Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow



this is amazing.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: …
great work.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


arkinet - ‘criticise’ others’ work? that sounds so negative! I prefer to think of it as ‘helpful suggestions baed on entirely-subjective and therefore unreliable observations.’ :slight_smile:

ravioli - thanks, that’s a good idea! I’ll try to work some more blue from the right into the shirt, that should look good. And “'pus head’s netheregion pyroclastic plume?” Wow, I don’t think i’ve ever seen those words strung together quite like that ever… Nice…! :slight_smile:

gus, demonicoz, marcheen, ArtisticVisions, & Cameron - Thank you very much!

birdybear - Thank you! Good idea about the candle smoke. That’s a tough one - I’m good at big billowing clouds but not so much as small wisps. Still, gotta give it a try: that’s why it’s called a CG challenge!

pogonip - really?! I’m flattered! But I don’t think this carries the same weight as a really good Todd Lockwood dragon. But really, thanks!

xric - thank you, too!

Anyhow, I started repainting the skin again last night, with a bunch of slimy reference in front of me… er, PHOTOS of reference that is, no mucus on my computer desk, please! More time this weekend, so we’ll see how it comes out!
Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement and good advice!



nah, jst kidding… i think i should use the word “critique” :smiley: …coz it looks like you have nothing left to do :slight_smile: … anyway, love your work:thumbsup:


hehey… things are going great!

I love alot of the new touches you put yourself through. And there has been a series of very good suggestions. Gonna try and not repeat any of them.
Are you going to make the boss’s final epiderm moist and sort of like ‘covered’ in a gel like thin coat? Or reptilian like but just not scaled?

Actually what say you have a wet’ness (sort of) and have them splatter all over as his tentacles wave around with his shouting… You know the classic ‘Spitting boss’ cliché :slight_smile:

Well not much to say but complimentary stuff. The image is turning out very impressive!



Well, it took some doing but I finally got the boss’s skin to look slimier. The problem was that it was just too light before. The hilights were pure white, but it was hard to tell on light-colored flesh. Now that I’ve tweaked the skin some, it reads a lot better. Or at least I think so. Feel free to post and disagree.



damn this image has come a long way!

excellent piece!!


Wow Wow Wow Mike :drool::bounce:

It has been a long since i visited your thread. It’s getting better and better… the Boss i mean. Just a little crit : beware of the Giger’s Alien look with the Boss skull
And add more slime, pleeeeeeaaaaase



Great materials, but I have feeling that image is not unified. Maybe because u work lot on details, and cant see whole piece.


I first spotted this thread when I couldn’t sleep last night/this morning. This is one bad project!

I like this latest update. Mr. C. Thulu’s skin now has a wet gloss to it. But… I think those light areas are a bit too white (top-most bridge/nose tentacle). It seems like it could use a slight blend into the shadows or skin tone.

Besides that… feels like I’m watching a brand new edition of Crypt Comix being created. :thumbsup:


uarrghhh … i think it looks very good… i light the white highlights as they seem to fit in this bright office light … and enough slime! Yuk



Yep, it’s lookin’ pretty slimy! The highlights do read better. Cool stuff.


He definitely looks more “wet”, and consequently, much grosser. I like it :slight_smile: Did you or someone else mention making his collar obviously wet as well? I had thought that that was a mighty good idea, too. Nice stuff :bounce:



Hey, walrus…very cool image. I think it does look slimy and like you said, that can be pretty hard. Especially when you’re trying to put a really hot highlight on top of a light color. At first (and this is just me) I got confused with that one tentacle that goes in the back of his hand. When I glanced, I thought it was a tongue, but I know I thought that just because of how the tentacle is mostly showing the red, fleshy side. But again, looking nice!


Hey, all! Thanks for the feedback!

Noob - thanks!

'Snail - ‘Beware’ of looking like Giger? I would think anything i could possible make to look like giger would be a good thing, as I’m a big fan of his! :slight_smile: Anyhow, we’ll see about more slime…

DaniloR - I’m working on details now because I spent the first month working out the bigger whole-piece issues like composition and lighting and palette. I felt I got them settled, but what part isn’t working for you?

Funeral Laugh - Looking at the bridge of his nose, I reckon you’re right about the intensity of the hilights. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll have to get to that.

Vahn & MK - Thanks!

SavageCreature - It has been mentioned before, but that’s okay. I’m still torn about whether to add slime to his clothes. On one hand, you’d think some would spill over, but on the other hand, I wanted to portray the way upper-level execs manage to keep themselves looking so clean and spotless, too. Who’d take a manager with crud all over his suit seriously?

wes - yeah, it is really hard to hilight a light skin color, so i was forced to make it a bit darker. I don’t mind that it reads a little tongue-like, as long as it’s disgusting and menacing!

So back to work for a bit. Think I’ll touch up some more highlights as Funeral Laugh pointed out. And I think I need to head back for a third pass at the woman peeking over the cubicle, as she’s still not doing it for me. But I’m getting hard pressed to find too much more to adjust, so if you see anything, now would be a good time to tell me…! :slight_smile:



Hey Michael, just thought I’d drop by and see the progress. It looks totally amazing - the boss looks absolutely gruesome, and in terms of the composition, with the focus on him, looming over his workers, I think you’ve pulled it off.

Once again I couldn’t continue - E3 and all that…

nice one mate:thumbsup:



So i guess the spitting boss was a bad/difficult idea?

Other than that…

Not able to see too much that may need tweaking. I guess you could play with the ‘holum’ of the boss’s tie to be able to match the realistic shading of the shirt and jacket… Mostly on the knot… sort of the same on the BG guys tie… but well there are really not many to point out other than little tweaks to taste or things like “I would have done diffrently”. I think the picture is all up to you from here on.

Good Luck!:thumbsup:



haha, finally made it to check back, the lil background guy is so funny. great add. tweaks on bossskin look fine, the whole image is bursting of power and is funny. love your work :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Very nice entry if you ask me - creature has got some ressemblance with the ancient entity named chtulhu – is that intentionnal or is it just some kind of evil squid ?
Love the effect you ve put on his jacket - its a bit shinny – very precious


whaha thats slime alright!!

good job on this update. maybe it would look more realistic if you make the lamp above his heard stronger, because the head of the boss is pretty dark now. but that wouldnt look good if you do that :stuck_out_tongue: so, nevermind


Whew, just repainted the woman for the third time, and finally I think i’m happy with it… At least until i change my mind again. Fixed some of the hilights and stuff too, but all too miniscule to bother posting a new image.

Grant - Well, it sure would be nice to see new art from you in this thing, but I know how it goes. What are you showing it E3? I’ll be heading down to L.A. for that, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for whatever it is. I’m not on an E3 crunch this year… A mixed blessing as I have time to do this challenge and have a life, but nothing fun to show at the show. Anyhow, thanks for the post!

Black - Thanks for the note, I just did a little more with all of the ties. But as for things you “would have done diffrently,” well of course you would have! Like for starters, maybe instead of doing a scene of a wage slave working for a demonic boss, you might have done, say, a man who is the servant of his alcoholic addiction. :slight_smile:

angel - Thank you! Yours is looking great, too!

BlackEgg - the resemblance is not coincidental. If you could see the higher res version of the image, you might notice a lot of other give-aways, like the HP Lovecraft 4500 printer, or the company’s name on the phone lest: NecronomiCom. The guy in the bow tie is a Deep One. anyhow, thanks for dropping in on both of the threads!

eparts - I’d still like to add some more glow from that flourescent light overhead, so we’ll have to see if that helps.

Later, all!