Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Very nice artwork, love the lighting.


neat color scheme, I like how the bronze and green works together. You might want to enlarge that little thing a bit - not sure what it is at the moment :slight_smile:


Real nice.That size contrast tells it all,in a strange way.


this is such a nice work. amazing. great idea and beautifully sketched… i really like your first idea sketches as well. keep it up my friend. :slight_smile:


Hi Matt. An amazing piece of artwork. Nothing to add other than I’m looking forward to seeing the final piece. :bounce: Claireabella


It’s looking great. I think you were right to mute the colours because although the one before had a “nicer” sky, it took attention away from the… the jelly-baby dude. Look forward to seeing how you handle that lighting, and it’s informative to see how you refine your image but manage to keep that characteristic looseness.


Yo Matt!

I’m really loving your thread, beautiful volume lights and really great mood you whipped up here!
I don’t wanna sound to cheesy but there isn’t anything to crit so far…

just make one “mistake” …:twisted:




very very nice …

can’t wait to see more…

for advices , I would detail and diversify the town on the big metallic guy… and even try to get more impressive background …


Hey there great sketches and great idea too!!Avices?:well not really…maybe push the perspectif orf that town on his back a bit more extreme.
(sorry 4 my english)


no comment…on the other hand

i like this colour scheme.!!


Quite possibly my favorite so far.


Looks cool!!


Hi Matt,

One of the better concepts I have seen so far. Good Luck!


love your latest version for this concept. Great work and I love the colour scheme for this! I really like your rough paints too… lots of energy! Looking forward to seeing more!



Love the latest image, what a great sense of scale and colour :slight_smile:


Lovely picture! I realy like Ur ideas with a robot stuff. I’ll be lookin forward to see this pic compelted.
good luck dude!


Its got great atmosphere, Im loving the composition and the whole story behind it should be new and interesting, im going to keep an eye on this one :thumbsup:

Master And Servant


Thanks a lot for all your positive comments and encouragement. I really do appreciate it.

Baron - Thanks. I’m glad you agree on the new sky and reinforcing the focus on the jelly baby :smiley: . I’ll be interested to see how I manage to deal with the lighting, too - I’ve just realised that I’m going to have the unseen sun which illuminates the machine reflecting of some of those windows, which is going to conflict somewhat with any lights I want to put in them. Hmmm…

Adamos - Plenty of mistakes on the way. I’m sure you’ll have trouble picking just one. ( Not kidding :slight_smile: )

Neozoom - Thanks. Hopefully, the city will be more interesting than the boxes and chimneys you see here, that’s really just so I can get a feel for the masses and perspective up there. I found a fantastic reference shot of a chemical factory today that gave me some interesting ideas.

Nathellion - High praise indeed, considering some of the work going on around here. I can only assume you haven’t explored many of the other threads! :slight_smile: Much thanks anyway!


Hey Matt,

So far I like this one best…

The one you’re working on now seems as if the creature’s about to swallow the child whereas in the b&w one that you posted earlier it seems as if there’s this gentle curiosity in it towards its master and I just love that.

That’s my take on it, I’m definantly going to be watching this thread since it’s definantly one of the betters.


I nearly missed this update Matt! Doh! The weight and sheer presence of this character is fantastic! I envy your abilities with lighting and atmosphere! Woohoo! :smiley: Wanna see more…