Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Damn, already that far …the concept, composition and coloring look great. Very curious to see the end result. :slight_smile:


Technology, civilization versus the inner child? I like this image alot. Definately going to follow your progress.


This is lookin great so far matt, I love the tiny vs the gigantic and the glow. very cool.

one thing about the city on his back, it feels alittle too stagnant, the silhouette could have much more variety(randomness) of shape and size to break up that very obvious shape of his back, now im not saying destory that shape, but just suggesting be alittle more subtle about it? just a thought.


This is looking really good so far! I like the concept and idea behind it. Like what others were saying the darker sky works better to make the little character stand out more. I was thinking if the little character would reflect/illuminate the palm/belly of the machine? Maybe just a little bit because too much light would probably ruin it since you have the main light source coming from the sky. Hope it helps and good luck with your progress. I’ll be checking back for sure!


there seem to be a fair number of entries which follow the theme of big, brutish monster/robot/creature etc. with a little ‘buddy’ (some very good ones!!!)

your entry has got a very special ‘something’ - I’m no sure what, but I am very interested in seeing where it goes. Good luck!



Mr.Matt… luuuuuvverly picture…

I somehow missed this over the weekend with all my travelling around and DiY. But i’ve seen it now. And it’s splendid!

I do kinda miss the beams of light breaking through the cloud… but i know how good you are with colour and light so i’ll look forward to seeing it progress. I think someone else mentioned some light on the belly of machine coming from the child… seems like a good idea…?

I love this. I think it asks much deeper questions than pretty much anything else on this challenge. Whilst still being a big, smelly, chunky robot.

It’s great.


Hello Matt! Awesome work! The colour version is really starting to take shape. I love the sense of scale you’ve got going on here. I also like the fact that the master servant relationship is only hinted at. By that I mean you’re letting the viewer draw their own conclusions.

Great stuff, looking forward to watching this evolve.


A step backward to go forward. This may look like a repost or a bad paintover of one of the earlier sketches but it is, in fact, my ‘line art’ milestone. This will form the basis of my underpainting as I move to colour.


Well, I am surprised to see you take this step “backwards” but I wont question your genious. I always love your finished paintings and I am glad to be along for the ride on this one!


First stage with colour. Basically this is the value study I submitted for the line art milestone coloured in with the base colours I intend to use. I set the sketch to a ‘multiply’ layer and knock the opacity down to around 50%, then block in rough colours on a layer beneath before flattening the image - that’s the last time I’ll use layers until the very final tweaks. I then continue to work into the flattened image to tidy things up a bit until I’m happy that I have a good base to work against.

I’m not sure how many of these colour WIPs I’ll submit, as from here on in my approach tends to be a bit chaotic, but I’m going to try and organise myself to document each stage and explain what I’m doing at each step. I realise no one else may care, but it’s been an interesting exercise for me so far, at least…! :slight_smile:


Hey we care! Show us each and every step :slight_smile:
I totally understand the chaotic bit though, that applies to me too…

I was wondering, is the creature leaning forward? Looks like it.
I’m not sure how he’s able to support his weight standing like that.
Him sitting on his knees makes more sense I think.

Nevertheless, love it :thumbsup:!


This is excellent to watch you work Matt. I keep tying to dicipline myself to use as few layers as possible, and am getting better… Apart from the computer starting to chug like Thomas the Tank Engine on barbituates, it’s forgetting to look at the image as a whole using to many layers. Ironically this image works well at this stage, and can only start to look wonderful as the process continues; as shown by your earlier postings. And this washing of laundry in public by showing your stages is quite diciplining as well; in allowing the ego to post stages which aren’t necessarily the most presentable of pieces, but are a part of the development… phew, I went off on one then didn’t I?

Awesome! :wink:


Amazing. There is a certain kind of magic in all your images. No crits.
Would probably be a bit late anyway.


Aaaaaah! He’s alive, I saw! He moved! Fantastic (little shiny thingis all over the picture are my favourite)


i do so very much admire your work matt. i will be keepin an eye out.
i would say good luck but i doubt you will need it. great image.



awsome! I love the idea. Looking forward to seeing this one completed…


this is coming out nice. I tend to use heaps of layers to be safe, but its a bad habit because my photoshop file ends up HUGE! I think you should make the robots eyes a little more sympathetic?


Fantastic to be able to follow your process like! I like the concept and what I’ve seen so far; I’m sure you’ll do extremely well in this competition.

And for God’s sake, don’t feel shy about posting the steps, even if you feel they’re chaotic. I’m sure a lot of people would love to see everything-- I know I do!

Best of luck to you!


I have been watching this develop, but kept quiet until now. :smiley: I think it looks really great so far and in my opinion, it is probably THE strongest entry - Great idea. Everything you have done has been spot on so far. However, I would have liked to have seen a colour WIP of cool/cold colours (at least the sky), as that is how I envisaged it to be when it was still just b/w. Perhaps the child would still be emitting a warmish light but certainly the city/sky would look good cooler to push to mood.

It is impossible to tell from you sketches, but what will the child be doing? Standing there innocently, or, pointing at the “servant”, bossing it about and telling it what to do?..

Really looking forward to seeing this develop further, keep up the good work Matt.


This has got great potential now. I love how the colours are appearing more muted/desaturated towards the top of the industrial city behemoth. Great job!