Master and Servant 2D Entry: Natalia Nesterova


Hey, Nat, thanks for the kindest of words. Umm…can i also have a wallpaper with your signature on it…pleeeaaassseee :love: It’ll also be a great addition to my collections of artist that i know off and can brag about them to my other friends, heehee :wink:

take care and keep in touch


Verrrrrrry nice!:thumbsup: There’s no doubt about your talents.

Good luck, bella Natalia :smiley:


Poshspice: Thanks m’dear! But I like your piece much more - very unusual concept and outstanding artwork!!! :buttrock: I like nekos (cats)! Congrats and good luck in the judging! Cheers :thumbsup:

CoreyArtE, pushav: Thank you guys you are tooooo kind!!! …I think I don’t deserve it though… there’s steel too much for me to learn and I must practice more then I do now…

Arc80: You are always welcome Archie dear! And I will do it (send the wallpaper) with great, great, GREAT pleasure! :smiley: You can’t even imagine how reassuring and touching was your every comment to me! :cry: I hope I will be seeing you again! :bounce:

De Vlaming: Merci, chère! :blush: I’m flattered that you have noticed my work and I’m really grateful for the support you gave!


Natalya, you can stop worrying your image went through, just check this link

By the way your image is awesome really made me relive the book, love it


Congrats on the lovely image. And good luck. :thumbsup:


Hi Nata

nice work, great lighting and atmosphere, seductive , a perfect character pose

Regards Patina!

My M-S
The Hunchback


Wa-hoo! Excellent finish Nata! :bounce: I love your painting style soooo much. It kinda gives me that classic, great master’s vibe, but with a darker tone (which I like :smiley: ) Brilliant details too…

Good luck in the judging… I know you’ll do well!



Arlutik: Thank you, friend! breathes with relief Now I can finely creep into my coffin and take a nap for at least two weeks, while the judging is being held… And I’m really glad my pic made such an effect on you! You see, the two books I mentioned earlier were written in my native language (that would be Russian), and lately I got my hands on the originals (English) and it became even more interesting to walk through the life stories of these incredible creatures! …though there are steel so many words I don’t understand…but I like it anyway!!! :smiley:

Tuck: Thanx mate! And good luck to you too! :thumbsup:

Patina: Thanks, glad you like it! Wish you all the best in the judging, cheers! :slight_smile:

Artjunkie: Thank you for dropping by, my dear, I’m always glad to hear from you, your warm words really encourage me! :cry: Love your piece too - congrats! :applause: Take care and keep in touch, good luck! :thumbsup:


congrats on the end piece. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey, Nata, congrats for finishing this! It looks great! And now that it’s clear that there’s no public voting, I have to say that your was one of my favorite images. Nice work, and good luck in the final tallies.



very beautiful, the image itself shows emotion. The story only adds to the beauty of this image.


Jugeras: Thanks, mate, I hope to do even better in the next challenge! I’m already curious about the topic :bounce:

Walrus: Thank you for the kindest words, my friend, I’m sorry I didn’t reply on your last comment… :blush: -_____- I really appreciate your interest in my work, and it makes me happy to bring you joy! :love:

Kyliegirl: Aw, thank you! I found this challenge so interesting and incredibly inspiring. It was wonderful to work alongside with all so skilled artists! :bounce:


Nata, you make my eyes sparkle. :smiley:


Oh, do I really?..:blush: It’s so kind of you to drop by my thread again, Karel, I’m surprised! ^___^ Cause you know, since the challenge is over there aren’t many people replying now, glad you’re steel here! :love:


Friends always come back.:wavey:


Merci beaucoup, mon ami! ^____^ :love: Hay, I’m starting to like French, though a few months ago I could say that I hated it! And those Anne Rice books infect me with love for French even more… Now look at me, along with English, German and Japanese I’m stuck with the desire of learning French, in which I know only a few words… -_____- :argh:


I know I said it already above, but I just thought it couldn’t hurt to hear it again: Yours was one of my very favorite entries and I was really disappointed to see no nod at all to you in the final results! :sad: Still, I hope that won’t dissuade you from joining us again for another challenge next time 'round… See you then!



Qui, je sais. Francais est fantastique. My french isn’t so good too, although I live in Belgium, I’m from the Flanders so I speek flamish, and a little bit french.

This is flamish: Nata, jij bent de reden waarom de zon in het oosten opkomt.

In English: Nata, you are the reason why the sun rises in the east.

I’m just fooling around, hoop to hear or see from you soon. bye


walrus : Oh, hi there Mike! Congrats on your being in Honourable Mentions! :applause:
And thank you again for your kind support, I’ll try to do better in the next challenge, I won’t give up that easy! I know that I must work hard to get into the winners list, and I certainly will push it to the limit! :bounce:

Karel: :blush: tee hee, glad you came! That Flemish language is really funny and weird! And when I read the sentences I felt so warm, as if the sun really had shined on me :love:


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