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michael see zheng xun has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: the marionette (final image)

hi guys,its a relief to have completed this one,spend some time to do the touch ups and here it goes,the final image.:slight_smile:


my 1st entry ever for cg challenge.this is gonna be very fun and interesting~
all the best and good luck everyone.:slight_smile:


Good luck, mate. :thumbsup:


thanks mate…i’m on my way~!:)its gonna be a great challenge with all the great artists out there~


welcome and good luck :buttrock:


…and remember what Caesar said: veni, vidi, vici!!! (I came, I saw and I WON!)
Good luck mate! :slight_smile:


welcome and good luck:thumbsup:


This will be awesome :love: really looking forward to yours!


i will not wish you luck instead i say bring it on, this is it , we are the few , the proud , the addicts to our pen tablets! and there shall come a day when all shall realise that they can take away our motherboard,… but well just get another one. ok , now that the morale speech is over PLAYBALL:scream: :scream: :scream: heh heh ah well , GOOD LUCK


kalemna and MDN67…thanks for the support.wish the same goes to u:)
xillion:thanks for the encouragement…i’ll do my best:thumbsup:
enayla:thanks alot:)just stay around.u are my inspiration…
Stjepan:many thanks.lets roll!!


Woohoo! Go Michael! :smiley:


Might as well say it in here too; I wish you luck. :smiley:


the story

Without families, relatives, or friends, a lonely puppet-maker decides to make a marionatte to keep him company in his little old shop selling puppets. He worked on the marionette with a sincere heart and caring hands, and thus the marionette’s conscious feelings slowly emerge in her. Her feelings grew for the maker. THe maker too sensed a warm feeling from the marionattes towards him eventhough her feelings doesn’t show on her lifeless face.

Since the completion of the making of his marionette, he has been taking care of her. He reads her stories, combs her hair, dresses her, clean her, sets a vase of flowers beside her, and sometimes buys her jewelleries and accessories. He would do anything to make her happy and beautiful by that she would only have to stay by his side. And she didn’t ask anything more from him. She is more than grateful that he can serve her for as long as he is happy to be together with her.

that is for now:)few more ideas on the it up later after i get done


Great concept! I was actually thinking about doing a marionette-themed piece, but I can’t do that anymore, now can I?? Haha. Just kidding. Good luck on this one!


I really like this idea Michael! And the way it’s heading… :slight_smile:


Hey, guys! :slight_smile:

Actually i have edited the story to be more oriented with the theme “Master And Servant”. In the earlier version, the puppet-maker seems like a master and at the same time a servant. The marionaette seems to be just an object instead of a character.

This time i have change the character of the marionette, gave her a little bit of influence over that maker. This way, they become more inseparable from each other.

the only things i’ve modified is gave her a little bit of a character to better suit the theme.
i didnt really thought that both of u would actually likes the previous version.~

thanks alot for the support:)


Hi There,
This is my first challenge too. I am not sure if I am up to it or not but I just thought what the hell. It will be a lot of fun and a good learning experience. I really like your idea, especially the fact that the roles have become reversed, i.e. the master becomes the servant and vise versa, I have an idea to explore a similar theme myself but so far it’s just ideas in my head, no time to put pencil to paper.
Keep it up and good luck


I really like the idea. But I want to see more!


thanks mack and marco…just stay tune alright~i’ll keep them coming~:)


here’s another concept piece with different approach.made them alil more grown up:)