Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


:thumbsup: Great start Mr. Dixon…this is gonna be good…

Wish I could get drawing, but will have to wait until tonight…

Good Luck and keep the great work coming :applause:


Great concept!
Love it! :thumbsup:


Very tasty indeed. Can’t wait to see some colour on it!


Very nice scale and emotion in your latest concept… awsome start. - jez


Trying to develop things further, but not happy. Too close to the original viewpoint.


This one I’m happier with. At least the servant is the size I was looking for. ‘The Machine’ is digging one of it’s hands into the earth - a clumsy attempt to highlight the environmental damage caused by industry. Still not sure if I’m getting as good a sense of scale as I could, though.


OooooOoooH!! AaaAAaaaaaaH!! Lovvvvvely!!

The contrast in the dark smoky textures of the Bot… and the little shining light of the kid is just great.

And the extra detail really adds scale…



I like this a LOT. It has such a wonderful storytelling quality to it. You given the colour scheme any thought? (sorry, I’m just really curious)


Oooh another update! I was just composing a message and you’ve kind of done what I was going to say anyway… duh! So much depth and imposingness… ness…


WOW, Matt!!! Impresive start. Nice concept.


Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

Linda - Very, very, very muted, I think. I’m thinking about a very narrow palette of browns and grey, maybe bringing in a little bit of green here and there, and offset that with some bright patches in the sky. That scheme should take a few saturated accents from lights in the ‘city’ quite nicely. Of course, the area around the child will be bright and colourful and all optimistic and that. Once I’m happier with the perspective on the factories, I’ll do a few colour roughs and see how it pans out.

Posh - Thanks, but I’m not convinced the factories really work at the moment. They’re all arranged in a single plane. Need to break it up some more.

Ravioli - Good suggestion, but I’m having enough trouble getting the composition right with one bot, so I’ll pretend I didn’t read it. :wink:


impressive ! your idea and composition is top !! :thumbsup:


Outstanding…a picture tells a 5 novel series!

Mouth open adds a lot as well…very well concieved



I love this idea. Really really good.


Oh!Oh! It just keeps getting better! This is going to be good. Very good!


I love the iconistic nature of this piece and how literal you are trying to be with the humanity/industry theme.

I think to further highlight the damage being done you could border the beast on the left and right just a little bit with some healthier looking something, sky, trees, whatever, and then have the top of the image devoted more to the smog and detritus being strewn by the back of the beast.

It would diminish it a bit in your composition but then you could also use that space to frame it a bit more.

Just a thought.



cool, matt, very cool. You’re not gonna keep it in b&w are you? This one just begs for a moody sky and some green below or something.

looking forward to more!


Now that is cool, not quite sure if the sense of scale is really coming over yet, but think you should be able to get working.

really like it :bounce:


damn right its getting there,i’m jelous!


impresive work already many cant wait to see the finish love the scales ur working with :applause: