Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


[font=Arial][size=2]Hi Matt,
This is a lovely piece. I’m glad you decided against the balloon and it’s interesting to read your notes on the progress of your ideas. We’ve all been kids and sometimes as a kid you can be knowingly in the right when the adults are in the wrong, but often just because they are the ‘adults’ they get the last say and as a child that can be deeply frustrating.

So! I love it when a kid gets some recognition: in a small and undeveloped body there can be great determination and willpower. The balloon for me would have symbolised what an adult might give a child to keep them quiet. With a balloon she may have simply been gazing at the monster, about to be swept up by it, but this little girl has character and will take on a huge menacing machine - well, that’s my interpretation anyway! She may have had a trick up her sleeve with the balloon, but for me, here she’s communicating and that’s a very positive sign.

I like the juxtaposing of the two forces and the story that you tell. It’s a very nicely balanced piece of work! Not too much and not too little. :applause:



CONGRATULATIONS on your prize, Matt!! You must be super proud.:buttrock:

Enjoy your prizes…you deserve them!

:thumbsup: :bounce:


awesome piece & congratulations dude!!


Congratulations, Matt! I’ve always liked this image, and it’s great to see you get rewarded for it. and i dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I think the Cintiq is a way cooler prize than a workstation, so you definitely scored. Nice work! :slight_smile:



you should have won :-/



:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congratulations on the win, Matt. :slight_smile:

I kinda agree with walrus - a 21inch Cintiq is so much cooler to have than a new workstation. :drool:


congratulations! :thumbsup:

and it´s really cute :love:


Ah, I was hoping this piece would do well! Congrats on being first runner up! Yay! Love the magical, storybook feeling I get with this piece… absolutely love it. Well deserved, my friend.

And now, onto the next challenge!



Thanks, everyone. Especially Blackmombassa - it’s absolutely fascinating to read how someone interprets an image; thankyou!

To be honest, I’m still completely amazed that my pic finished up where is did and the news is really only just starting to sink in.

Everyone here helped to make this challenge a lot of fun to be a part of, and I’d particularly like to acknowledge the contribution of my workmates, Duddlebug and Poshspice, in that regard. Here’s to the next one! Chocolate eclairs all round!


I hope you share those eclairs with Linda and the other winners Matt! :wink: You piggy…


I’d particularly like to acknowledge the contribution of my workmates, Duddlebug and Poshspice, in that regard. Here’s to the next one! Chocolate eclairs all round!

Oh yes… he says that… but he’s not unchained me from my desk for weeks. And I have to thank him repeatedly as he drops his eclair crumbs on my wacom for me to gratefully devour, whilst poshspice buffs his stylus.

oh… ok then… it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella. Well done Matt you big swot!


Oh MY! That is one freaking awesome image and I love your concept story and the “morale of the story.” Not only can I read meaning, but I can also create many different meanings which is fun to do!

I know this post is a day late, but hey, I just now am seeing your thread! Its too bad you can’t sell digital art like you would a painting… or can you? Because this would be worth a load some day!


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