Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


Well Done…i Love Fantasy Art…good Luck


Aly, Noob, Element5, Lemog, Aradiael, my sweet Lady Sam, Moscoloco, Alex, Jan Mark, Thitipon, Fiduciose, Sonja, Teemu, Snoop, Supersnake, Jason, Benita, Archie, Beelow, Kerem, Rury, Nebi, Joan, Artjunky, Calvin, thanks for feeling with me. Episode 13: the Dark timers victory… hahaha, at least i learned a lot and i can say i had a insane good time.

Wallpaper will be exclusivly made in 2 versions and here is a very special thanks to all who helped me to get this far:


have you posted your final image??

please say you have…

Im waiting for it.
I like your style alot, very nice details and lighting, i hope you don´t miss the deadline.
GL in the challenge:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


no i didnt, it wouldnt let me yesterday, even thought the first try i sill had 17minutes left on the timer…:cry: :banghead: :cry: …still waiting for the Admin’s answer…


I love it:applause: . I wish you were able make it on time, this is just too great.



ohh my… well lets hope for the best, you deserve a chance.


jezz~~i’m terrible sorry to hear matter waht happened,just keep ur fire burning inside u.its the passion we are talking about!~:)


what! can’t believe that ! your image is my one of top list !
the amount of challenger increase every challenge , so there will be a lot of traffic at the end for sure , I think you are ok ! with your quality and output image you got , you have nothing to worry! its’ a great big artwork and portfolio you got! good luck and see you in challenge ,


hey Sacha!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Sacha my friend…lovly work you have make!! really nice job my friend, for me you’re a talent I really whish best luck to you my friend!!
best luck to you Sacha and keep so strong:thumbsup:

Congratulation , amazing job!!

ciao amico, Alex.


Looks great! You have the poster, now you gonna have to make the movie too.:scream: I want to see that dancer in action!:bounce: (or I’ll break my other hand too :smiley: )

I didn’t make it, o I finished the image, but I had trouble with that FTP. But that’s ok, it has been fun, no?

Good luck and btw you have my vote.:thumbsup:


Originally Posted by Mibus
the1st_angel, OliveBeard, mosconariz, Fred76, everyone else who had trouble in the last 15 minutes of challenge time:
There was a problem for many people submitting in the last 15 minutes of the challenge. If you attempted to submit in those 15 minutes (and those 15 only!), email me ( with your username, WIP image and text, and I will upload it.

OZ SASH; DARK SIDE PREVAILED; READ THIS MESSAGE!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


See, I told you, you still have a chance. YAY!


^^^ hope that works out, would be a real shame if this didn’t get in


I love the wallpaper Sacha! :slight_smile: BTW you need to clear some space in your inbox… I can’t send you a PM!


Thank you AAAALLLL! i just sent the pic i already lost hope when i gotten the message! I am so happy!!! love u all!! thank you all and best of luck!!! u rock!


Great work! Love all the drama and detailing. Definitely got that epic feel!

Good luck for the finals :wink:


Looks like you can relax a bit now. Great work on the wallpaper…now we have to sit back and wait for the results…:smiley:


I’m really pleased for you…it would have been a shame not to get recognized.

Well done, and good luck



jiipiii my friend :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: i am so happy for you :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: see you later mate.