Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


You were the chosen one! :cry:

Same stuff in my thread m8, the difference is that your image rocks a thousand times more!


:cry: :cry: :cry: for you my friend, so mutch work, :cry: ,dont get to drunk tonight,
see you mate and :cry: :cry: :cry:


Really good end result man!!! A really bad trip to see you have 14 miinutes left and it won’t do anything. You’ve got my sympathies!:thumbsup:

Will be nagging the ass to be nagged if possible. I hope they let you through anyway.


oh no…Sacha
ur entry is one of the most fevourite of us here.:bowdown::bowdown: :bowdown:
i can’t say how sorry i feel cos it can’t make anything better.always love urs.take care.:wavey:




Unfair challenge close leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

sorry, maybe I need a psiquiatric hospital


It’s ended now let it pass, don’t worry about the past, nothing you can do to roll back the time.

But there will be a beautiful day beyond the rainy stormy days.

hope to see you again in next challenge!!


Oh, man!! This is SO UNFAIR!!! :sad: :cry:

I’m really sorry, Angel - it is a beautiful pic.


Now, that’s very sad! I feel sorry for you. :sad: Yep, it definately would have been one of the best entries and of course kinda still is! :thumbsup:
Better luck next time!!! :slight_smile:

Btw. I really appreciate your constructive feedback, Thanks! :slight_smile:


ARGH:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: !! Complain Angel, complain to them that you still had time and it wouldnt let you upload. Just a question, you did try uplaoding the final jpeg before the final tiff right? I hope so, becuase then your complaining would be legit. If so…FIGHT FOR IT! Sorry I fell asleep at the time you where trying to upload:sad: , I might have been able to help:shrug: . ARGH, I’m mad, this was a great entry and so much work done.


oh my dear friend Sacha…u did an amazing job with your artwork…im sorry u didnt make it to send the final image…dam…:cry::sad:…



Oh my God, I can’t believe it did that to you! After all that hard work!? :banghead:
Man, that just really sucks… I am so sorry. :sad:

(On the plus side, your illustration turned out really spectacular :slight_smile: )


:sad: oh angel, don´t worry too much…

you have done such a great job! never trust the electro-things… they fail and they have flaws…

still in love with your sweet cat-ladies

(maybe there is still a way to convince them about the timer-thing?) :shrug:


OH NO :cry: My crazy bro. That’s not fare…that is not fare at all. F…king timer. They should’ve at least accepted it. Damn…sonofa… mothafa…freakin timer shit.
I’m truely sorry buddy. I really am. Maybe they can still be convince. Your piece deserves a lot and it’s one of everyones favorite pieces here. I wish i could’ve done something bro. I really wish i could’ve helped out.

Well, i hope to see it posted at the regular forum. I sent you the wallpaper already and it’s a big copy. I hope that cheers you up a bit. I’m dedicating my piece to all the pixel pushers out there. ROCK on my crazy bro :buttrock:

The good side about this is that you have earned and definately have the respect and love of the community. We’ll always be here to support you anytime :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

cheers bro and keep in touch.


Much respect, You do great work.:bounce: I did not make it either, I was igorant on how to send mines but it is all good.:sad: Sacha will see you in the next contest, I should be kick ass by then, you…Holla. And thanks for your support.:thumbsup:


I am realy sorry Sacha. It’s a shame… Did you try to talk with the staff about this? Maybe they can show some tolerance for such an amazing piece… Nevertheless, you’ve made a great effort and an amazing piece. I wish you all the best bro.


What!? you didn’t finish? awh man that really sucks:sad: , I loved your piece.
A well, better luck next time my friend, c ya in the next challenge


oy all u jedis and sith what if we join our forces and do some mind tricks on the tomer… oy sash no worries, ill meet u someday and we gonna eat wienerschnitzel and laugh about all this when u win the next challenge, well stay in touch bro:thumbsup:


I can´t belive in this!!! So many work … :sad:

Post your work in Finish 2d Work. Is a great work for a award. :thumbsup:

I´m waiting the wallpaper version :slight_smile:


Stunningly beautiful my dear… a real joy to see you develop this one. I am so glad to see you finish (download’s for desktop, tee hee :smiley: )

Good luck in the judging!