Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


This piece has really come together over the last few days!

Great sense of scale, good composition and excellent mood and colours.
I think the factories and buildings on his back seem a little small in comparison to the girl, but overall its a very effective piece.

Would look great on a huge wall-to-ceiling canvas display


Now this is some really sweet stuff! I love this picture, Soemthing about the color that really draws my eye in…well enough of my babeling. This is one of my fav, I wish you ther best of luck!


Shame I didn’t see this in the early stages! :frowning: Superb piece! Good luck!


Cheerfully Big Fan!!! Veru good work!:bounce:


Congrats on such a wonderfully powerful image. It’s got just the right balance of whimsy and impact. I love it!

Good luck in the judging!



CLASSIC…THIS IS A CLASSIC:surprised:bowdown:


this is awesome, i think it’s definately one of the better expressions of the theme. that combined with beautiful rendering, characters, colour work and contrast makes it a fabulous entry that deserves to be right up there in the judging. inspirational to say the least.


Very nice lighting and beautiful design! Great job and good luck!



Your are one of my favorites to win…Good luck and see you next time round here…holla!


God, I wish I had come across this sooner; what a great concept! :thumbsup:
Terrific illustration, Matt, and congrats for finishing. :slight_smile:


Man I so dig this one, awesome job:thumbsup:


Awesome job man! Your painting style always looks fresh. It hardly looks digital at all, which is a difficult thing for most of us to do. And you make it look easy! …which probably means it is. For you, I mean. Good reason for me to hate you. hehe…

But seriously… the purple in the sky being carried over to the flowers around the little girl makes this piece for me.

Just right.

Congrats! and good luck.



Impressive stuff Matt! Good luck!


This is probably the best image I saw till now at this competition. So beautifull, really great. I am going to watch it for 1 more hour. :slight_smile:


Wow, i like the small girl and the gigantic metal thing, love the illumination os the girl, very very good scene :applause:


Hi Matt,

fantastic image you “painted”… I just love the mood you caught in it… really like the “open end” of your story :thumbsup:


Thanks for your support, folks. This image seemed to be in progress for a very long time which makes it hard for me to look at it objectively, so it’s very encouraging to read your feedback in this thread.

Looking forward to the judging - there’s a few that must be destined for prizes, but there are so many really beautiful entries that it’ll be very interesting to see that final line up of winners. I’ve got a couple of favourites that I really hope will make the grade! All the best to everyone who entered…!


congrats on your piece n gud luck :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I am requesting an urgent attention to here!!

This challenger made a strange thing here.

I am willing to give a vote for him and asking you if it is possible to give a prize.

Great work. Thumbs up. Two thumbs up. Way up.


Wow Matt! such a cool style, hav’nt seen it in a while and man this is awsome. Ominous yet fragile… Love the website also! best of luck with this one although some how I dont think you’ll need it :thumbsup: