Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Just wanna stop by ur thread and say congratulation for finishing ur pic. It is outstanding and one of my favorites for sure. I have really nothing to crit, however I was looking at ur piece for couple of minutes now and just thought … wow… this is something! I wish u wil be properly awarded for ur effort in this one :slight_smile: Much luck to u buddy!


This is one of the best 2d challenge out there great work.


I’m back! congratulations on your work! Really nothing more to crit and the lighting (candle) on the boss has been fixed perfectly. All the best for the prizes! (The judges are going to have a tough time with so many good entries here)


final, final… i have nothing to say dude, except wow… love the caricature style, awesome:bounce: :bounce: … btw, all your suggestions are really helpful, thank you very much.


sincere congrats Walrus…
u deserve the finish…very beautiful piece…


congrats again,buddy.:applause: :thumbsup: :buttrock:
excellent story and illust!!
best luck in this challenge.


Thanks for dropping by bud. CONGRATULATIONs on you too. I know you’ve been finish a while ago and i think i gave you my thumbs up already, but here you go again, hehehe.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:

Cheers and see you around the community again


lol. there is something very award winning about ur work, congrats mate!:thumbsup:


a great funny pic, very good work. Good luck for the end


Hey, all, how’s it going? Hope everyone’s well and not too stressed out! :slight_smile:

bumphluff - By all means, you are more than welcome to use it as a desktop. I’m flattered!

tariq - glad to be of service: As I see you got your final image in, you obviously figured out all the stuff about FTPing. Nice job - both on the picture and the FTPing! :slight_smile:

djinx - thanks… but “have fun?” Sorry, the fun part is pretty much over, aside from trying to be helpful in other peoples’ threads. Not it’s all just sitting around and waiting… and that’s no fun at all!

farfadet, erwin, & benita - thank you!

Blaz - didn’t see you around in my thread as much this time 'round. Maybe it’s because we had less time and you were full on working on your own. Or maybe I just didn’t need as much help this time around…? Anyhow, thanks, and good job with yours, too!

arlutik - Thank you very much!

jeromoo - You’re back from vacation! Have a good time? See, you could have still finished yours when you returned! :slight_smile: Thanks for your notes and priase.

arkinet - thanks! and hey, no worries, happy to be some help. You really did a good job with it!

cha0t1c1, xric7, arc80, nebezial, & mdn67 - thank you all, too!

Well, I’m out of here tomorrow for E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. I will have only sporadic access to the web so that may be it for comments from me after I take off. Anyone know whn the actual voting will take place? I seem to recall it lasting a week or so last time, so I’m sure I won’t miss it. But anyhow, thanks again to everyone for all of your support and kind words. See you all…



Damn Michael, you’ve created one “hell” of a illustration here. :applause:

Congratulations on finishing and best of luck with the judging. :slight_smile:


Your piece turned out really nice! Congrats! :slight_smile: One of my favourites… :love:


haha. thats very good one. very beautiful rendering. very clean on the suit. i’m impressed:)



Man this turned out great. I love Cthulhu in the office setting. the little gags, like the spell in the printer, everything turned out great. Excellent work.


I can’t remember if I commented on your final image yet Michael… but what the heck! You deserve praise twice anyway! :slight_smile: Superb! Fun, detailed, beautifully finished and not over complicated. All the best sir!


wow, much has happened since I last stopped by… This artwork is fantastic! Congratulations! Keep doing pics the way YOU like 'cause it’s for sure that others will like it too then! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Hey turned out great Walrus! I love the expression of the man


Hi buddy! Its sad but true :confused: I wish I could more participate in this challenge, especially communicating with u and other friends here, but I was soooo much into my work (I have at least 2 or 3 big projects opened at the same time all the time) that I really doubted that I’ll manage to finish my own entry. But with no sleep no eat its possible I guess :smiley: and u were right with ur second statement as well… u really did a marvelous job here so u didnt need so much help… haha… till next challenge! good luck once again :slight_smile:


Hi Walrus,

Thx for your nice comment 'bout my work during this challenge. I love your own entry very much–I’m always impressed by such a stunning amount of details… Great work!

Cheers and good luck for the voting,
:slight_smile: <- Lutz


Mike, man! Great finish! I wish you best of luck…