Master and Servant 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


very complex,

:applause: nice


You have come along way and am looking forward to more detail :thumbsup:


looking good even with foundations… nothing to crit… i love this piece


Hi Matt Excellent work. I like a lot the way it is going colored. The strengh of your stroke looks great. No crits. Good luck! I’ll been looking for updates!


Your feeling of color and your painting style are really awesome, Matt! I’m a great ‘fan’ of your work: your style always eats my mind… :rolleyes: (for a several minutes :wink: )

Really állot good luck on finishing it! I really like it, in every case…!

Greeetz, Gijs


This is looking great Matt, you’ve got some serious detail in that behemoth. Excellent stuff.


Just breezed through this whole thread, dude, and I love what you’ve arrived at. Great concept man… it’s cool being able to see your process. Good luck!


I love this…

I sorta like the one with more color though…

but… wow… I love this


great work matt. great to see you are still alive and kicking.

or not…

j/k :slight_smile:


I want to see this one to the end. This is one of my favorites. Good hustle.:thumbsup:


Matt ? MAtt ? Where are you ? Since the begin of the challenge it’s one of the picture I’m waiting for. Can’t wait more :scream:

Well I had to be patient and come back.


I love this concept, its an awesome visual too!


Had very little time to spend with this since the last update, but I’ve moved things on a little - tightening up on some of the details and starting to render up. It’s going to be close…!


Thanks to everyone who’s looked in over the last couple of weeks. It’s going to be tight for Wednesday, but I’m really going to try to finish this up.

Maybe. :rolleyes:


WOW!!! I missed this thread- this image is fantastic! I really like your use of lost & found on the underside, what a great concept.


Simply stunning. I love every single tiniest detail! <3


Quite beautiful!

Steampunkstyle with little kids…nice combo!
All it needs now is some flowers and metallic textures, highlights and glints!:thumbsup:


I have to confess I didn’t watch this thread since the early concept drawings and I’m discovering the wonderful job you did on all the city details! :thumbsup:

It’s an amazing picture!


This is a great image, i like the concept so much. the kind of illustration you can’t look at without imagining a story .
This reminds me that this challenge is about imagination. “master and servant” is an ordinary concept and it is our role to make this original. good luck.



C´mon … please don´t say maybe. Your piece is really cool. We waiting for more updates … :bounce:

Now left just a few days … but can do it :wip: