Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Ha ha! Whats going on man! Listen I’ve loved this one since start to finish! I know for sure that your going to probabaly win something! This is too good to past up and it fits the theme perfectly! Congrats! and best of luck!


congrats again on your final piece! loved it from the first glance! best of luck michael, your work rocks!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Good stuff Michael, I love this one, oit is one of my favourites to win…Best of luck to you holla…see next contest!:applause: :applause: :smiley:


Ah didn’t get to see this finished yet, it’s a stunning piece, congrats on a very succesfull finish. I think you would make a good change to be one of the winners:thumbsup:


Hi, all! I’m taking a few minutes out from E3 to check on things and post to say hi, so this won’t be too long. Looking briefly over some of the comments in the FAQ thread, I confess to being kind of confused: So there’s NOT going to be a public voting this time? Why the change?Is this a recent development, or something that was planned all along but I missed? Yeah, I know, the FAQ is more the place for these kind of questions, but I don’t have time to reread every page to see if I missed this. And not like it matters all that much in the end, guess I’ll eventually see if we’re having public voting or not…

Anyhow, wish I had time to thank everyone individually for thier kind words, but time is short, especially when there’s a line behind you to use the convention-provided computer I’m on! So I’ll just send out a big THANKS to everyone who’s posted here to offer congrats for finishing, and conratgs to you all for the same! Take care and talk to you all more soon…



I know that is a little late to incentives, but I was accompanying your Wip and whish you very good luck!:thumbsup: my sister found your piece very funny and good line… she doesn`t cout to much, but I foud it too! sorry my english!


From what I understand, this was planned from the beginning of the Challenge. I don’t quite understand why they’re not having public voting, but maybe it had something to do with the theme of the Challenge and how it was expressed in the final image. (maybe they felt Judges would be better for judging the content of the entry and the Theme instead of the public?):shrug:


haha i see you have deserted us. Dang had to go through 40 pages of replies in one sitting. Fantastic job. i loved seeing your layering technique. i always enjoy how you show that. Seems like you are in your element now. Glad i know now where to keep up with your art.



Wow man, you really nailed this. Kinda sad though to see Cthulu reduced to wearing a suit and tie though!


jadecilcleton - my thanks, to both you and your sister! :slight_smile:

ArtisticVisions - thanks! Personally, I have no problem with then - it’s a professional contest, it should be judgedby professionals - I was just expecting it to work same way as the GSO challenge did. But I’m glad it’s been updated. Thanks for the info post!

Jill - I haven’t deserted you, just been channeling my energies elsewhere - ie. here - for a limited amount of time. I must remind you that you were one of the people who first convinced me to try my hand at these CGTalk challenges in the first place!

Eric - Aw, but doesn’t he look so dapper in it? He cleans up well. Anyhow, thanks! :slight_smile:



Oh ok… now boy do I feel stupid… Yeah I had thought that you had meant that your post was the final form of it.

My only relief on the run of it is that the tweaks aren’t THAT extreme :sad:

Well now that I get to see the final image Michael, all I can say is how fantastic a job you have done and all that I said in my foolish post still apply.
You have worked hard for it all and inspite us pulling you around you have managed to finish it with a bang…
It’s just wonderful!

I wish you all the extra luck shall you ever need some!



Man, I’m glad someone cleared this up for me, guess I haven’t being paying much attention, but I wondered why there was no notification to go vote… oh well, Michael your’s still gets my vote! Cheers!

:applause: :applause: :applause:


I like your drawing very much :slight_smile:
So much work !! Very great and funny drawing :slight_smile:


congrats on your piece n gud luck :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


jajaj, great concept. And great image too.

good luck!
(you deserve it)


Amazing work. Congratulations.


This is really great. I’ve always been a big admirer of H.P. Lovecraft and the entire Cthulhu mythos…and you’ve really bought out the humor and absurdity in a situation like this.

Now you need to throw in Nyarlthotep, Hastur and the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath in a board meeting. hehe.

Really enjoyed it…brought a smile to my face!


Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the kind words, and that my picture has made at least some of you laugh! :slight_smile:

(who’s just sitting around waiting for the challenge results and trying to figure out what I’ll do for my next digital painting. I kind of like having a theme to work from, but now it’s too wide open… Aurgh, option paralysis! :slight_smile: )


A tutorial, Mike, a tutorial!!



A tutorial on what?! I thought I did a pretty thorough job at detailing my steps all the way through the Challenge, so that this entire thread was a tutorial on how I did this image. But if there’s someothing specific you’d like to see…?