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Latest Update: Final Image: Fear Final Image

At last!Finished!Good luck to everyone!!!


Well, my subject is ‘‘fear’’.The human is servant to his fear-s.I tried to picture the most powerful fears that dominate our lives, which-I think-are the fear of death, of pain and of caducity and weakness.Here is an early scetch of Fear.


And here is the whole WIP.I think something is wrong with the fear.Maybe he is not scary enough…Anyway, any helpfull comments are welcome!!

Here is a larger version, the ‘‘loneliness’’ is not good at all, I guess.


This is about fear-the character’s head and body have changed in the final image.The human which is servant to his fear-s.


After some research I decided to make the head of fear a combination of spider-scorpion and hippopotamus(!) heads.I hope it is going to be a little scary!Still working on it…


Adeed some midtone and shade glazes.The floor and background are almost finished.


Here I added some light and started to work on the fear character


Almost done!!

The concept is FEAR.Fear dominates our lives since the beginning of our existence on earth.He pushed us to research and evolution.However he encarnates death, pain, caducity, insects, etc, things that are beyond our commutability, and we even avoid to think of them.When such a thought dominates our mind, the relationship of master and servant between fear and us human beings is undoubtable.

I tried to illustrate the most common and powerful fears of man, which are, in my opinion, DEATH, PAIN and Caducity and Misery(these last 2 fears are represented by the old man-upper right corner).

The fact that fear afects all of us, left me no choice but to make the human as common as I can.So the only true character of this concept is fear himself.It was really difficult for me to find the right appearence, but I think this is quite suitable as ‘‘Fear’’.The reason of the alien-like character he ended to be is the combination of human(legs, feet and torso mass), crocodile/lizard (body eyes and mouth) and spider and scorpion for the head.

Please share with me your comments and thoughts about it

Good luck to everyone!!!

P.S. I apologise for my bad English! :slight_smile:


hey this looks pretty great so far!!

good luck!!


Thanx man, again Good luck 2u2!


Dark, foreboding…love it.

Thanks for your comments! :wink:


Oh, BTW (forgot…the main reason I looked you up!) your M/S link didn’t work on your post in my thread…perhaps a little to late, but you may want to check that out!


Geia sou Odyssea, your art is good. The concept is clever but i think the piece is a little bit untied, unbalanced as concerns the concept…it reminds me of comic book that explains the sentiments of the caracter. Nice blue colours and lighting…the chain is great…i have doubt about the fear figure (you know the composition of the figure), i cant see his carcteristics clearly in your final composition, overall its a very good work. Good luck my friend

Kali epityxia filaraki


[left]At last!Finished!Good luck to everyone!!![/left]
[left] [/left]
Master & Servant

[left] The concept of my entry is fear and man. Fear dominates our lives since the beginning of our existence on earth. He urged us research and evolve. However, if we fail to govern him, he becomes our master and we end to be his servants.In my illustration I intend to show the power he bears on us through his main aspects: Death, Pain, Decay.[/left]
As fear affects us all, I depict the human figure as common as possible. So the only real character of this concept is fear himself, who actually dominates the composition. I thought a lot in order to conceive the character of fear, but I think the alienating figure is quite suitable. The alien-like character combines the elements of a human, a crocodile, a spider and a scorpion, archetypes of instinctive human fear.[/left]
The chain represents 2 things:The dominance of Fear and the cramp that prevent the man from having pleasant thoughts and doing pleasant things or activities.The whole image is really dark, especially on the fear’s side, so we come up with one fourth basic fear:The darkness.[/left]
Emotions:Unreality and disability and, of course,fright and horror are the emotions of the human. The Fear feels his powers growing as the man loses control.


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