Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Great Image. The new light give a big plus in visual. :bounce:

Congratulations :applause:


I finally came up with something to fix on your picture :thumbsup:
Thanx for the visit man!

So ok the one thing you could still work on is the boss character’s skin. Because there is a fine line between looking like wet surface and metallic surface. At the moment your hilighting is going slightly more to the metallic look. So if you could somehow make smaller hilite on the skin areas to make it look like its wet not metallic.

Thats it man. Hope i made any sense?

Boss character clothes look real good.

You really didnt too that many mistakes you kept on with the initial idea to the finishing line. so thumbs up for you! :thumbsup:


Damn, too brilliant. took me really long to find a flaw, cuz its 999,99999% perfect! love the ligth love the huge amount of details everythign! how bout using a gaussian blur on the pic now with amount of 250 :stuck_out_tongue:
just kidding. 1 small suggestion, left hand of the girl behind the dude, fingers look a little to long or not bended enough, but thats such a minor detail, not even worth to mention. keep it up michael, love your work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Just finished browsing your site, great stuff!! This picture included of course. Have fun at E3!


Definetly your best post :buttrock:
And welcome to the RaVTT, you’ve qualified ! :deal:



Great characters! Especially the person with 3 eyes:)


Brilliant! love the lighting… love everything :thumbsup:


Some great details in this, it’s fun trying to pick them all out, love the steam coming up from the coffee for example. Really nice piece :applause:


Yay! I get to be in Team ‘RED & VIOLET TONGUES!’ We may not Dominate the World, but we … um… have Red and Violet Tongues in our pieces. Thanks, Manu, I won’t let you down!

Just a little more to go on this piece and then I’m all done!

Sacha, thanks for the suggestions… Both of them! We’ll see how the blur looks, but I think you’re completely right about the woman’s fingers. I’ll definately make that change before Final.

Juha - Yeah, definately a fine line I’ve been walking. But that makes sense, I’ll see if I can refine it some more.

Everyone Else - thank you all so much, it’s really rewarding to get such a great response!



Hey, all! A few small changes: Just some tweaks to the rim lights, some refinement to the clouds (thanks, Crowley!), shorter and more correct fingers for the female coworker (thanks, Sacha!)

Just getting a bit more nitpicky with the details, but it’s pretty much done barring any more small nitpicks. But please don’t feel guilty for posting really miniscule stuff! At this point it’s all I have left, so post away!



Damn near perfect now! I can’t spot anything I demand to be changed! :slight_smile: What’s the pattern on Ctthulluthlulu’s tie?


Thanks, Aly. It’s a pattern of serpent-tailed bats with their wings outstretched, so they’re kind of in a little T-pose, which you can just vaguely make out at this resolution. The man’s tie has a pattern of sheep.

I think I’m going to try to repaint the black smoke clouds at the bottom tonight, I’m just not happy with how sharp they look now. Anyone got any suggestions or favorite reference or anything. If I’m happy with that, I think I’ll call it done. I have to get it in this week anyhow before I leave for E3.

Hope everyone else’s are coming along well!



Ha, I feel a little uncomfortable to say that, but I agree about the smoke: the original softness was nicer. I’m sorry I pointed this out in the first place.
In any case, good luck with the final work on your piece, I really enjoyed watching it evolve :thumbsup:


Hi Walrus, all the best for your entry man, and thanks for your comments during this challenge!

Great to see your final picture, you’ve done a stunning illustration!
See you soon, maybe on a next challenge,it was fun!:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


there’s alot of very funny details!! (like lovercraft 4000 or micronomicon!)
a very funny vision of work, i would like to have the same boss dude!


thierry - yeah, it’s been a blast! I definately plan on being around for future ones, so I hope we’ll see you here too!

crowley - no need to apologize: I think you had a perfectly valid point in noting that the clouds were not as defined as the rest of the piece. So I defined them more and, well, they look lousy now. But hey, I keep everything in layers so reverting back to the original clouds is simple. But before I do, I want to try another shot at them. It’s not that your suggestion was bad, merely my implementation of a solution that didn’t work. I’m not happy with it, so I’ll give it another try!




Looking amazing, michael. I’ve been watching this one since its birth and it is just amazing… only…one teensy weensy crit…the highlights should be blurred a little more into the surrounding darkness, right now the specularity is very high and it makes it look rather metallic (like juha said)… back to worshipping…
Mind criticising my m & s thread :love: please?!
I like learning from people I worship!

Keep it up, Mr. Incredible… :smiley:


You know, i am sure, your image will go around the world, because i have a boss who look just like that, even he never show up. and it will be funny to have it at work.


hey walrus :slight_smile:

I praised you before but i have to do it again :smiley:

From Idea over composition to execution this is really excellent, amazing and most important very pleasing Art … it was fun to watch this shape and admire every little detail u got in there. Very, very, very cool picture :applause::applause::applause::bowdown:

good luck and thx for the cool advice …especially the fishy one :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


WOW - your entry is great! what a totally mind-blowing image! I love it!