Master and Servant 2D Entry: Pascal Raimbault


Yeah, that’s what I meant too. Waiving and shouting. Preferably while looking worried.


walrus: Thank you very much for your explanation! I’ll make a try with a different arm pose and without the staff. Thank you to your wife too :thumbsup:
Fiolka Alexandre : Hey Thanks for the comment :slight_smile: I wanted the master to be small at the beginning because I liked the contrast of a very small master and very big servant, but I will give it a try and scale the master.
ChrisThatGuy: Thanks! I will try to change this :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your comments!!



I have just resized my image and starting to play with the servant wrinkles…not sure if it is a good idea to go into details now… Anyway Comments are welcome!


playing with the head, changed light source a little bit.Thanks :smiley:


some work pt in the body… Still a lot to do !


Elle mortel ton update Pascal !!!
J adore ta lumiere et les couleurs sont super belles !
On sent comme un effet de subsurface sur la peau du troll qui est super impressionnant !
Amazing Work Zegritch !
Keep up the great work !


I’m a fan of your work. Keep it up man!
What program are you painting in?


Hey Merci beaucoup Tichard! Je vais essayer de garder le rendu subsurface a d’autres endroits :slight_smile: Merci pour ton post!
gjpetch: Thanks a lot for your kind comments on my work :slight_smile: I use painter 9 , because I love the control you have on the brushes.

Thank you for your posts!!

Take care,



That skin is looking great, Pascal! Wonderful painting on it so far. Is that two rows of teeth in the upper part of his mouth…? Cool!

His eyes are getting lost a bit under all the folds. Perhaps some sharper value shifts, as in more contrast against the other parts of his face, might help them stand out a bit more and also feel like more of a different material from the skin - i.e. darker pupils and sharper whiter hilights?
Anyhow, just an idea… It’s nonetheless looking great.



This concept is one of the funny ones! :smiley: I like funny ones!!
I think it will look more funny if the master is almost catching up with him and brandishing a whacking stick and looking all red with anger! Oh yes, maybe the monster could be holding a chain ball in its hands and it slows down its attempt to escape.

I think the master should be a bit closer to show both different expressions to the viewer: One of desperation (from the servant), and one of shock and anger (from the master). :slight_smile:

The colouring on the monster looks excellent so far!


walrus: Thanks for your comment! I will make a try on the eyes, maybe they’re too human as well :slight_smile: Cheers
jeromoo : Hey Thanks ! I definitely need to work on the master, I am still thinking about what I should do with him :wink:

Thanks a lot for your comments!!


It’s looking good…colors and details are great…You should just make skin’s character more shining…keep it up…see you soon:thumbsup:


ahhaha I like this one!. Can’t wait to see it when finish!. Good luck! :thumbsup:


The creature’s looking awesome! Great work! :thumbsup:


Very terrible monster.
good luck


Thank you very much for your posts!
I have played with the skin details/tint. I think I will need to desaturate some areas :slight_smile:


uu- disgusting…
but looks awesome man! I can hear this guy screaming!
Great work :applause:


whoa thats digustingly excellent!


Goro: Thanks a lot! I know it’s disgusting , but it’s a troll :wink: Thank you for your post man!
NOOB!: Heheh Thank you !!
Take care


Hahahahah c est de mieux en mieux !!!
I love it !!! hihihi very disgusting :slight_smile:
Amazing work! Zegritch !
Keep it up !