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Matt Dixon has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: All done

I just wanted to leave a note about the concept behind this pic and how it relates to the challenge topic. Some people seem a little confused as to which is master and servant. There’s no correct answer. I’ve tried to leave things as open as possible, in the hope that people will find their own interpretation of the image; it’s for you to decide.

For what it’s worth, this was the idea in my head when I began -

‘The Machine’ represents adulthood - the spinning wheels and monotonous rhythm of a working life of responsibility and repetition. The child, obviously, represents our youth - shining with innocence and optimism before the inevitable fate waiting to swallow her up. The girl’s hand is raised - is that in curiosity, or a gesture intended to halt to metal beast? The machine appears to smile - is that because the child has touched it’s rusty heart, or in anticipation of a new slave to join the ranks already toiling upon it’s back? We’re all born to be servants, but each of us has the power to be master of the machine if we so choose.

I hope that makes sense to someone. If not, I’ve tried my best to paint something interesting to look at whatever story you see.

I’ve had fun working on my first CGTalk challenge and it’s been great to watch so many wonderful artworks develop over the last few weeks. Now I’m off to get a beer. Cheers to everyone who’s left comments and good luck to all the entrants! Hoorah!


OooooOooH!! Mr.Dixon!!?

This is gonna be fun…


Hehe! I’ll stop running around soon! Good luck Mr Dixon!


This is going to be good! I’ll be watching. Good luck, as if you’re going to need it…


g-luck Matt - leaving a mark to get updates on your thread :slight_smile:


good luck mate


Waddup Matt Dawgs…
You kickin over in CA on the COWs and now you are gonna hand some asskickery here…



my sentiments exactly… good luck, im sure it will be a top entry and im certainly looking forward to it.


Just searching around for something that ‘sticks’. I’ve got the beginnings of a concept in my head, but I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to work visually. Messy, huh? I don’t really ‘do’ lines…


Woohoo!! Love the big fella… and the ickle-wickle wotsit really sets off the scale…

More!! More!!


Playing with colour. These things always make more sense to me as a pattern of colours and values than lines, so this stage is more important to me than the scribbly linework.


Nice start!(you’re further on than me, at least you can make out your design. Mine looks like someone spilled ink into their underpants and then threw it out of a moving car!)

Looking forward to seeing this move on!

Best of luck!


Gosh! This composition works really well already Matt! You may not do lines, but you do blobbles so well!


oou! that was one serious piece of nice consept!
Good luck with the challange!


3 minutes between the two? When i said ‘More!!’ i expected a longer wait.

Show off… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the comments ( and the nice welcome ). :slight_smile:

This is still early stuff, and while the ideas in my head are starting to take shape now, I expect the image will change a great deal before the final. Still lots of ideas to play with - I don’t like the symmetrical arrangement of this one, and I’d like a more dynamic viewpoint.



Cool concept of marching across a toxic planet every morning just to be eaten by work in the city. Or perhaps here work comes for the workers.

Hmmm. Sort of like prison labor.


I’ve changed my mind. Creepy concept. And well worth exploring.


Very interesting indeed. I look forward to watching this one.



Thanks, Rancher and Paul.

Perhaps I should explain the concept a bit. The Master here is ‘The Machine’ - a giant robot carrying a city of factories and office blocks on it’s back. The Servant is, well…us, as represented by the tiny figure in the foreground. The whole thing is based on the premise that we’re born to be slaves of ‘The Machine’, all of us cogs and wheels spinning round and round, driving the motors of industry, powering corporate and political ambitions with our very existence. I was trying to avoid cliche, but the Servant figure will probably be a child, partly to push the scale of the piece, but also to represent ourselves in that time of innocence before we become adults and take our place inside ‘The Machine’.

All sounds a bit pretentious, doesn’t it? Hehe - perhaps I’ll be able to explain it better once I’ve thrashed out the visual aspect further. Though, to be honest, I’m generally uncomfortable discussing the ideas behind my paintings - I’d much rather the viewer drew their own conclusions from the image. Hopefully, this one will give you something to think about…

Don’t worry though, my main motivation is to try and do something that looks ‘cool’. :wink:


that´s a great concept! i can’t wait to see the steam swelling out that beast.