Master and Servant 2D Entry: Pascal Raimbault


I loved the close up… the folds of skin and the boils and the questionable dentistry are all great!!

Good luck getting everything done… it looks like there’s a bit of work to get through on the background!! :wip:


That guys looks horrible in all the right ways. Those nasy boils and skin folds work really well.


Hahahah Excellent !!!
Pinaise j ai trop hate de le voire fini !
Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!


Thanks for your comments guys!
Goro: Thanks for your comment! I will make some try on the light , and btw congrats for your entry on this challenge.
duddlebug: Thanks a lot! I definitely need to work A LOt on the background :slight_smile: I am still wondering if I will have time to finish it in time as I am getting really busy at work.
Rook: Thank you very much : ) I still need to finish the legs
RIC: Merci Tichard ! J’espere pouvoir avance un peu plus cette semaine enfin si on a pas trop de boulot sur King Kong :wink:

Thank you for your very useful comments!



Here is an update. I added some clouds, and the master is back (he’s bigger and I changed the pose)



Awesome entry! Just fun to look at! Great colour, drawing, technique.



Thank you gordonm:)

I’ll try to find more time to finish it…ooops 4 days left:eek:


I like how you painted the skin. It has that skin feel. Soft and translucent. Great job. You have 3 more days. All the best! :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot nailuj :slight_smile:
I know I don’t have much time left, and as I am getting very busy at work , it makes it even harder.
Anyway here is an update on the background (left side).
please let me know what you think about it :slight_smile:


Alalalal ca defonce de plus en plus !
J adore le ciel, les nuages marchent trop bien! Et j aime beaucoup ta facon de traiter la vegetation en premier plan ! Si je peux juste me permettre je trouve que la jonction entre l herbe et le sentier est un peu brutale.
C est marrant, il y a un pitit cote Nouvelle Zealand dans le decor :slight_smile: hihihihi
Je me repete mais vraiment tes couleurs sont magnifiques !
Bon aller arretes de taffer jusqu a 11 h du soire et fais nous le magicien :slight_smile:
Awesome work Pascal !


Hey merci RIC :wink:
I am not sure about the deadline…is it over?
I’ll work on it anyway




you can do it!! what is it about 10:30am there? (it’s 6:30pm here in Chicago) YOU CAN DO IT !! all the rest should go fast after the excellent ground work you’ve done. this is WAY too good not to finish!

good luck!



Thank you very much Anzibon!

Here is my final Coloring and final!


good pic, the background is excellent, good work and good luck for the end


Here is my final image, 30 min from the deadline :slight_smile:
Thanks avery one for your comments!
Take care


Hi Pascal, nice rhythm in your painting. I like your painterly strokes and overall mood. Great job!



Thank you Erwin !
I wish I had more time to add details. Next time :slight_smile:
Thanks for your comment and again well done for your entry.



Another great piece I didn’t see before, what have I been doing here for the past two months?!!

It’s looking great and the trol is looking beautifully hidious :curious: , good job:thumbsup:


Great work Pascal !
Nice attention to detail and shading on the troll.
I really like the wrinkles and the skin deseases.
Awesome result for the time you spent on it …



Rudeone: Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

Flo : Thank you very much buddy:bounce:. I am very happy you liked this one. I wish I could spend more time on the background and details. I need to stop sleeping at night, such a waste of time :wink:

Take care