Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


i think ur taking too long…


looks excellent as always…can’t wait for the final



Haha, wassup bro, Noob let it rock yo,
i know to much bla and not enuf strokes, on this show,

I better get back and let my girlies move on
cuz the final line is close, ain’t wanna endup on that island

or as wienerschnitzel, thats prolly how i’ll feel like,
now i pass the mic go for a next strike.

paintin up my piece and go rockin that night!
tight i go fight and may the force be with ya right!

check it out.

… lol, better? :stuck_out_tongue:


yo ryhmes iz weak

u rap like a freak,i’m sick of u postin’ all these godamn sneak peaks

if u don’t post da final image in time ,and don’t make it look flash

ama give u a photoshopped digital foot up ur ass.

yer heard me?


That glow really rocks! continue the amazing work sacha or I’m with noob, if U don’t finish in time I’ll go flying to your place and cut out your stupid female-feather wings! :twisted:



I’m dying to see this piece finished !
I’m waiting for my new wallpaper indeed…
go go go ! :bounce:


finish it,my friend.
go go…:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


setting specular highlights n stuff… :slight_smile: back soon with more updates!


Noob: ahahahaha, u are too funny! u rock! laugh my wings n halo off! lol, oooookay, me sa not try rapping anymore :stuck_out_tongue: i better get off back painting!

Mosco weirffo loco: thanks mate!

I’ll go flying to your place and cut out your stupid female-feather wings! :twisted:
:eek: who need enemys if i got friends like you :wink: hahahahaha, ya better watch your own wings bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Norman: please don’t die, or i’ll stop painting immediatly! couldnt take responsebilety of it!
Thanks my friend, i’ll keep up my speed!

xric7: am on it mate! just am on it! thanks for encouragments!


Umm… This is to NOOBZ and SACHA… please don’t quit your day job. You guys might want to keep the rhyming on the down low aiightz, hehehe.

You should live this to the proz (50cent, Emenem, Snoop D O double g, etc) :smiley:

Funny as always NOOBZ. Definately a comedy central material. Hey maybe give Dave Chappel an idea, heeheehee.

I’m Rick James b…atch :cool:

Hurry up Sacha. Too much colour wip posting. Just post the god damn final image :cry:
btw, PM your email so i can email you a copy of my work.

cheers my crazy pixel pushing bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Excellent stuff. Finish and give us a big version so we can admire all the little details bit by bit :smiley:

The headpiece could use some more contrast…seems a bit flat bring out the shadows in it a bit (maybe it’s just the top that could use some polish)

hehe I got a blue light saber too :stuck_out_tongue:


hey…:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
let us see ur final image,buddy.
i can’t wait!:deal: :twisted: :wip: :stuck_out_tongue:


I can only say WOW!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I wanna see the final NOW!

hey that rimes!! cool .

well anyway , it was a while since we saw your final composite, hurry up I wanna see it .

good luck in the challenge, but I think you don´t need it :slight_smile:


I really hope that you finish in time! this is a wonderful piece. I think that the girl is very pretty. my avatar is trying to impress her!


oy wienerschnitzel dont u make me go hammer time on u:bounce: finish it allready


come on!come on! come on!dont u dare to stop or i’ll kick ur butt~lol:scream:


Just done thje shitty wall patterns, back there, refined the right kitty, made her less agressive. trone next after a few moments of rest… then final run!


Waiting for the last minute to post Sacha?? Sprint the last few metres :smiley:


uh sacha…it’s bcomingmor and more intresting as it goes to the end…i love all the details you put in her crown+her hairs/lips:bounce::bounce:

and these two cheeks are becoming realyyy sseXXXyyyy tooo…keep up your speed…go go go…

learn to know the dark side of the force and you will gain a speed more faster than any 2d artists:twisted:


Grrrrr, those kitties look yummy:D . Keep going Angel, you will surely make it, you have to, or else :twisted: .


Arc80; hahahah archie! thanks mate! hahaha where’s my oldskool? Grandmaster flash kurtis blow, africa bambata, lol. uhm. i can’t be that old… this aint not a test, cuz i’m paintin to that beat… :stuck_out_tongue: i better stop that. lol i see everything blurry, my eyes watch trough a gaussian blurr combined with some weird animmated ocean distortion… fs command format brain/f/s ahrgh… off to bed and back in a few moments… if i could sleep :stuck_out_tongue: c ya later and thanks my crazy bro!
Keeeeeepin it up!!!

3dRaven: Just repainted right kittys face 4 u, hope y alike her now a bit more :smiley: I adjusted the crown already, but post it later, ok? thanks for your watchover, u rock!

xric7: yeah yeah, i already paint on lightspeed! almost there! just a few more adds and i’m done! this is taking me all and everything! cant believe i took even hollidays to finnish this! giving my best to finnish it for sure!!! thanks for your encouragements!!!

:wip: sgtpepper: thank you so much! well i do not exactly need luck, i need a miracle!!! lol. thank you so much for your kind words! best of luck to u too!

nebezial: hahahaha, yessss, u can laugh from there! hahaha, am on going and going! you made it i start having an allergy on wiener schnitzel soon! hahahah

ms@zx: hahaha, go for it. I’m off for a little break, to get that shitty blur from my eyes! lol, here’s my butt, kick mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Kmest: hahahaha, thanks mate!

Snoop: yup i am affraid i’ll have a last second run again! aaahrgh. not again:banghead:

ok, back here after a sweet dream… u all rock! see ya in a few moments of rest! best of luck all who still struggle like i do! go go go!!!