Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


aaaaaaaaaaaaar…:eek: :argh: :cool: :surprised
hey buddy.
what kind of the two girls besides the throne?sphinx?i just see that thy’re not human!!
but realy cool character design.after finish the final would u please give me ur hi-res image for my new wallpaper?hehe…i’m crazy in ur detail.:drool: :drool: :drool:


This last chalky framed kitty lazy day is so stunning! Impressive! Wish you lotsa power and a concentrated attention in these last hours. Be sharp and fast…as you always used to. :buttrock: and :wavey: now back to :drool:


adrenaline pure, trying to make the impossible possible and the unfinnished a finnish off the piece.
now here’s a full shot, forgot to post it, to show the updates. c ya later mates!


It’s looking great now that I can see the full shot :thumbsup: The pylon was a good idea it visually seperates the two saying hey somethings not right about this couple.

Are you axing the palm trees?? Don’t see em anywhere (besides a leaf near the entrance)…

Keep at it and plz finish in time Sacha !!


I can understand the adrenalin! That is one huge and interesting composition! When I first looked at it I though, well, here’s another talented guy who is putting in eveything including the kitchen sink. I thought, the snake and the girl dancing together are a great composition, she looks great, perfect proportions, the two headed snake a great idea - that’s enough. That is a painting in itself. Then I saw that she was putting on a show - the plot thickens - she is entertaining her master, that gives another level to the immediate reading of your painting. Then as you pan out the setting comes into view … it’s great really. She hovers above the ground that sets off the space so well, giving distance to the whole comp. The only thing that erks me are the two figures at the top - somehow, from a spacial painting it flattens out becomes a poster - but this is only my humble view - or a book cover with the protagonists in view. Did you feel that it wasn’t enough the painting below? I think it is! you have so much ability!
Keep up the great work, and good luck with where it goes!

cheers, marc


hurray!! GOGOGO You can do it! It’s looking great so far! :thumbsup: Just clean it- and load it- up!


HEY MAN!! I LOVE YOUR GIRL!!..eeuuuuhh … i mean in your picture:) lol… a very nice face!
and the scene in the bottom of your pic look very good! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Good luck man for the final one!


3dRaven: plants are the layer i am working on next, the least important part of the composition. I’m almost there. my provider decieded this morning it wyas not required i have internet so i got cut off, sooooo sorry! hope that wont happen when i submit my piece in lass than 6 hours!!! now on the final strokes, fixing everything, lower cityscape, the final light and contrasts, the throne. polishing, and go! wish me luck!

bowditch: Hi Marc! you know i have a very complex story i built up. And the way i painted it was a result of wanting to show the aspects of it, the tragedy of the situation when you are born into a situation you can not escape. So i hope i done fine to paint more than just a “cute girly” and told a little story with it. Too bad i didn’t have the time i would have wnated to on this piece. but i try to finnish it now. thanks for your precise thoughts!

coCoKNIght: Fabian! great to see you again! I missed Basel a lot on my way here! best of luck my friend to u and may the force be with u, always!

Fiolka Alexandre: tnaks a lot mate, glad u like the pic!

Now i’m on adrenaline burstin my Nitros and paint again like hell! paint, angel paint! lol wish me luck friends, my nerves lay blank! :banghead: :wip: :argh: And again, thanks for all your great support! love u guys n gals! u all rock!!! :love: :beer:


Good Luck and keep that internet connection alive at all costs :smiley:


omfg! i spit rhymez,and u still u post wips,thats it…expect a drive by shooting soon.hehe

hehe i wasn’t bein serious,but yeh my rap is dry ,anyway hehe,dave chappelle is no match for NOOB! …bitch!


gooooood luck! I have hope in u :slight_smile: u’ll manage it :wink:


Plants brought back i have a deep hate for palms for the next 3.5 hours for sure. tweaked the aircondition. last tweaks on the greek now and the dancer, almost there, almost there!!! panic!!! trone 90% done, king need final highlights…

0 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes, 44 seconds. can this be or are it 2.40 hours??? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!


anyone knows??? how much time is left??? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!


Mibus said to trust the timer. They have given us a 12 hour grace period, so whatever time you have on the timer is the correct time. Keep on going Angel, just make sure you have enough time to upload.


Warp speed it Sacha :thumbsup: Don’t forget about “too much users on server please refresh in 30 seconds message”…I’m sure it will be popping up a lot near the deadline… GO GO GO


SACHZ, i’m taggin’ with NOOBZ if you don’t finish this, hehehe.

Great piece as always. Love the additional greens. It definately freshens up the mood.

cheers my crazy brotha’ will be online waiting for the final piece


just belive in yourself. i know u can make it! it looks beautifull!:bounce: :thumbsup: :bounce: :thumbsup: :applause:


almost there, the greek is 90% in place, tweaked the volumetric light. still way to go, almost almost! if the counter is right, I’ll make it! more coffeee, painting… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


3dRaven: thank you so much mate! I really hope i can finnish it in time!

NOOB!: hahahaha lol, u make it again to crack me up! u simply rock!

NinjaASSN: thanks mate, i hope that too!

ace4016: trusting on that now, i decieded to finnish it clean instead of forcing sum crap. hope its true. if not, i’ll go to catch a snoopy! hahaha, and then hope noob joins me in making very very bad rhymes for weeks in front of u. or whatever. thinking of something mean for sure :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for that NEW HOPE. May the force be with u Snoop! :smiley:

Arc80: thanky crazy bro! hahaha, how comes all wanna beat the shits outa me? lol, i give my best to not endup on that squib island as a wienerschnitzel! cant believe i’m saying sumthin like that hahahahaha.

calisto: thank you so much linda!

Ok guys n gals, ladies and gentlemen, back to brush, final strokes waiting to pop up from my screen!!! go!


hahaha, was checking for fat leggs and now found the godking reborn. thought i’d share it, look, falling in love sometimes starts with sharing interests,haha, he’s practicing to become a dancer, isn’t he just too elegant!?!