Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Woo-Hoo! It worked! I was worried about using my Mac to FTP a Windows-Zipped file, but it seems to have gone off without a hitch. I am officially in, yay!

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and inspiration. Don’t worry about me getting a big head, though: It was really small to begin with, so now I may start to look just plain normal. Relatively speaking. Kind of.


Good luck with all of yers!



I still love this image, and I just wanted to say good luck to you! You did an outstanding job!:applause:


truely awsome dude, bravo :buttrock: :applause: :thumbsup:


This has turned out awesome! I loved the concept from the start, and I love this final image now, brilliant job!



hahaaa,spell check,thats hilarious and awesome:) and the actual drawing is very professionally done, good work!


good luck to ya, im still smiling each time i see an ad for HP (keep thinking lovecraft)


I think this is one of my absolute favourites in the challenge (might even be THE favourite). I just love the stylisation, the colours, the emotion – heck, the whole concept of cthulhu in the workplace: hahahahaah, it’s brilliant! Kudos to you for such a brave, innovative concept.

Also, awesome pinstriped suit on that nasty fella, I’m extremely partial to pinstriped suits (getting one myself, in fact) and ti’s a lovely detail, as are the little cufflink skulls and that three-eyed darling in the background. Also, the papers with the spells and diagrams. I guess I could just go on and on, but most of all - I just want to say thank you, GOOD LUCK! and wonderful progress you’ve show us here.


Walrus, you done good. Those ceiling tiles are excellent, weird how I keep picking them out, but the rest of it is very accomplished. I like the way you chose a less obvious interpretation and style for this one, that alone makes it stand out from the crowd, and your squeaky clean rendering style is very appropriate. Well done you! :thumbsup:


Here’s my first woot::buttrock:


Good luck my friend :buttrock:



[b]Your idea for the illustration is very original. I like it a lot. Good luck!!! :thumbsup:



Thanks for showing me how to add a photo ref, as a concept. Strong piece here.


Hey, all! How’s it going? Hope you all are getting your pieces finished and uploaded with no troubles. It’s the last weekend…! Hey, at least one way or another, you’ll all get your lives back! :slight_smile:

fensterer, eddie, and mack - thank you so much!

eliza - glad you like the joke. I wish i’d been able to work that one into the actual picture itself, but oh well! :shrug:

E.T - thanks! Now you’d better get back to work and finish yours!

linda - um, wow, I’m just speechless. Thank you!!! Both for the really kind words, I’m just so tickled, and for raising the bar here, too!

jesse - I showed the finished piece to some coworkers the other day, and they were amused to see that the ceiling is pretty much the ceiling of our office, down to the details. So I guess I had a good “model” to work from. But I find it amusing that a take on the regular, everyday power dynamics that many of us experience in our real lives would be considerred a “less obvious” interptretation, especially when compared to the multitude of images of women with giant beasts, children with their genies and robots, and evil overlords with harems of slaves. :slight_smile:

Theresa - ‘Woot’ to you too! :buttrock:

manu - Thanks, and to you my friend!

moonspell - thanks!

userBrian - cool, glad that was helpful. If you haven’t already, check out AndreasRocha’s thread, he used some great and very funny photoref too, and inspired me to post mine.

Oh, and if anyone’s just dying to see a less compressed version of my entry, I just updated my web page so that you can see one that isn’t limited to just 150k. I’d post it here, but I’m not sure my small-time ISP needs that many hits from around the world! :slight_smile:




ahh Mr. Walrus

A mighty fine image indeed…it might just adorn my desktop for a few days if thats okay with you?

A quality effort matey…well done n the best of british (erm…thats good luck :slight_smile: )


hey dude, your final piece looks REALLY, REALLY AWESOME. Congrats on a fantastic job well done. The very best of luck for the final stage.
Tariq. :applause:


hey Michael, a quick request dude. I have a Mac too. could you tell me how you FTP’d your final ? Much appreciated .


great concept
nice picture
have fun!


A very good work.


Hey mike, congratulations on your final image. Superbly executed in technique and with humor. Great job



:applause: great work!!!
i loved it from the beginning and i wish you the very best luck for the contest!:bounce::bounce::bounce:


Hey, at least one way or another, you’ll all get your lives back! :slight_smile: