Master and Servant 2D Entry: Mikel Heinen


Mikel Heinen has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: color wip 11

the other ones :slight_smile:


this is the first concept sketch…not much yet…still thinking about what i’ll do with it…but it’s going to be a japanese warrior with a sowrd…not sure about the rest yet… :slight_smile:


looking great nice purples tones.


working on the main character…will start some color wips soon


Noob: thnx for taking a look…


cool minimalistic style. In my mind the shadow is the most powerfull thing in the world and your work is a fine example. I like the eastern theme!

Design looks good for the Master but in some weird way he could be also the servant (the leathal tool of some ancient master) :slight_smile: good joba-job!


trying to lay down more of the scene before i start painting
i have the concpet in my mind but
still not decided on the how i’ll bring everything together
well,comments and critique are welcome…


ElFuego: thnx for taking a look…glad u like it…yeah he’s not the master…but i’m still working on the concpet…

also does anyone know if i wanted to add pictures here withought submiting…do i have to link it or is there any attachment option here…can’t find it :shrug:


great lighting! i like it , but where is master or servant , maybe u can make this samurai is the servant of his sword , some kind of devil sword can take control the owner’s soul , etc , just my 2 c,
good luck


That’s an excellent idea you have going there. ONe of them more original I’ve seen thus far. Glad you chose to draw on black. Really interested to see what comes next.



This will be intresting :slight_smile: I always falls for lights and colors s


nice work! I like the color and lighting on tthe top. The concpet looks very interesting. Great job!


i finally put my idea together and trying to work more on the compostion now
as far as the concept in my mind…the japanese wairrior in the middle is going to be the servant of his master’s soul…i want to make his master soul kinda come out of his grave and go into the sword…this sword belonged to the master but now the servant is the master of this sword…someone from a rivaling family killed his master and now he’s supposed to take revenge for his master with that sword…

so the main character should be the servant of his master’s soul and at the same time he will be the master of the sword (which belonged to his master)

i’m still not sure how the master soul will look like and more important not sure about how the composition…
i might make the backgorund and the environment a forest or i will make it cloudy and rainy…don’t know yet

but feedback, ideas and critique are welcome…thnx


reminds me of this cartoon called rurouni kenshin. Very cool!


thnx for the feedback guys

monsitj: yeah i was thinking about soemthing like that but wanted to add something different to it too so i think i’m sure on the concept now…he’s going to be the servant of his master soul and at the same time the master of that sword

oatz:thnx…yeah i usually start drawing on dark backgrounds and jump into coloring…lol

nenne:thnx…glad u like it so far


very nice work. Great idea…:buttrock:


very good start. Good lighting and i like the flow of the soul coming out and entering the sword. Just be careful on how you’re going to communicate the whole master & servant theme. Right now, i feel like the warrior is the master. I’ll keep an eye on this too. very cool.



interesting idea - remember to concentrate to the complete environment too - it has a bit of “built from parts” -feel in it.

That runestone surely is cool!


CoreyArtE: thanks

Laramus Maximus:thanks…glad u like the concept

Arc80:thanks…i’m not very sure what u mean by communicate the theme…i don’t want it to be too abvious who is the master and who is the servant but i also don’t want it to be a too deep concept…the soul coming out of the grave is basicly the master of the warrior…the sowrd used to belong to the master…but now the warrior has his master’s sword…so he is the servant of his master soul and at the same time he’s the master of the sword…and he is going to take revenge for his master…

i’m planning to make the grave and soul the brightest part so it catches the eye because it’s the master…then the shape of the soul will lead the eye to the sword and the servant…
but i don’t know how to make people understand who is the master and servant withought explaining…lol
i guess the name of the entry will be something to do with the word revenge…so may be that will make it little clear…

also i’m still not sure about adding another light source at top…i was thinking about making a forest with strong light coming from above…but i don’t want it to take too much attention…may be i’ll tone down the light from above…any suggestions

Ranath:thnx…yeah i see what u mean…i’m not sure yet about the background or environment and how it will fit the scene…i was thinking of a forest or may be some clouds and rain…

anyways, i’ll post un update sometime soon…thnx for looking


been keeping some work and not to sure what to post it under since it’s still just random ideas…but i guess i’ll post it as a coloring wip
started working on the main character to get a feeling of how he is going to look like…