Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Empen - I think you’re the only one who would actively claim to want a boss like this! Everyone else isn’t into the idea, or has or is already experiencing at work now!

Theresa - I THINK i have it coverred in this new post. I’m not 100% certain until i see it on my monitor at work, which often gives me a completely different take on this piece. And it may not be the most perfectlywet looking boss ever, but i think I’m reaching the limits of what time will let me do with it. I hope it works well enough.

choptider - as far as I’m concerned, it already HAS gone 'round the world. I mean, it’s here on CGTalk, isn’t it? That’s about as international an audience as one could ever ask for!

Vahn - So in other words, 'So long and thanks for all the fish?" :slight_smile: Anyhow, thanks so much! And I’m glad you liked the ideas!

Gord - Thanks!

Okay, I’ve uploaded what I really hope will be my FINAL ‘Final Coloring.’ am I done yet? Please? :slight_smile:
It may look nearly identical at first glance but there are a lot of subtle differences: You know how it goes, tweaking the parts of your own work that no one but you will notice!

Like I said above, I did some subtle changes to the skin hilights and i think that’s as good as I’m going to get it. I repainted the black clouds a few times… and ended up going back to the original ones I had! Still, I did my best to make those better and am happy with the result. A minor tweak with the candle flames so it’s easier to read the word ‘Obedience’ on the calender. Some subtle shading of the printer paper… Little stuff like that.

Anyhow, if noone calls me on anything by tomorrow, and if it all looks good on the other test monitor, i think i may upload the final tomorrow. so last call for C&C!



[color=black][color=white]You’re getting there walrus, very nice composition. You managed to get all the things together: colors, characters, lights & shadows and so on.[/color][/color][color=black] [color=white]Impressive[/color][/color][color=red] [color=white]stuff dude :bowdown: [/color]


Michael, you did an amazing job, I love Lovecraft myth, did you get any strange dreams doing this image, I could almost qualify your image as an actual ancatation spell (while writing this I see weird shadows moving all around me) …:twisted:…:eek:…:twisted:…

an hour later,

Don’t know what happen I think I fell asleep, what was I saying oh yes, awesome image you did, I’m very happy you almost finished it cause this subject as a cartoon is just to cool, great man… :thumbsup:


i like your concept. It very nice image.

cheers :applause:


Stick a fork in it, it looks done to me! :thumbsup:

But it reminds me waaayy too much of the office I work in, here at 'Buster Corp. I’m expecting Cthulhu to jump up from the cube next to me at any minute!

Man this is an awesome painting and I’ve really enjoyed following along on the process. Excellent stuff.


It’s perfect- a winner. Great job, Michael! I really like how you solved the “donut man”, and the flourecents in contrast with the boss’s head really works well.


Michael, it really does look done to me now. Like you said, you fixed up the highlights and I KNOW I was nitpicking, it’s so tiny and everything, but it really does look better now! This is probably my first or second favorite picture in the entire contest. It’s funny AND looks amazing, especially the suit. I love his suit! I love it all!

Congrats on finishing it. I’m so pleased! :thumbsup:

Sure hope this wins something, it (and you!) deserve to.

Better start clearing some room for your prize!

    Thanks for critting my entry, really nice of you. 



Very cool image…congratulations on completing a fine piece of work.

Good luck in the judging



Not sure if I’ve posted in your thread before, Mike - but I’ve enjoyed watching this progress very much, and your final image looks just great. Excellent job!


Michael you have one of the most original and funny concepts AND a kickass execution! Way to go!


congrats : one of my big fav of the contest.
You got my vote, man ! :wink:


And… DONE! whew! Now I just have to FTP the final TIF. For those who are curious, the resolution I’m submitting is 3207 x 3786, and that’s the size I worked on the thing the whole time.

Taz - thanks! I’m honored, as I like your stuff a lot too!

arlutik - “Don’t know what happen I think I fell asleep…” No worries, my work tends to have that effect on people! :slight_smile:

chinbig2000 and patrick - thank you!

Eric - I owe you a REALLY BIG thanks, becuase you really helped inspire this piece in a BIG way. After seeing the winners in the GSO Challenge, I was already thinking ahead to the next one… This one. I was wondering whether I should just try for a “cool” image, one that would have been the result of my second-guessing what i thought others would want to see and vote for. My day job is like that: Lots of “cool” art. But seeing you pull into the winners circle with your image - colorful and sweet and pensive and not violent and still every inch a winner - and seeing that people would appreciate a different image like that… Well, that helped me to decide just to do my own thing. And besides, who wants to spend two months on an image that doesn’t really represent one’s self and one’s portfolio? So here you have it: A very “me” image. And folks like it! So, sappy as this whole missive sounds, thanks for just being you and doing your own thing!

Theresa - Tanks so much for your posts and encouragement.

Paul & Matt & Jose - Thanks! Now you get out there and finish yours!

Arctis - Thanks, Pierre!

okay, off to FTP!



Congratulations man! You can be proud of this artwork. I’ll keep it in my hdd in the Favorites folder :thumbsup: You have my vote dude! Good luck!


Hi wairus, all my congratulations for this final under feature and a
line rather cartoon, you shows a great control. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey Walrus, looks like another winner. Congratulations on a great piece of art. Well done. :applause: :applause: :applause:


congrat! walrus ! glad to see you finish on time! and your entry is my favourite! good luck!


Just a congratulations for your picture. So many details and a style that is exclusively yours in this challenge.:thumbsup:


Congrats Walrus! he image is amazing… funny and wery impressive! :thumbsup:

I wish u all best for the final!

cheers: Kornél

(sorry for my english)


Don’t know why I’m posting… hate to see your head get big from all the praise and encouragement from your fan-base. :smiley:

Great work, Bubba. Let’s just spoil the moment and say… you got my vote. :thumbsup: Realism and/or scratchy portrayals tend to overwhelm the boards nowadays, and yours takes me back to the ol’ non pre-code horror EC comics such as Haunt of Fear and Vault of Horror with the splash of hilarity.

Good luck and take it easy!


awesome as usual, & thnx for all the tips:thumbsup: