Master and Servant 2D Entry: Michael Dashow


Michael Dashow has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: wageSlave - the story of a hapless office worker who didn’t use his Spell Checker

And… DONE! whew! Now I just have to FTP the final TIF. For those who are curious, the resolution I’m submitting is 3207 x 3786, and that’s the size I worked on the thing the whole time.

Taz - thanks! I’m honored, as I like your stuff a lot too!

arlutik - “Don’t know what happen I think I fell asleep…” No worries, my work tends to have that effect on people! :slight_smile:

chinbig2000 and patrick - thank you!

Eric - I owe you a REALLY BIG thanks, becuase you really helped inspire this piece in a BIG way. After seeing the winners in the GSO Challenge, I was already thinking ahead to the next one… This one. I was wondering whether I should just try for a “cool” image, one that would have been the result of my second-guessing what i thought others would want to see and vote for. My day job is like that: Lots of “cool” art. But seeing you pull into the winners circle with your image - colorful and sweet and pensive and not violent and still every inch a winner - and seeing that people would appreciate a different image like that… Well, that helped me to decide just to do my own thing. And besides, who wants to spend two months on an image that doesn’t really represent one’s self and one’s portfolio? So here you have it: A very “me” image. And folks like it! So, sappy as this whole missive sounds, thanks for just being you and doing your own thing!

Theresa - Tanks so much for your posts and encouragement.

Paul & Matt & Jose - Thanks! Now you get out there and finish yours!

Arctis - Thanks, Pierre!

okay, off to FTP!



Hey there Walrusman… good luck and have fun. Can’t wait for you creation…


Tommy Lee


Good luck, walrus. :thumbsup:


Good Luck!


good luck walrus


Nice to see u man! Good luck!


hi mike,

good luck to you. looks like the theme suits you fine I supose. :slight_smile:



enjoy the challenge and good luck ~!:thumbsup:


Hi! how are you? nice to see ya again! waiting for you great charactor style again , good luck


good luck :slight_smile:


daashow…daashow… hehe , have fun !



happpy design, painting and all that sort of thing :thumbsup:


nice to see u in it. . . . cant wait to see ur character designs… maybe i wil finish this time! this will be better than the space opera!


Hey Walrus!

Good to see you again in the challenege arena :slight_smile: I am excited since the focus this time is characters. Take care! :slight_smile:


Hey, all! Thanks for dropping in. Yeah, I’m really excited that there’s a character focus this time 'round, as that’s my great love. And interactions between two characters… Ah, I’m excited! Got a few weird ideas I’m working on, but nothing’s gelled yet (but hey, it’s only the first day!) Something to show soon… or eventually…

and, uh, squibbitt… ?!?
Does my name mean something in Finnish that I’m unaware of? :-\



:slight_smile: Hi Michael, glad to see you participating again. Your space opera image was cool!


Good luck man… can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Hi Michael…Looking forward to some real nice creativity…good luck to you,all the best…:arteest:


nah it was just a reference to the fallen or whatsem called,
stuck to my mind from visiting your homepage , funny thing :slight_smile:


Bring on the art! Good luck