Master and Servant 2D Entry: Sacha Diener


this is my thanks for all who helped me on this work. could have NEVER done without you. you all rock!!!

The story behind it:
She was the greatest dancer of her time, he was the mightiest man of his aera.
Their destiny was written before they were born. She was living a life she didn’t choose, and the only moments
she enjoyed freedom were when she was dancing. Even thought he rules her, owns her, dominates her, he can not please her.
All his might is useless, her heart and soul always will be free.
The magical avatar, snake symbolizes her unbreakable pride. She was born to serve his godly majesty, born to please a godking.

painted with photoshop in many sleepless nights.


Always wanted to make a duel. just a rough sketch.

Someone called the marquis a low little bastard, thats exactly what he waited for. In the morning hour, his last march beginns and blindly determinated he’s running towards hos own doom.

Servant: Marquis Marquis, attendez, je vous en pris!
Master: Francois, on vera, On y va!

not knowing, his guns are empty…
maybe gonna rethink this


This is the day, Kunibert of goldengloss, paladin of the hearts, holy knight of the western imperium has slayed 5 dragons (even if in eggs who cares) in less than 10 minutes, and while he’s shouting his holy mightfull words of glory towards the forces of darkness “see what i do with this hellish scum, in the name of the light,…” his servant realizes, the holy plan had sort of an unfinnished point in thinking it over…


Good Luck! I like the duel concept…Must say its nice to see some cartoonlike images for this challenge…I’ll keep an eye out


lol, i have my doubts if this was a good idea to go in 5d. lol, couldn’t resist and most of all, i felt like having some fun, pure fun in the freedom of 2d working. may bring up better sketches, and more ideas…
Rhenia: thanks a lot! u know i normally make 3d toons, but i really like to do it and its my 1st 2d challenge ever :slight_smile:

so wish you all best luck and loadsa fun!


Well, I cant wait to see what you come up with. Best of Luck!


best of luck indeed!! looking gud so far…


hei there the1st angel, interesting sketches, looks like its gonna be a cool cartoony artwork in the final,:scream: :thumbsup:



I like your idea.


5D man has arrived…Whimsical touch…Pleasant drawings…the wrath of the marquis …Now these guys have character and great expression and emotion…real nice angel Mr.5D man…:thumbsup: :arteest:


Rhenia: thanks likewise :slight_smile:

eclipson: yup, this will be the fun part of the challenge, just pure fun. hehe, so i’ll keep it goin for sum toony stuff. :slight_smile:

arlutik: THanks a lot, wich one of the 2? maybe i’ll make some more doodles and get me a nice idea to go for…

Virtuoso: Thanks a lot Michael! i think i was silly to do this but i had so many ideas out of use cuz i decieded the 3d that fast, i can make here space for some fun stuff. bout 5d… more like 2.5 d actually, that makes it more wearable :wink: awaiting your next update tonight mate, so keep it goin!

thanks everyone and best of luck to you all!


Trying to go for a double-win, eh Sacha? :wavey:

Looks like an interesting concept; reminds me of the “Don Quixote” relationship. Best of luck on this entry, as well as your 3D. :slight_smile:


thanks a lot Jason! hahaha, nah, just having a liil’ fun here (thats what steve buscemi said before he got taped), 2d is nice and cool, so i can live out all my silly ideas here and not mess up my “romantic” piece in 3d with crappy farts. :wink:


If you bug me I’ll bug you!! Your first concept is crap!! but the second one is reeeeeally nice :smiley: what about the title: master and servant burnt alive :smiley:
5d means double work but also double fun and double chances to win :scream:
Ah well, more than anything else I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your 2d skills!
(there goes my thousand and first post, oh well, couldnt have hold it back forever)


yeah! sacha!! 5d is a lot more fun! haha happy to see you join 2d , more update!


Drakrugnar was just supposed do enjoy the porc without mushrooms, when Shaqueerah returned a bit hastinglyy and without mushrooms but instead of some uninvited company wich could propably make the dinner become a lower priority for the moment.
In loving memory of fleshshields and little sorceresses, that always make it to get the attention of some strange company…


hahaha hi Monsit and Fabian. Having doodle night and loadsa fun with it… 5d is sort of expanding possebileties seriously and grants me to have some unlimited fun. cuz all is open yet in 2d… next update in about a bit later… am just sketching like wild, having my warm up here…


Sweeeeeeeeeeet!! Can’t wait till it progresses.


I like the ideas… :thumbsup:
Best of luck…


very charming…Keep them coming Angel…Love those mushrooms…:slight_smile: