Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


Woohoo! :smiley:


at first i was sorry for you but now i’m happy,thanks for mubis to let you and others in(i emailed him so maybe he can do something about me too…)…you deserve it.cause you’ve done a realy nice job here my friend…hope to see you on top…:thumbsup:

and by the way,i think we all have to push the deadline one week earlier for ourselves in the next challenges.they may be always many many accidental situations liek what hapend to many of us here…:bounce: :bounce:


I knew it , they were reasonably flexible with the deadline even in the previous
contest. Congrats, dude !


YES!!! :applause:
Well, this news certainly brings my mood up (was still kinda disappointed that I couldn’t finish mine, but there’s always next time); I’m just happy they were to able accept your entry, as it’s one of the strongest I’ve seen.
Congrats, Sacha. :thumbsup:


awww i guess i wont be pummelling u into wiener schnitzel lol :bounce:


:thumbsup: no words :applause:


Now that’s some good news, mate!!! :thumbsup: :bounce: :thumbsup:


Thanks for the wallpaper friend! Thanks for the mail! Thanks for the reply in m thread! You’re a great friend and artist Sacha! Thanks also to 3DRaven and his mails, and thanks Mibus, admins and techinchal staff for clearing this up!

I’m soooooooooooooo happy!!! We have chance! And U have a big one my friend!

Let’s rock!:love::scream::bounce::deal::thumbsup:


Congratulations, a very beautiful detail and fantastic image


Many Congrats!!


congratulations sash, for such a great image…:bounce: :bounce:


yeeee-haaa! I knew it! :scream:
CONGRATULATIONS!! It was NOT in vain! :smiley:
keep rockin’! :buttrock:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: YAY!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


sgt Pepper; Hey Per! I submitted the email. hope I’ll make it :slight_smile: its really some painfull minutes again. thanks for your support! Love your work! best of luck to u!

Lord Snoop: Thank you so much my friend! enjoy your Birthday! congrats again on your fantastic work! loving it! thanks again for all your help! u rock! best of luck and all the best my friend!

ms@zx: Michael, there is hope! thank you so much for your support! u rock! thank you so much and best of luck!

Monsit: thank you so much my friend! you always are top notch, love your works! hope my submission worked! best of luck on your entry my friend!

Thitipon:you really rock! thank you so much! this saved my day! hope everything works now! i didn’t get notified if it did, but i sent the tiff and a jpg to robert, now let’s see what happens! best of luck again!

Karel: hahaha, lol, thanks a lot mate! hahaha, don’t want you to deform your hands all the time, but an animated movie with the dancer can take me a while, so hold on and play the movie in your mind a bit meanwhile :smiley: did you get my PM mate? best luck mate!

Nebi: You rock my friend! thank you so much! sent it and got a bit of new hope now! thank you so much! waiting for that to add it my links on my site… if u come to zurich i know the restaurant where to get the biggest wienerschnitzels i know outside of autriche and we shall go there and stuff you like never before! lol best of luck to you my friend!

Brian: Hehe, piggy! hope that too! thanks a lot and best luck to you!

Aly: Woohooo! Hey thank you so much, and i emptied my inbox :slight_smile: glad you like the little poster i posted. and thank you so much for your support! you rock, waiting for your website to pop up, cant wait to be able to access all your eyeccandy! All my best wishes my friend, and best luck on the finals!love your works!

Mythmaker: thank you so much! I am very happy you like what i did! best of luck to you too!

Smart Birdy: thank you so much my friend! ok, relaxing and back to vfx as usual, hehe, u wont believe what i make for the studio at the moment: a 3d raven! Best of luck my friend and congrats again for your great final piece! loving it! Best of luck bro!

Paul: thank you so much! you did a freaking awesome job on yours, wish you best luck too and keep on rocking!

Alex: hey my friend! thank you soooooooooo much! and all the very best to you, and cant say enough how much i love your works! so best of luck my friend! see ya soon!

Kmest: and you deserve it too! hope he sets you up, i loved your work from the first poly, and it would be such a shame if you wouldnt get recognized for your great work! hahahaha you are right 100% about the deadline, but what shall we do, perfectionism is curse sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: best of luck my friend! I really hope you make it too!

Lord Squib: thank you so much! love your works, your humor, your style you painted it up in lightspeed and you made me laugh so often! Wish you all the best for the final! keep on rocking Panu!

Jason: thank you so much my friend, you been a huge help for me during this challenge and i was so sad when you gave up. I am looking forward to see you soon and go with you for a new run! keep it up my friend and next time you’ll rock em all!

(o)ne thanks a lot!

Teemu: hehe, thank you! i am very happy too!

Moscoloco: Most welcome bro and :blush:thanks. you are a wonderfull friend and a most talented artist, love what you do, always! best of luck now and keep on rocking!

Illusion Digital: thanks mate

MC NOOB!: thanks bro!

Arkinet: Thank you so much!

Sonja and Fabian: thank you thank you thank you!!!:bounce: :buttrock:

you all rock! hope the best now and best of luck and all my best wishes to all of you, and thank you again Robert and cg talk to give me a chance! And you, cg talkers, mates and maties, guys n gals, you all are just the craziest and best crew around, u know that?!? it was a pleasure and an honor to do this along with you and i just wanna thank you everyone for this great time, keep on rocking my friends!!!


for sure,check it here,Sacha.:smiley:
woooooooh…be happy and lucky!!


i didnt get a notification it was successfully submited, was so nervous i sent the nonscaleddown jpg, sent it again then forgot my username and nothing is confirmed yet (i read in wil’s tread he got one…). am a bit nervous, can’t see anything changed on the ftp, still sais my milestoness are incomplete :frowning:


Sorry to hear about your headache regarding time on this challenge… but hey, we all met and bonded with lots of awesome artists and learned stuff from each other, so… for me personally, that is its own reward. Although I do think you deserve a shot at the prizes for this challenge. You’re an amazing artist and this piece kicked! :applause:



Ha, I’m sorry things went wrong with you mate, really :confused:
In any case, thanks a lot for that poster you made, that’s absolutely nice; and thanks for all your comments on my thread. Hope to see you on the next challenge Sacha! :wink:


This is without a doubt a winner! They better get the whole uploading problem resolved because I’m voting for your submission!


hahahaha, after episode 1 the submission menace, i met episode 2 the submission wars, episode 3, the revenge of the timer, i met episode 4, a new hope, and now meet episode 5, the submission stroke back… dunno, and… lol. somehow feel silly. :blush: knowing nothing like so often. will there be a “return of the1st_angel”?.. lol. if not, the submissionsystem defiantely killed me this time… i just wanted to thank you all who felt with me.
and i still have no news… hope i didnt react too late :hmm:

cant say a thing don’t know a thing but i look forward to a wienerschnitzel on Squib island…