Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Glad to see your presence, you starts very extremely,
Good Luck


It’s looking great! If you really want some detail on that kid, you could maybe puch it further, using some kind of warped perspective. But it’s obvious you know what you’re doing :slight_smile:


You really work fast! amazing. i love the idea and the sketches are asolutely good. I think you can play with the composition and make the walking city look bigger bi making it come out of the frame in both sides instead as it is now where it lookks like its just comming in to the picture.


Great start
I Like it :thumbsup:


good sense of scale…it is working, what I can see is the damage to the enviroment…and hard to read the relation master servant… what I mean is I wonder who is who. I make my self clear?

Miguel Pizzo
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yeh that sounds like a good idea! make him seem HUGE!


This looks like its going to be fantastic, what a scary image though :twisted:


hello Matt, this is indeed an excellent idea. cant wait to see the detailed work. and like someone mentioned before it is hard to show the boys’ expression but i guess it doesn’t matter in this case since the boy is a symbol himself. otherwise it is normally hard to show the emotions of both sides in a dynamic piece.


NOW THIS is what I was hoping for!!!

A very unique take on the concept. I’ll definitely follow this one.


I LOVE this one. Each revision just gets more and more dynamic, and I think the scale between the two characters is great!..I think you’re goin in just the right direction, keep it goin!


Damn! Mr. Dixon
This is for sure will be one of my most favorite to watch. Killer stuff so far mate.


Awesome Matt. Very cool. I really like the size contrast. Cna’t wait to see more.


Thanks a lot for all your positive feedback, chaps. I really appreciate you taking the time to post, but it’s a bit nerve-wracking knowing so many people are watching me work…!

justsantiago, NOOB! - Fair point on making the machine bigger, but to have it extending out of both sides of the canvas would make things a bit symmetrical, I feel. I’ve forced both arms outside the frame to help increase his mass at ground level, and I was hoping that a slight upward viewpoint would make him look huge, though I’m still wrestling with that one. ( See below )

miguel - You make yourself clear. I’m not too worried about making the master / servant relationship too obvious. In fact, I think I’d rather present a piece that encouraged the viewer to think about what they’re looking at and draw their own conclusions.


Still wrestling with the scale / perspective on the city. I think part of the problem previously was that the child was too big, which threw out the perspective on the factories, so I’ve moved the him a little further into the foreground and scaled him down slightly, and reworked the city to make it more chaotic. Unsure on the mouth - it makes the machine more threatening, but I’m concerned it gives this emotionless automaton to much personality.

Not planning to make any major changes to this design before I start to work it up - I think the problems that still exist can be resolved during painting - but I’m going to live with it for a few days to see if any other ideas wander along…



lovely!! can’t wait to see more!!


I’m really enjoying this thread, great work! Looks like I have my work cut out for me :wink:


Buddy this is top stuff, loving your style… and the alterations your making to each sketch are just making the piece better and better, If you continue on with this progress I’ll be picking you for a top three finish… Keep up the good work


Beautiful! I cannot express how inspired I am from just looking at this piece. One of the best I’v seen thus far. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!


Amaizing concept… and with ur well known technique, this will sure be one hell of a piece at the end. Im looking forward watching ur thread evolving. :slight_smile:


I really like the glow of the little guy. Makes him seem very angelic/innocent while the thing is monstrous and dirty. Looking great, man!