Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Mike… you know what?!!

Thats a FANTASTIC idea!!:bounce: Infact I will get to work on that right now!


So your finally finishing things up eh? Gosh did you put alot into this… And man does it show:thumbsup:



Yeah, I’d love to actually complete one of these challenges some day. Actually I’ve decided that I’m going to complete the Grand Space Opera one for myself in the coming months…

As to E3 - unfortunately I won’t be attending - otherwise it’d be great to catch up. I’m working like a crazy man on Age of Conan atm…Funcom will be demonstrating given they’ve just made an announcement about the game…

Have fun mate, and we all expect a full report :wink:



Okay, here we go then: Final Coloring!

I’ve never been totally clar on what the difference is between this and the final image, but they both have to be submitted, sooooo. . .
anyhow, i figure, I still can do all sorts of tweaks between now and submitting the Final final image next week sometime. So if anyone’s got any last minute notes, let’s hear 'em now!

Eparts - you were right about the lights and the dark skin. My Mac and PC monitors are really different, so what looked good on one really WAS too dark on the other. I’ve made the skin on the boss a bit lighter now, hopefully without ruining the effect of the shiny hilights. Plus I did indeed add a sort of overlapping glow from the lights overhead.

Plus a few small tweaks here and there, and a new face for the woman on the left.

So like I said, for me it’s pretty much down to the end. But keep those cards and letters coming! If you see anything bothering you, now’s the time to post… Thanks!



clap clap :applause: :bowdown:

grats walrus … you made a very fine piece there :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(and i’d say its done)



Looking great dude. This is looking mighty SWEEET :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Mad props bro…MAD PROPS :applause:



Nicely done. Very solid piece.



What a very good job! i suppose that’s your final image…Octopus look very good!! shiny effects look great!!:applause:

Good luck !!


You have a really fun style. The expressions are great. I like how you stylized the characters yet still kept a clean execution.


Thanks, everyone! Glad it’s looking good.

Oh, hey, I forgot to mention: BirdyBear - you’d suggested doing some smoke on the candles. I looked into doing it but it didn’t seem right. I don’t know if it’s universal, but the candles I lit up didn’t smoke, at least until they were blown out (really cool smoke effects then, but I’m glad I don’t have to render them! :slight_smile: )

But anyhow, anyone see anything else?
Thanks again for the kind words! Hope yours are going well, too!



looks awesome. i know your nearly done but since you have time i think you should consider working in one more terrified office worker. maybe you could have someone cowering behind that printer, just their head showing - classic ‘back to the wall’ horror movie look. a little better than the filing cabinet i think. just an idea - good work dude! :smiley:


that looks excellent!


Superb! Really enjoyed following this! Great for learning and inspiration but above all good to see some top quality work! Good luck with the voting! :slight_smile:


hi walrus.
congrat.:bounce: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


i am guessing that final colourint is final colouring as in finished brushing and final image is if you wnat to add any other things on through filters, borders . . whatever.

Looking really good. Another succesful piece. I hope this gets somehwere this time… you really stick out amongst the crowd. nothing to crit.


So you’re done? Sweet image dude! Good luck to you! I wish you the best of luck in the challenge, it’s been so cool to watch you pull this together…you’ve got my vote on this.



I would love to have a print of this for the bossman. :thumbsup: He may or may not like it, but I’ll still hang it up on his door just for kicks.


this looks really good!


Oh! I want point out that there’s no lighting from the candles on the octoboss himself. It is reflected on the terrified male worker, but not on the boss as well.

I may or may not be able to see your final piece on all its glory because I’ll be away on vacation (unless I can borrow a computer and internet from my relatives and friends overseas). So I wish you all the best!!


Love it love it love it!! :buttrock:


Looks utterly terrific, Mike! :smiley: