Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


gees, hurry up and paint already.

It’s 2pm here…19th too


Looking really nice, Sacha great work can’t wait to see the final.


stop fooling around & get back to work! push! push! push! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: … & pls no more final coloring:D


Cityscape of theben painted, painted the scales of the snake, now finnishing the girl and then the most unliked part, the king. then ready to play with posteffects and final tweaks, am 95% there, and still 7 hours to go, being more optimistic now :slight_smile: last chance for suggestions, so what do u think?


Looks good Angel, but hurry. Maybe it’s just me, but you could probably tone down the scales on the snake/serpant. I have no other critiques or comments, just keep going.


Hi Sacha,

I like almost everything in the compostition. :scream: I´m just don´t know about the fallic obelisk … hehehe … I think just the moon between the bouth will be good … but of course, this is my personal taste … :thumbsup:

Just more 6 hours and counting … :bounce:


Excellent! Nice job on the image!


Thanks for your nice comment on my entry! I like your image too! I like the detail in the crown and all the texture. Good Luck!


arlutik: thank yo so much mate! Less than 6 hours and its done! promise!

Aloriael: thanks mate, just wanted to have some fun before i die on a heartattack :stuck_out_tongue:

arkinet: muahhahaha, ooookay! i already go!

ace4016: thanks mate, i’ll smove em out a bit next post!

JR.BRAZ: thanks mate. u know, i thought it would separate em a bit, so at least it has a reason to stand there… :smiley: if i have time left, i’ll try figure out some oter solution maybe…

pushav: thank you so much mate!

rwitzsche: thank you! and most welcome, best of luck to u too!

now back on my wacom, wish you all best luck and meet you on the finnishingline! thanks for your feedbacks, you all rock!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I love the idea!!
Nice style!


I sleep though the whole night…wake up…check CG and it’s still WIP ??


Make it before the buzzer mate :thumbsup:


hmmm hammer on standby… ooo saaash… u might want to hurry it up a bit, uuuseee thee fooorcee… or ill use it on u …YUP, ITS SCHNITZELLING TIME… the clock is ticking


hurry hurry.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
look!!..nebz turn to Sith lord!:twisted:


damn,theres only 3hrs,cmon,i will be very dissapointed if u don’t make it!


using the force to make wienerschnitzel, remember that, ill do it without leaving croatia, such is the power of the dark side:twisted:


Hey Sacha, just coming to give you a last boost with what’s left of my energy! It all looks amazing, now get that final image uploaded! Was thinking of you all last night, but alas, time ran out on me… but you’ve rocked on and almost finished, so don’t you dare not cross that final hurdle! I’m gonna go to the finish line and wait for you!


Okay, so now you better finish it. I don’t want to hear another person that i have a lot of respect for and became friends with, to not finish it. So i too will be waiting for you crazy bro.

cheers and here’s a nice warm coffee to you :buttrock:


Stop lurking and post :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


hehe…cummon…post the final.:twisted:


We can do it my friend!!! c’MON!!! what I’m doing here… I haven’t finifhed also :smiley:
may the force be with you
all the rock in the world for that final brushes! :buttrock: