Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Quick paint over the last sketch to try out the colour scheme. It’s not working for me. I think it’s the saturated colours in the sky that spoil it - the kid should be surrounded with the most saturated colours, with the sky more muted.


Pretty Damn nice Matt! Woot! I love everything about it already.


wow this is coming together nicely, really love the concept.


Man, those colors really make the image pop! NEAT!:thumbsup:


hi, ~MattDixon!

first of all Good Luck…
your last Colour sketch is really nice,i think
i`m looking forward to seeing your next WIP’s.



Flippin’ 'eck Matt! This is getting more powerful by the minute… One thing, and I’m being a bit pre-whatsit, but I reckon the light would look good passing through the smoke from the chimchiminnys. It was sort of hinted at in the previous rough coloured version…


Hey Matt, this is really starting to take shape! I see what you mean about the saturated sky. Why don’t you try and fade the colour out, the further away from the little figure you get. Almost to the point where the there is only the slightest hint of colour in the sky and the top of the industrial behemoth creature.

Still kicking some serious arse though! Keep it up!


You constantly are indirectly encouraging members to decide on their own deciphering of your piece, so quite simply I’m going to do that.

When I first saw the thumbnail of your latest WIP, I was attracted to it because of THE SCALE. The predominance left my eye’s in awe. The city on top of the back, almost hindering the massive machine and making it hover over the being made me at first think it was the Master…but after further freedom of my looking, I saw the maybe it could be the other way around. I love the fact that the being (I don’t know what else to call it)…is giving off light. It’s like the machine is in awe of it…thus reversing the situation making the being the Master. It’s like we may live in these gigantic cities that are driven by machines; almost giving them consciousness…but in the end…WE CREATED THEM. To me the light coming from the being is our symbol of heart and creation. And the scale just adds to it…reversing the thought that smallness matters just gave it theme. I don’t know but that’s what I got from it.

Overall I love your piece…and like all who have already given hope…I wish you the best of luck in your work.


holy crap,this looks amazing,words can not discribe the brilliance…actually…they can


keep goin!


Love the concept… :slight_smile:


this is looking way cool. good stuff. I will keep up with this one and see how it turns out.


i agree with you on the sky, i’d make it a bunch darker if i were you…

otherwise, i’m still uberimpressed with your sketching skills :expressionless: i can only hope my final image achieves that kind of quality :x

good job and good luck :wink:


um… wow:buttrock:


Wow Matt! That’s one stellar piece. A lot of emotion going on there…you’re my hero!



I really like the detail and light play. The curves are looking fine! I would like to see the whole hand (at our left) though.


just awesome!!the greyscale sketch is already a stunning piece…not to mention the colored version.fantastic stuff matt~!:thumbsup:


big and small relationships allways works well visually… and this is no exeption. No crtis at all. :slight_smile:


Good stuff. I disagree with you about the sky coloring, I think its actually done very well, despite using brighter colors. The scale of the piece seems nice as well. Lookin forward to more.


Thanks, all.

Integrity - It’s so useful to read what you ‘see’ when you look at the pic. Thankyou very much.

oz haver - The hand is deliberately pushed out of frame to try and make the machine look more massive, but I’ve been wondering myself how effective that is. My next step is to complete my ‘linework’ milestone, so I’ll be re-drawing the pic to try and solve all those little niggles, but I’m not sure if I can bring the hand fully into view without messing up the rest of the composition.


This is more what I originally had in mind when I drew the sketch. It’s a less interesting scheme than my last attempt, but I think it serves the composition better - throwing the machine forward and giving it more volume against the more muted sky. The final render would have more variation in hue than you see here, but this generally simplified palette should take accent colours ( lights in the city, for example ) much more effectively than the last one.