Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Hmmm… nice painting, I like the composition… however, I’m also in agreement with Miguel, though I think you might be able to push the master slave relationship through the pose of the little guy, right now I’m not sure if the big guy is surprised by the light of the little guy or the big guy is going to crush him, though I know you said that you wanted the relationship very subtle.


• Damn! your concept sketch really looks like a final image! Great start Matt! I like the concept!


NOOB!, Cerebr4l, AirbORn, teknotek83, Climax - Thanks for the encouragement!

peterpop88 - Thanks, but don’t jinx me just yet, eh? :smiley:

bwong - Good! It might sound like a cop-out, but that’s exactly what I was after at this stage. If the relationship is ambiguous at first glance, hopefully the viewer will want to gaze a little longer and deeper at the pic, looking for clues to help them decide who is the dominant force. Those details won’t show up until the final piece, but I think there will be plenty of them…wether they make things more or less obvious remains to be seen, of course. :wink:


That b/w concept sketch looks awesome.
I haven’t read any of your explanation on purpose to see if I can get the idea behind the concept (in case you explained it)

To me it looks like the little boy represents us and the towering robot thing is either technology or technological advance? If so - I love the fact that you can’t really make out who is the one in control - however the towering thing “looks” somehow more powerful - on the other hand David won against Goliath :wink:


Thankyou so much, Natascha - that was a really useful comment! No. Really, really, useful in fact.

I tried to explain the concept on page 2 of this thread, but I’d much rather people drew their own conclusions. Hopefully, everyone will interpet the image the way you have, because you’ve pretty much nailed it. You’ve made be very happy! :slight_smile:


Awww - great I was of help :smiley:

I can definately say from my point of view that you did an amazing job with not overdoing the idea. It’s somehow subtle but still pretty visible if you look at the concept. And on top it does leave some space for the viewers own thoughts too.

One of my favourite threads and painting so far but that doesn’t really surprise me :slight_smile:


Great idea and good composition. I think you should go nuts with the scale of it - put the kid right in the foreground and have the factory waaaay in the distance shrouded in smog, but because of its scale, it still fills the back frame. Maybe use a low angle. The hands could then be super-detailed because theyre closer. The bottom third of the screen could be forest and greenery, and then the city feller could be looming over it, as if theres nothing but pollution beyond the forest. You could make a really impressive sense of scale with this one.
Dont mean to sound dumb, but which is the master and which is the servant? Cities and industries require people to function, and are a creation of mankind, yet people depend on city life and all its technology to prosper…

Ah well - Keep it up!


Wonderful picture!
I hope that you will have the time to finish this piece!

Great work, I’m not sure to participate now…


cool comp, Matt, really promising.
I’ll keep an eye on your thread…


nice concept. really cool…


very good concept, i like it:thumbsup:


jinx? my friend that is no jinx. With that concept and your ability that’s the least I could say. Yet in saying that the comp isn’t finished and by no means should you rest, the competition is strong. Good luck Matt.

For my 2c worth, if I had to say anything. Looking at your composition I’ll say it isn’t clear what the brief was. I see two characters but is it obvious that one is the master and the other a servant? It looks like the ‘big guy’ is about to crush the ‘little guy’. Perhaps include something that spells out who is the master and who is the servant, that could help. That’s my 2c - I’m expecting change from that. :slight_smile:


I can’t stop fiddling with it! Tweaked the city a bit, spreading it further into the sky to try and break the straight line I was seeing from top right to bottom left. Not quite ready to call it ‘line art’ just yet, though.

I’ve also thrown some colour onto the pic to see how my intended colour scheme is going to work. These aren’t the actual colours you’ll see in the pic, once they’re mixed, applied with low opacity, and glazed over with other hues they’ll probably appear quite different. Ordinarily, I just throw down some broad patches of colour under the sketch and get on with the painting from there, but I’ve tried to draw and paint what would normally just take place in my head for the purposes of the contest.

Aren’t colours magic? The ‘greens’ at the bottom of the pic are actually yellows if you colour pick them. Aaaah…


That’s great!!

I’m not sure about all the little flares that tell the big guy where the kid is… they are flares aren’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:


I really really like the lighting coming from the left. It’s definitely got a brooding industrial feel to it, like the creature/robot is looming out of a slight mist! This is looking fab!


I’m also enjoying the one on the left, it’s very dynamic.


Oooooh, I like the composition in the newest one.


hi man,
it’s a very interesting and moreover utopian concept…
i’m looking forward to see your next steps…


It’s looking awesome! Wonderful mood and atmosphere.


Pretty amayzing pice of art. That image gona be my favorit if I’ve got to rate it. Go on … I’ll keep looking for your next posts. Good luck :thumbsup:

My Master and Servant