Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


great work man, and nice concept! good luck! :thumbsup:


This is looking great so far Dix.

Been popping in here having a gander at what your up too since this thing began, and this is comming on very nicely indeed.
Looking forward to seeing this develop further.

Good Luck!


Thumbs up! Looking better and better!


I’ve been dying to read a tutorial by you for ages… And we get to see you build up your layers of paint with your lovely brushes. So i’m gonna look forward to the show… :buttrock:

I’ve said it before, but i love the idea behind this piece, the master/servant or servant/master relationship and the way different people have interpreted it. And visually, the robot is so humungous and the child so very very teeny that i think it’s gone well beyond the ‘kid and the robot’ thing.

I love it.


This has a great feel to it, the amazed expression on the robots face makes him quite likable. Looks like he wants to scoop the kid up but isnt sure how to handle him without squishing him!
I’m looking forwad to seeing this WIP. Make sure you give us details!! Brush types etc… cant wait.:bounce:


Hi Matt. Have been looking forward to seeing this progress and the details appearing. Looking good so far! :bounce: Claireabella


Had very little time or motivation to work on this lately but I haven’t updated in a while, so here’s where it is now with the first lay in underway. I’ll talk about what I’m trying to do during this step when it’s complete - hopefully in the next update.

Thanks for your comments. I really do appreciate the encouragement.


oooOoOoooooh… look at all those pipes!! I really like all that gumpf!

I preferred the kid in your earlier concept though… :wink:



Nice piece of work. In your earlier sketches, I was afraid we would have the same subject.
But it seems we’re going into different ways.
Anyhow, it’s very impressive.

Keep the good work:thumbsup:


Oh Matt… I’m sorry your motivation has been down! :sad: But this is looking so fantastic!! I wish I had a quarter of your skill with colour and composition… no, two fifths. What the hell, a third of your skill!

I like all the pipey things and chiminiminys… :smiley:


That’s a really nice piece so far, I like where you’re going. I really like the composition, seems very interesting and dynamic…has a lot of motion to it. I also like your master design.

It’d be nice to see some color variations in the master though…I couldn’t quite tell if you were going in that direction or if you were planning on using just the one tone.

Look forward to seeing this piece progress!


Cool man, it’s great seeing your process on this piece. Looking really good so far.


very dynamic camera angle and nice character.
Love it! waiting for more


hey there matt… great concept but i must say that the color palette has become rather dull as compared to what it used to be. i hope you change this :slight_smile:

great work i am enjoying this one quite a bit.


Its getting lovely, really. Now I’m the one who is starting to get dismotivated. :confused:


whoa, awesome work bro, its coming along nicely!


Not much of an update from yesterday, but this shows that stage of the process complete. At this point, I’m just refining the underpainting - trying to pull out the principal forms and further establish the placement of colours and signifcant details, though things are still very loose. I’m only really spending time on areas that need their volume building up, so flat bits like the sky and ground are still mostly untouched.


Thanks for your comments.

jowens, Slav - I tend to work from dark to light while I’m painting, so more variation in hue and value will ( hopefully ) appear as I go along.


what’s up Matt,

Man, i haven’t been in your thread for a while now, but very nice update dude. Amazing concept on the creature of course and good size relationship. You can really feel that enormousity of the creature. Your colour works with the design, i think. keep it coming dude. i can’t wait to see how you light up this piece.



wow, the last time i saw this it was still in sketch and oi like where u r taking the colouring, it gives off a monolithic presence of protection:thumbsup: