Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Thanks, all! Glad you like how it’s come out. There’s one more thing I’d like to try with some key-lights, think I’ll give it a shot this weekend. Either way, looks like I’ll be uploading the real final image sometime next week, before I go off to E3. (Hey, with so many game artists around, who all is going to E3? Anyone want to meet up?)

GhostInTheMachine - Sorry, office’s full! :slight_smile: No, seriously, I just can’t see squeezing in more coworkers. Even as is I had to make them disproportionately small just to get in the three I have!

Lilya. Tris, & Xric - Thanks!

Wil - That makes sense. Oh, yeah, I did at one point talk about adding some post-noise or something to this piece, didn’t i? I think I’ve changed my mind - it doesn’t seem to need it.

Cameron - Thank you!

Funeral Laugh - Thanks for your suggestions. I should be uploading the large version next week, so you can make a print from that. Are you going to sign this when you leave it on his door? Hey, just don’t get ME into trouble, okay?!

T-lapia - Thanks!

Jeromoo - Thank you for pointing that out. I didn’t want the candles to have too distant a range, but if they’re lighting up the man, they probably should hit the boss a little, shouldn’t they? I’ll go in and add a little of that. And you’ll definately be able to see my final piece. Once it’s up, it’s up for good: You can even go back and look at everyone’s final images from the last challenge on the Grand Space Opera thread. So you might not be able to see it soon, but it’ll be around. Have a great vacation!

cuppacam - Thank you thank you thank you!

MK - Thanks, Patrick!

Okay, off to go play a bit more ‘Psychonauts.’ (This game rocks!) I’ll post more comments tomorrow, and likely a new revision - the last one? - Saturday.
See y’all!



Fantastic, mate. You’ve really put a lot of effort into this, and it has totally paid off…wonderful piece.

Well done



Fantastic mate! I love it!

Well done! And good luck!



Like this picture. Classic but efficient and funny. :slight_smile:


now than you are at the final coloring, it’s always a good pic, very funny with a very good realisation, good work:thumbsup:


I just love this one-- I’ve been watching it from the early days and it’s in my ‘top 5’ for winning!

Very funny and executed beautifully…may I please worship you?


Smashing Michael! I think you would do well to make up an animated gif off all your WIP’s and we could then see it evolve, like Enaylas eye tutorial. Love it ALL! :slight_smile:


With one word awesome man! Love all the details u’ve made… that sticky drooling, all the lights and shadow play, characters in the back… I see that u r at the end with the process and it looks truly fantastic. The theme is also great, I loved the idea from the begining.
I wish u all the best with this piece! :slight_smile:


Funky fresh and rocking! well, congrats on your great piece, looking forward to your final tweaks, even thought i cant find anything to crit, just looking forward to your final entry! keep on rocking Michael!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey, all! So what did I want to tweak, you ask? Well first of ther was adding some more candle-light to the boss, which jeromoo and my friend Eric pointed out.

But more importantly, I added a crisp hite hilight to all of the back-lit characters. (Can SOMEONE please tell me what this kind of light is called? A key-light? A back-light? The technical name has totally slipped my mind and it’s driving me crazy!) Anyhow, a big tip of the hat to JoseArt and Racrufi - they added this light to their illos and it just lookd fantastic, and I saw that and thought to myself, Hey, I’m using backlit characters too, that might be appropriate for my piece too. So I threw it in and am pretty happy with it… What do you think?

Theresa - you may not worship me but you may worship the Dark Master whom I serve. Bw-ha-ha-ha-haaa!

Okay, NOW am I done? :slight_smile:



Hey bro looks like you are done after all, its a brilliant piece of work, the detail is staggering man. I love the concept, love the colour and love the humour…Top marks from me bro. Well done. However dont think of going away, you have to keep encouraging lazy sods like me so I can give it more than 100%.

I hope you have a few seconds to Check out mine and let me know what you think :

    All feedback very appreciated!!


Funny how such a tiny subtle trick can make a piece of art even better than it already was. I really dig this.
Just a little (little little) thing though: it never hit me before today but the smoke that surround the master looks a bit blurry compared to the overall “crisp” feeling of your picture. Nothing critical, but I thought I’d tell you (hope this has not already been discussed in this huge thread of yours).
In any case, awesome piece.


Looking really tight now Michael! I think it’s a rim-light! Do you know what I love about this…? Not the bits we see, more… the spaces in between! (Obscure Lovecraft reference number 418)! Heh heh!


ooooohh! so many new details!!! :eek:

and… hahaha! soo brilliant! necronomicom! cool… and the sheep… :applause: i wish you the BEST for your entry! this is great! :thumbsup:



As happy as I am in your name… I just can’t believe that it’s finished!.. I caén’t believe that it’s all over :sad: I was having so much fun having you work more and more on it.

Michael, what can I say that I haven’t before?..
You are very talented and your entry shows great traces of it. It was a long journey with alot of work and the final image I am looking at here sure displays it all!
I am so happy that you made people such as us able to take part in it through this journey.

Good Luck my friend!.. I don’t think you will be needing too much of it… but every little bit helps! :slight_smile:




Haha! Unbelievable great painting! Very funny! Love the style and the expressions! :thumbsup:


A Quality Image mate, well done!!!

Me likey a lotty

Good luck


Fantastic image Walrus!


Your work really looks good! Since, the last time that I saw it, you improve your image a lot. The light and shadow the detail on the octopus. Really, I don’t want him as a boss. ;0)

You are talented.

Good luck!


demonicoz - don’t worry, I’m not going away just yet. For one thing, I still have to finish this piece, and as long as helpful comments trickle in (like Crowley’s), I’ll keep pushing it. And commenting on others’ works as best I can.

crowley - That’s a really good point about the smoke. I like the softness of it, but maybe some of the front parts of it can be tightened up a bit to work better. I’ll give it a shot!

aly - RIM-light, that’s what it was! AH, thanks, that was bugging me. Guess I’m just getting old. :slight_smile:

benita - not so much new details, as much as I finally thought to post a larger version of the pic! :slight_smile: Anyhow, thanks, glad you like 'em.

Black - thanks for all your feedback along the way. It’s [i]almost[/] finished, I’ll keep teaking for a few days. I’m out of here for E3 the week these things are due so I have to get this done and uploaded before I take off for that anyhow. But anyhow, Thanks!

O.Martin, bumphluff, Art2, and cyberarts - Thank you all very much!

Back to work now…!