Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Okay, I promised I’d post a version of this with all of the parts in one place so you can see how the whole piece is looking. Plus I’ve made a few small changes here and there, additions to the printer, new candle flames, fixed to the ceiling hardware, glows from the lights (maybe too much so!), a logo on the mug (hard to read that it says “Miskatonic U” from here, though.)

Wizard - Thanks for posting. I’m not really getting the point you’re making, though…?

SavageCreature - thanks for the concrete suggestions and great photoref! Hmm, I may have to go back to an earlier version of the Boss’s head and take a new stab at the hilights: I lightened them from the top and then added the hilights, maybe I should just add strong hilights without also lightening the skin…

eparts - thanks for your reference too! That is sime slimey slime all right!

W!l and Mordalles - Thank you! Hopefully i’ll be able to make it even better…



I love it, great details on the head of your creature.

Dude your image rules. :cool:


That’s looking AWESOME! The details are the best!

Where can I buy an HP Lovecraft printer!?! :scream:


Wonderful!! Miskatonic U, hehe I wonder what he majored in?


HP Lovecraft printer!!! LOL!:applause: That was a very smart ‘easter egg’!!! i wonder if there’s anything else like it. I spy the sheep calendar… is it another parody? Couldn’t tell from here, too small.

I really like this alot! It is so smart and funny and represents actual office politics. You are almost done here. Colour scheme works very well together here. There’s very little to crit!

By the way, why is that ‘OctoBoss’ squirting ink all over all the time? Is that supposed to be black smoke or octopus escape ink?

I would like to read what’s on the paper being printed out from that HP Lovecraft printer!!:smiley:


I would like to read what’s on the paper being printed out from that HP Lovecraft printer!!

Just trust me on this, but no, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t even want the printer either, MK.

And yes, the calender is a parody of business calenders that espouse things like “teamwork” and “synergy.” There’s a close-up of it on an earlier page somewhere in the first half of this whole thread.

As for the ink, it’s really just smoke. “Fire and brimstone” and all that. Just so long as it reads as kinda evil…

And the Deep One at the bottom majored in business, of course.




I think this is looking so damn good! My only one problem with it ( really being picky now ) is the amount of space on the ceiling that is bare! I wasn’t sure whether you could crop a fraction of it off or possibly add some type of creature suspended from the ceiling? ( That could become something that takes your eye off the main focal point though so i’m not too sure! ) Anyway, even if it was kept like this you have a superb piece! Cant wait to follow your work on the next challenge!! :bowdown:


You know what! I just looked at the space at the top again and I think i’m probably wrong! I would ignore the last comment! :blush:


Looks great! Everthing looks dead on! All of the little details you have everywhere are great. No crits. Are you done?


the demon looks really great. colors setted in great as well. :applause: :applause: :applause:


Tris3d - Good, glad you came around. :slight_smile: 'Cause I’m pretty happy with the room on the top. I’d rather not add too much of anything - creature-wise- at the top, as I think it would distract from the main focus. And I want the boss to be the tallest thing on the page. But hey, thanks for the post and thoughts!

Gerbil - Thanks, Jason! I’m mostly done, so now I’ll just spend a week or two noodling. I did some repaints on the woman and the candles yesterday. I’m thinking about completely repainting the skin on the boss to see if I can make it look slimier. Savage Creature had some good tips and reference, and I cetainly have time to start over on that one part and see if I can make it work better. I seem to have a bit more time at the end than in the last chanllenge, which was longer! :slight_smile:

jugeras - thank you!



what can i say dude? hmmmm… go criticize people’s work?:smiley: awesome details dude, creepy & funny:thumbsup: e



Eventhough it’s nearly time to take a bow, I think in addition to repainting the boss’s skin, you should try adding more blue to the shadows on the terrorized worker (to indicate his shirt is catching some of that evil midnight blue light from the 'pus head’s netheregion pyroclastic plume.

The added tint might also enhance the dimensionality of his shirt.

Just something else to noodle with.

And don’t cut anyone’s throat during an eclipse to get it done. That’s cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, nice nice nice, one of the best cartoon I ever seen.

I like the HP Lovecraft on the machine!:buttrock:




Congrats on a brilliant piece of work, I love the concept, and the viewer’s angle is really cool. Very funny and very cool. Keep it going, Good Luck!!


excellent work!! great detailing!


Haven’t seen this thread in a while - all I can say it, WOW… :eek:
I think we’ve found one of the winners here. :smiley: :thumbsup:


LOL! So fun to watch your progress on this man, keep up the great work. I love it.

:bounce: :bounce:


Your piece is going really well. I keep checking on it… wow. For some silly reason I really love the paper coming out of the machine. It looks really convincing! The whole thing is really great so its hard to find much to crit. I was thinking though, what if you had a tiny bit of that smoke/ink clouding around and uptowards the candles (from behind them)? Oh, and I really love the guy in the background with three eyes. Nice touch. Really love your art. :thumbsup:


Nice that’s an awesome illustration …could totally see that as like a Dragon Magazine cover .