Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


I’ve been dying to see you complete this one. You still have time, you can do it… Go, Matt, Go!!! :bounce:



Holy Smokes!!!

What a powerful image. This is looking so good :thumbsup:



this is one of my favorite concepts in the cotest. I want see this finished Matt. I hope u finish this one. Good Luck!:thumbsup:


Fantastic Matt! The details are really starting to come out now. The ‘factory’ creature really reminds me of the movie ‘Brazil’ for some reason. Probably all the pipes and ducting and stuff… :slight_smile:


The detail on the back of the robot is just splendidly super Mr.Dixon!! I love the shapes and shadows and light across it.

You’ve gotta finish for wednesday… you just gotta…


Yay!..he’s still in the running.

Great stugg…looking great.




this is simply GRANDIOSE


I’m so happy of these resurrection. It was my favorite concept since the beginning. And as I like everyhting in your picture. Go on Matt.
I’l also glad to see you “relighted” the girl. MAybe it will be intersting to have some lights in the city to answer the brightness of the girl. Just to try


Really cool! Looking better and better.


I love the Oscar Chichoni’s look, the color ambiance and monster. There’s nothing to add…


Hi Matt, looking good so far and I hope you get it finished. Are you planning on working some highlights or other light sources into the top of the robot? All those pipes and ducts would work wonderfully if you could hint at a seething furnace at the very core, with saturated reds and oranges bleeding out from cracks and crevices. Hey, good luck whatever you do with it! :thumbsup:


hey man even though you havent put much time into this it still looks incredible. you did a great jobas far as im concerned.


I feel a little bit like the girl in the pic, with the machine being Wednesday’s deadline! Some stuff is starting to drop into place now, and other things are running away from me, but I least I feel that it’s going somewhere. Still undecided over the girl - first she was going to have a balloon, then a kite, but those colourful splashes weren’t sitting comfortably with the subdued palette elsewhere so I’ve settled on an outstretched arm. Perhaps a bit too subtle with her being so tiny though. I dunno - more coffee should help me focus, and hopefully bring me an inspired way of filling that gap in the background on the left. Hmmm…


and i thought this is never gonna get details… nice work :thumbsup:


yeah, coffee, coffee… keep it coming… mhen, I’ve been waiting for your update, and here it is… wow, i love the contrast of the character, looks awesome to me… hurry up dude, we’ll miss the train!!:smiley:


hey matt it’s looking ever more better!!! however for the gap on the left, I had love one of your previous sketch which has like a lighting through the clouds! Why don’t u rearrange something like that?
Go man I love your piece!:thumbsup:


Ok. You’re absolutely reponsible for my jaw dropping on the floor. That’s… well, that’s awesome. I mean that.
For the streched arm, that’s not a big issue in my opinion: I think one can see it pretty clearly. One can even see that the little girl is not only stretching her arm, but her whole body.
About the visual gap on the left, well, this is highly subjective, but I’m not sure you need to fill it. I mean, it’d be cool to have something there, but it could be some random colored background, not necessarily much more detailed than it’s right now. The focus of your picture is on the characters and they are so damn perfect that you don’t really need anything else. I mean, you could tell me that it’s the final image and I would be like “Ok. Are you sure you saved enough space on the top for the challenge book title to figure there?”


Whoah! Now there’s some differences between the scales and it’s very effective. I think the girl doesn’t neccessarily need anything. The red balloon could be nice, tho. But It makes more point and relationship between the characters if you keep her hand swinging. Maybe teddybear on her right hand?


hehe i think everybody already told you that, but the contrast of size is really impressing me^^ you found it!


Wow! I like your detail on all the metal!