Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


Good luck Angel…I am rooting for you to come in and with great strength…Hoping to see the final in it’s full glory…all the best to you…:thumbsup:


0 days, 1 hours, 4 minutes, 10 seconds.
crap, am sooooo stressed. almost, almost almost… headshot! just trying to make it! worst is i dont see the colors anymore, cant say if its ok or sux. just trying to get it right, secondlast update from now, almost the final almost there…


yes! cmon,u can make it

i’ll give u a heads up , the tiff uploading usaully takes around 20mins,so that leaves u around 40 mins for the final tweaks!!!


Hey mates, question, go for whit trials or not??? thanks for the encouragements, will upload what i have in 15-20 minutes :smiley: i am not really satisfied but at least i almost made it… almost almost…

thanks to all who support me and encouraged me along this! and Yes i hurry!!!


white trails looks fine! upload upload!!!


:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: cant submit!!! 14 minutes left!!! can’t submit!!!


AAAAAAAHHHHH…<crash & burn> …

Any survivors??..Sacha say something…did you get it to the FTP site??

Still 5 minutes


no it sais, its closed, it does not letme submit my final piece!!!



thats f’d up !!

and after all that,that sucks ,i feel really bad for u,surely theres a way!!


Great pic! I love your style!


Awesome picture! I would like to see a jpeg lossless compression aswell, to see some of the details. Hope you can work it out and manage to submit your image!


Hmmm… I’m really sorry that you couldn.t upload your final stuff.

I don’t know what kind of callendars are you using people??
The Deadline was yesterday, 18 of May 12:00 PM.
Not 19 :slight_smile:
I saw many artworks finished today, I really don’t know what’s going on here…


done since more than 30 mins, and at least show u what i done. this goes out to all who believed in me and helped me! love u guys n gals! thank you so much. Listening to the star Wars requiem and would like to produce a nice reason for a big hangover.

Here’s my Final Piece, I’ll make a wallpaper in a few hours and post a link to download it for those who liked my wok.

I dedicate it to my inspiration, my lady Zephyri. To have met you and do this along with u was the true award, the best one, ever!

The story behind it:
She was the greatest dancer of her time. He is the mightiest man of his aera. Even thought he rules her, owns her, dominates her, he can not please her.
She was living a life she didn’t choose, and the only moments she enjoyed freedom were when she was dancing. The magical avatar, snake symbolizes her unbreakable pride. She was born to serve his godly majesty, born to please a godking.


Sacha! Any luck… is it definitely no? Heck man… I’m feeling for you here! :sad:


i already wrote mibus, he said: “trust the timer” well, i did, and the timer didnt take me too serious!


u know how much this sucks? no not the image lol,i mean most of the entries i really liked didn’t make the upload.

if it makes u feel better,most of the people that did manage to upload ,did rush,and they where most likely 90%done anyway,cos if the short deadline,most people cudn’t finish.

so sorry,i’ll be looking out for the wallpaper.


Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about the sumitting problem. :sad:

I really like your finished piece 4 stars :thumbsup:


Damn, very sad to hear the last news… one of the best entries stopped now… by the time… grrrrr…
Your latest post is very beautiful Sacha… with all elements to dream…

well… now, I must wait the wallpaper, a really very small consolation :cry:
… I’ve a good place for you on my screen :buttrock:



damn, I’m really sorry for you, i liked your entry very much.:thumbsup:

as Noob! said, many people did rush to deliver the entry, even I had to decide between submitting something not completely finished for may taste, or not submitting anything at all…:shrug:


Aw, Sacha noooooo! Damn timer! Damn submission process!

Hun, it looks utterly fantastic, you must get this posted in the 2D gallery at least, and I am sooooo humbled that I inspired you to keep on with it, the sentiment is very much returned, thinking of your disappointment if I didn’t finish kept me going, even though time beat me. You are such a darling. But still… in another month, there’ll be another challenge, and then we’ll both storm the cg theatre! I love this image, though, such a shame you couldn’t submit!