Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


i love the fine fabric…just needs more subtlty…is that good critique :smiley:


That screengrab looks great bro. Love the gesture and all your supportive characters.
I’ll stay awake just for all of you out there (well, i have another project to work on so i kinda have to, hehehe). But here’s a cup of coffee to cheers on mate :beer:

My the force be with you padawan. The finish line is waiting for you :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:



Hi Angel:) I’m here too heheh… Congrats to your great work man! Really nice stuff… Keep working in this very beautiful image and good luck to you mate:beer:


mmm yeah lick those grapes…lol:thumbsup:


Nut much updated… and still so much work to do on this. but now time to get a bit rest. and then attack on the last 2 remaining days… i can already see myself on squib island if i gotta work that long again like yesterday!


u rock buddy!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Another woooooooooooooooooooow, you’ll make it!

U R a big influence… check out my avatar :scream:

May the force be with you, rockin’ friend! :buttrock:


Looking amazing Sacha, go work your gorgeous magic! And I’m thinking of ya on those sleepless nights. Hugs and love all round!


oy ,speed it up, whats this, u call this a colouring wip, dont make me comr to swizerland and do some wienerschnitzel pummeling:wip: :wip: :wip:


you are doing the right thing! may the cat-power um… force be with you!


go sacha go!! i looooove this image! :love::buttrock::thumbsup::applause:


Oh Sacha…simply wonderful! Those characters, technique, everything…am speachless…:love:


Really breathtaking composition and execution Sacha.
I would very much love to have a poster of this. :slight_smile:


Go for it Sacha! You have to finish this wonderful piece. If you don’t, I’ll have to join Nebezial fo the pummeling.
Good luck. :thumbsup:


Looking beautiful Sacha! I think we’re all going to need a long rest after this! Maybe everyone could get together for a holiday… :wink:


Hurry up bro. I’ll make as much coffee if you need to and send it over to you at switz, hehehe. You better finish this bro, if not, i too will join NEBZ for the pummeling :wip:

cheers :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Concentrate!! Feel it… from the trees… from the ground… say: finish it, I will(speaking yoda)… finish it, I will…:wise:


Allez, on fait chauffer sa CINTIQ !!!
You have to finsih it, right now :deal: and save a wallpaper for me…please

Bon courage



I am so happy! i took Hollydays til 18th to be able to finnish this! yippie! Special thanks to Zoran, my boss!

Thitipon: Thanks a lot mate! I start to burn em final pixels now! thanks a lot for your encouragement!

Moscoloco: Thaaaaaank you Bro! hahahaha, may the force be with u too! Darth Mosco, hahahaha ur red sword makes me send my kitty :stuck_out_tongue:

Zephyri: Sam, my sweet, you enlight my nights, make me work even harder, make me proud, you know i’m thinking of ya every night as well, you inspired me 1000s of times and I really hope you find your place in the industry soon, cuz you more than deserve it! Trough the darkness of another sleeping Night that lies before us, all my thoughts are with you, may you lay all your magic into your beautifull work my dear! Hugs and Love, my sweet lady!

Nebi: Dobri vecer crazy Kid! hahahaha, you stop ,ake me laugh or i come and show you how hot ayvar and stuffed paprika can taste served hot! hahahahaa u rock!

Dunkelgold: THanks Catwoman! kitty purrs 1 times xtra 4 u. Thank us so much and may the force be with u tooo!!!

Tremo: THannnnk you! congrats again on your fantastic piece, loved it from the first glance and it simply bad ass rox!

Kyena! Kali Nichta Tascha, how’s the Life in Athens? Thank you so much! i maybe send an eps to a friends printstore and ask him, if he can have one, if he makes me 2 or 3 posters. hehe, then i can send you one!

Crowley: Hahahaha, So now i have to escape from Nebi AND you! hahaha, i better get painting then!!!

Aly: Great idea! if i finnished my actual projects at work, i maybe ask if could help to make mrs croft looking cute. that would be a nice reason for visiting that nice island… :wink: speaking of holidays, hahaha, that sure’d be some crazy fun! I’ll keep it in my mind!

Archie: Hey crazy bro, Hahahahaa NOT U TOO, hahaha…

Arckinet: Ahrgh, how could u get that big with this disgusting food master?!? hahahaha, i feel it, feel it feel it oops, sorry was not supposed to let u drop. hahaha shitty padawan i am! lol!

Back here soon with the 1st of my updates!!! u all rock! Keep on it!!!:buttrock: :beer: :wip:


cmon !! its looking amazing,i wanna see the final,U ROCK!! I RAP!!!

wohhooooo!! u got my vote anyway.just complete it already.


Testing the glow, just to see the effect… now on fight the 1000ds of flaws! glow nice? what cha think?