Master and Servant 2D Entry: Pascal Raimbault


Pascal Raimbault has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Running Troll

Here is my final image, 30 min from the deadline :slight_smile:
Thanks avery one for your comments!
Take care


Go, Pascal! :smiley:

Your going for the 2D challenge?


Here is a first sketch I did. This is my first challenge here :slight_smile:
I am not sure when I should worry about the print res for the image…


lula_assassina: Hi! Thanks for the encouragements :slight_smile: Yes I am trying the 2d challenge. I am very busy at work, so I don’t want to do any extra 3d modeling at home :slight_smile:
Take care


Hi Pascal…very nice to see you in for this…I will look forward to seeing some real nice magic…:buttrock:


here is an update on the sketch :slight_smile:
Still so much to do…
Thanks you vey much Virtuoso!! I am very happy you posted in my thread :slight_smile:

take care


I am starting to cleanup the image :slight_smile:
Comments are welcome!


Ha, that’s great! What a face! A face only a mother could love… or maybe a master. Also, great job on the legs: They really work well.

I get that the servant is escaping and that his arms are shackled behind its back, but it also makes the pose a little awkward. It seems like you could push the emotional impact even further if you were to show the arms - maybe they could be broken out of the chains but you can still see the manacles and the chains trailing from them? Or maybe his arms are chained in front of him instead of behind? Anyhow, good luck with it, it’ll be nice to see where you take it from here.



Very nice style you have there, can’t wait to see colors. :thumbsup:


walrus: Thanks for your comment! I will git it a try with visible chained hands.I am h^ppy you liked the sketch.
arlutik: Thanks a lot:) I think I will not spend more than one extra day on the line art, and I then I will start on the color without lighting.
I didn’t have time to work on it yesterday, and as the week is starting again, I don’t know when I 'll be back on it (today I hope)
Thanks a lot for your commens!


Hahahah excellent Idea !!! I can t wait to see it finished !
As usual, I love your style !
Keep up the great work !


Thanks RIC! :slight_smile:
here is a test I have done on the arms, but I am not sure about the global shape now… which version would you prefer? arms in the back or on the front?


sorry about the previous post , I uploaded the wrong image :frowning:
here is the latest version with arms on the front…
please let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Yeah, the new one looks good with the arms in front. Maybe the master should look a bit more frantic. Good work.


Thank you ChrisThatGuy! So maybe I should keep the arms in front version :slight_smile:
Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:


Ha! Like the face, those wrists are great! I agree with Chris about making the master more frantic too. Cool stuff!



hey thanks for your kind comment walrus! When you say frantic, are you thinking of a more dynamic pose or a different design?..
I don’t have much time to work on it now but I will post as soon as I have an update


Pascal - Well, let’s put it this way: I was just showing my wife your picture (she loved the face, by the way!) and she summed it up pretty well: “The guy in the back looks like he’s following the monster, but not like he’s chasing after it.” You could maybe help convey that he’s chasing his escaped servant with the proper facial expression and, more importantly because he’s so small, body language. Maybe arms frantically waving? Or carrying a broken length of chain? Are you really attatched to the staff he’s carrying? He might be able to express more with both hands free…

Anyhow, I can’t speak for ChrisThatGuy, but that’s what I meant. Good luck with it. I can’t wait to see all those wrinkles and folds renderred and painted in!

-mike (and his wife :slight_smile: )


I am starting the color and still not sure about the main light source :slight_smile:


The monster is looking great! :slight_smile: good job! you should bring closer the other character … i don’t know in wich way you can do that…but he seems to me too much far …It’s just my personnal feeling…:slight_smile:

Good luck