude, stop your drama :rolleyes: heeheehee. They will put you in dude. They can’t say no to your work, come on… And you will be coming back on the future challenges. YOu know you can’t resist :twisted:
I’ll keep my fingers cross and knock on woods a thousand times. You’ll get in. Just think positive young padawan :thumbsup:

to be continued…
cheers and :buttrock:


it’s coming.Episode 6(66)-return of the1st_angel.hehe…:smiley:
maybe we have to trust in Mibus.he said u’ll be in so u must be in.:buttrock:


If there’s a light in the center of the Universe, we’ll recieve that mail :buttrock:


thanks for your message bro… real sorry about your upload problem… that sucks so much because this is a real contender… really enjoyed your progress. THat star wars/ upload splice made me chuckle!. Chin up


Hope you get a green light on that submission :smiley: …Hey maybe I can come to your company and do some mocap :stuck_out_tongue:


well i hope they do if for you…or else they have to fight with all the jedies here(just count them)…unless they’re as powerfull as emperor himself…

EP6:Return of the1st_angel:thumbsup::thumbsup: …well…no matter EP6 happen or not,you just keep learning the force more and more and then U will reach a power greatet than any sith:)


:thumbsup: wery nice :thumbsup:


i sent it again, this time all together, the correct files and i hope its accepted.

levent: thanks mate!

kmest: me very clumsy padawan… lol me silly too much for submit me ashame :blush: . thanks for your support my friend. i was so bervous yesterday i sent it in 3 parts cuz everytime i forgot something. hope it works now. if not i join the join the dark side… :stuck_out_tongue:

3dRaven: lol, i hope smart birdie! may the force be with u!

W!L: thanks mate. i start seing it with darth humor. lol, it’s never been worse to submit. its like 2 days of extra adrenaline. hehe, congrats on your successfull ending. hoping for a happyend here too. :twisted:

mosconariz: yes bro! looking at the sky saying: “if universe has a bright center somewhere…” lol. :wise:

xric7: hope mibus the mighty gatekeeper makes it true! :rolleyes:

Arc80: hehe, thanks bro! and thats for sure! there’ll be another hope :smiley: :buttrock:

arkinet: thank you so much bro! :thumbsup:

dunkelgold: thank you so much Benita! :bounce:

may the force be with u! all of u! u rock!!!


No Sacha… YOU rock! :wink:


Wow cool poster and I saw my name on there…woohhoo i am honored. well I do hope it gets through …:slight_smile:


I LOVE THIS POSTER !! :love: I don’t think i have to remind you how cool and Awesome this piece of yours is mate. And thank you for including my name in your credits.
Good luck in the finals man.
:thumbsup: :applause:


hey Sacha,…hahahaha…sorry,i can’t roc.i don’t have website for now but it’s coming soon(maybe 60 years after when i die and someone want to discradit my works on web:p joke)
anyway,how about checking your submit final there something change?did u see ur thumbnail final image(.tif) there?


Aly: no, YOU rock! lol

element5: its just a humble thanks :smiley:

tariq: Glad i could make you happy! and thanks again for you support!

xric7: still no news, still sais milestone final image not submitted… i better don’t check again. :wink:
uhm… thank you so much bro! and if you make it to make a website, just letme know!

at the moment i try to visit all works i tried to follow. this challenge is full of fantastic works. i feel like the fat chiled in the candyshop. pure eyecandy all over the place! could take me a while and i really enjoy the little sightseing tour, and from what i seen yet, its just wonderfull what you all did. SO many so cool works! wow! see you later, continue my little tour :smiley:


wow.this is really nice! I love her face. it says so much. I love the transition between her with the the god king and her dancing. I think that the element of the transition is really nice also. they look like ashes. i love your rendering also! Good luck!


wow ! that’s freaking awsome ! what can i say about the females ,they are all very sexy !
and there 's a lot of characters ,that was a huge work that’s for sure ,good luck:thumbsup:


Really good stuff angel, good luck with your image! I like the luis influenced painting!:bounce: :applause:


Was up bro! Thanks for adding me to your link and thanks for the kindest of words :blush:
I’ll add you to mine too. Right now, i’m working on a lot of new pieces for my website and retiring the old once. So i’ll email you when i update my website and all and put your link there as well. Sleepless nights conitnues for me…oy

I’ll drop by again here when i take a break. Oh yeah, everyone is putting their piece up the 2D forum, you should too. You got my vote on that as well :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

cheers and stop bombarding everyone’s thread, HAHAHA, kidding.


TheMagnetic: thank you so much, I’m very happy you like my work! best of luck to you too!

punklover: lol, thanks mate :slight_smile: hehe, i really appreciate :slight_smile: best luck and keep on rocking mate!

beelow: Hey my friend! i really hope uploading worked out for you my friend! best of luck!

Arc80: muahahahaha, crazy bro! say hi to your coffeemachine too, must be as busy as your poor machine :smiley: hahaha, may the force be with u always! bout the link: most welcome!
and bout the uploading to 2d… hehe, oook, if u say so, i will :slight_smile:
and for my little tour… hahahaha, was about time i go bug my pals :stuck_out_tongue: lol. was kept away from posting and finally found time to congrat a bit around! poor 3d guys get my greets tomorrow. lol…

thanks for your kind comments, I’ll go post my lil pic then… keep on rocking, all of you!