Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


Yep I’ve seen it :slight_smile: Nice dynamic poses. Cant wait till you get your magic markers out :thumbsup:


yeh thats looking great,i’ll wait for more!


Loved that brave Kunibert guy,and the relation with his servant(who’s proberly more intelligent then Kunibertis,but hasn’t the guts to show:D )
Anyway the mushroom’s a really funny too!!!Great ideas and nice sketches!!Looking forward to see which one you’ll choose and how you’ll be working this out.
Good luck and especialy loads of fun 2 U!!!


That´s a great concept and art! I´ll follow it frequently!



Nice concept sketches. Looking forward too seeing the finished product.


not excatly for the challenge (he’s a 3d wip for my reel and maybe for d’artist, a nice orc named gro-bruk:)) but a result of “topic thoughts”, just done another doodle, love fastsketching…

cuppacam: thanks a lot, mate! me too :smiley:

abz: Thanks a lot goodgirl, i’ll visit you in a few mins too :slight_smile:

Virtuoso: hahahaha, see what mushroom topics cause in msn :wink: lol

Raven: goin to take it more serious here i think now. sort of. hahaha. magic markers… you got something like that? i want one too !

NOOB!: ok, if i finnished my tutorial for the 3d folks who axed for it and fixed the hair on my 3d entry i’ll be back to sketch a bit :slight_smile:

OKMER: hahaha, thanks a lot. yeah Kunibert is an exceptional idiot, had a lot of fun thinking of some stories for him. i maybe goin to build up that character and make a really silly short of him :slight_smile: Mushrooms, sorceresses… hahaha love em both. (of course just enjoayble ones :P)

Gus_clifton: thanks a lot! just my funpart of the challenge, and i’m glad you have fun too

Dreamshark: thanks a lot! i’ll come up with a few new concepts soon, cuz i really love to mess around with the topic. it’s so fun

Best luck to everyone, and wish ya all loadsa fun!


You have a great style goin’ on there! love your concepts too… keep ‘em comin’… we want to see more!



i just finnished the mentioned hair 3d tutorial, and if someone is a maxer and uses shaghair/zbrush as well, you might have a look into it.

I’ll take up work again tomorrow, and continue the challenge in the evening. so far so good.

artjunkie: thanks a lot mate!
keep it up! cheers


great ideas. ill keep an eye on the thread. all the best


All very interesting. I will be watching to see how this develops.


Decided to put your 2d skills to the test huh. Good luck on the 2d. Great concepts by the way, i especially like the gentle ogre even though he is not for the challenge. Hope to see more soon.


Woah, nice concept very action packed. Your first concept reminds me of Disney’s Monster’s Inc. for some reason. This is going to be good judging from the awesome work at your website. I cant beleive your doing both 3d and 2d. Well I’m looking forward to what you’re finished pieces will be like. Goodluck and Godspeed!


Sacha…I love this latest creation… gro-bruk…

A very nice pleasant fairey tale like setting…Nice patterns in the surroundings…I love those large hands and fingers gripping that tiny cup…such fun…More fun than mushrooms even…:wink:

Beautiful drawing.whimsical and charming…:arteest:


ok, this is a try to approach the topic a slight bit more serious.

Her life was written before she was born. all she was ever meant to be was the godkings pleasure… his snakedancer…

any suggestions on this would be very appreciated, sorta like it…
colors are not made yet, just toned it a bit to get the feel for the athmosphere and mood. now, letme know, is it cool enough to go for?


damn i love it,i dunno what u cud do.

its looks excellent to me.


Woah your latest update I love the angle of the girl in the forground.


I really like the concept… The canvas is pretty heavy to the right, but that can be fixed in color, contrast etc, how-ever I think it would look awesome if it were all a little more vertical and narrow. There is alot of distance between her and the king, making it a little more narrow, makes it a little more “intimate”.


Very nice sketch, and good composition :thumbsup:


thanks a lot Noob, Corey and digipep!
HammaJ: I plan some pillars on the right, eventually some vegetation or some other “pre-egyptian” thingies,(found it fun to play around with the sphinxes) to ballance the composition out a bit. Goin to explore this concept, cuz i think it could work. eventually slightly change pov and work on the composition, but i think to work out details here will be fun and i give it a try. :slight_smile:


I really like it thus far, the smug look on the god-king’s face is perfect.