Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


realy cool character.:bounce:
wait to see more


That’s cool. It matches the overall piece. That ghost vapor is cool too. i’ll check back for more. :thumbsup:



Thanks, guys. But truth to tell, thee’s just not all that much to wait for at this point. I’m pretty close to being finished, i think.

Here’s a bunch of work on the Boss’s skin texture. This is more where I wanted to take it earlier, something wrinkly and a bit slimy. 'Though if anyone has some more tips on what I can do to make him look more slimy short of actually having slime drip off him, which would ruin the suit, which is bad. But 'side from that. I’m all ears for techniques.

I also am trying out some ceiling tile patterns. What do you think of what i used and how it works? Too “realistic” Not painterly enough? Too distracting? Let me know…




Not really any crits. The ceiling tiles look good, maybe darken the spots a bit.

Just wanted to say goog job:thumbsup:


great details on the octopus’s head :eek:


omg, just dropped by to send some congrats on such an effort, gorgeous…


:thumbsup: Good Lord, Mike! That’s awesome, what a concept, and so well executed!

Yikes. I need to get out more. When’s the deadline? I better get busy! :banghead:

Great work!



Your entry is by far my favorite. The level of detail and thought put into each character is remarkable.

Just as a counterpoint to your wicked humor, have you every seen a horribly gruesome movie called Dagon. It’s supposedly inspired by the H P Lovecraft story of the same name, but is about as far from it as a fish holding haunted coffee (mainly becuase of an intensely graphic flaying scene near the end). Bah. Anyway, its a movie about an octopus head. That’s why I bring it up. You draw an octopus head. I think, Hey! Once I saw a movie all about mean fish heads. Me numb.


But your skills are incredible. Yet another CGTalk member to admire and learn from. :bounce: :cry:


Been watching this entry from the start and have loved every update.

Why don’t you put some slimy strands between his mouth tendrils. …like chewing gum but thinner and more opaque?

Love your work.


Awesome work Mike!

Love the slimy look to the boss’s skin. MVP makes a good suggestion, perhaps some strands of slime? I don’t know if this is nitpicky or TOO much detail, but perhaps his shirt collar and around the knot of his tie could be slightly damp to reflect his slimy skin texture?

Love the new co-worker, particularly the death’s head in the coffee steam…great little touch!


Hi Michael! This is getting better everytime I see it! I love the way your image took. It has lots of little stories around the main one. This master is awesome! Congratulations!:eek:


the idea’s looking good, the texture definitely helps to enhance the boss. The composition is good overall too.

Good luck!



Wow, the skin looks great, and it looks finished to me. Again, great work!:buttrock:


Everyone - Thanks for the comments! Glad everyone’s liking it. Thanks for the enthusiastic posts! It’s starting to feel pretty close to finished, but I appreciate whatever observations you can offer. I sure have time…

Phil - thanks! But I’ve got 3 weeks to make small tweaks and pick nits, might as well do what I can.

MVP and Nightwing - THanks for the ideas! I’d love to get the boss looking even slimier if I can. I think the idea of adding some strands of ooze are a good idea, I’ll give it a shot. No need to apologize about being “too” nitpicky, as I don’t think there is such thing… especially given how much work is left to do and how much time I have left to work on it. (i.e. not much and lots respectively.) However, while I want to make him slimy, I also want to convey the dapperness with which managers always are able to carry themsleves. Always so tidy and spotless, I’ve never had a manager in an oxford with big stains on it. So I’d like to convey that with this guy: He may be slimy, but his clothes will be perfect.

Ravioli - I’ve heard of ‘Dagon’ but never seen it nor seen clips or stills from it. Maybe I’ll have to check it out soem time.

MK - THanks! You still have something like 3 weeks 'til the deadline, plenty of time! Don’t leave it all 'til the last minute, though…!

Agent Orange - Really? And I thought the ceiling tiles were too unsubtle! :smiley:

Okay, so like I was saying above, I’m at a long finishing-up stage, so feel free to be as picky as you want. Sometime soon I’ll post a shot of the whole thing so that you can see how all these little parts look all strung together. 'Til then, thanks for tuning in and thanks for the comments!



Keep the tiles man. DOesn’t really distracting at all infact it adds interest to it. Love how the octopus face turns out now. It’s more solid.Keep going dude.


The only thing I might add becaide GREAT is (oh, you must hate me with all this suggestions) I think that the Boss’s face is a little brighter with lightning… I know there are neon glows abowe him, but, just, oh… who am I to tell…


Nice piece. I wouldn’t comment at all, ‘cept I saw you asked for suggestions to make him look slimier . . . .
Smaller (though not always small), sharper, pure white specular highlights (with little or no falloff) combined with reflections make a surface look wet. The ones you’ve got now , I think, are softer and are picking up just a little too much of the surface color of the ugly boss’ skin and there’s no reflection off the surface. Just a thought. You’ve done great work in any case.

kinda like this:


nice skin detailing!
I think it could get more slimy :wink: add more highlights … and perhaps a bit dripping drom his tentacles… Have you ever seeen Venom in the spiderman comics? thats really some extreme slime dripping. i love that wild almost dancing slime. gives alot of movement



looking fantastic… and disgusting… use of colour is great.


wow, simply amazing skin texture youve got going there!