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Fixed a small mistake.



I’m joining this competition later than I planned, due to various deadlines and due to problems with repetitive strain injuries, which make it hard for me to type and draw. I’ll probably flunk the community participation part, because I simply can’t write much, for medical reasons.

Anyway, my first idea for this challenge was a happy little girl with a huge monster slave on a leash [1]. This kind of trite, hackneyed ideas are typical of my work. I am very lazy.

But this is my first CG challenge, and I wanted to create something more profound. What does a picture of a little girl with a monster say about the human condition? Nothing.

So in my search for artistic integrity, I decided to replace the monster with a giraffe [2].

After further consideration, I decided that the giraffe should wear full-body bondage/BDSM gear, and also be brought into a classroom for “Bring Your Pet To School Day”. This was infinitely better. My new image said all sorts of reprehensible things about the human condition [3].

Now, I think the trick to making a BDSM giraffe work is keeping it subtle. Giving the girl a huge smile would be like saying “OMG LOL!!! A BDSM GIRAFFE!!! WACKY!!11!”. We can’t have that. So I changed the girl; she’s come to class with her giraffe, and she’s proud, but she’s still blushing because she knows that society will never understand, or accept, their relationship [4].

Well, I’ll start working on the line art tomorrow. I haven’t looked around much, so I hope everyone else isn’t also working on BDSM giraffes.


Here’s my line art. As you can see, I’ve followed sketches #3 and #4 pretty closely. I had to add a banner above the blackboard because the giraffe was blocking it, and you need to be able to read that it’s “Bring your pet to school day”. I changed the giraffe’s blindfold to a mask because I wanted to make him able to express his feelings better. In this case his feelings are utter and perpetual bewilderment.

Both subjects are shown primarily reacting to their environment. The girl knows that she has done nothing wrong, but she also knows that society will never understand, and so she’s blushing. The giraffe, although ordinarily also rather confused, is distraught and bewildered by the unfamiliarity and awkwardness of the situation. And in their reactions of discomfort, there is an implied contrast to whatever affectionate if extremely strange relationship they have at home.

Some may say that I have been too subtle, but I think it’s probably better for everyone, from a mental hygiene standpoint, not to know any explicit details.

The small, claustrophobia-generating classroom helps increase the tension of the situation. The lamps provide an object of comparison for the giraffe’s height, whilst also helping with the moody lighting that I’ll add tomorrow.

I don’t like either of the boys’ hair. I might change it later.

Anybody got any good ideas for other school-related things to write/draw on the blackboard?


Rough color test for the giraffe.


Given the amount of explicit details I’ve already seen in this competition, that’s refreshing.
Great concept. I especially like the giraffe’s expression.

Best of luck.


Coloring WIP. It looks really dull right now without textures or lighting, but it’s a beginning.

The harness is perhaps too dark; I’ll have to try a few different variants.


OMG, that is histerical, good job, thanks for the laugh. :applause:


Still lots of details to fix, but by now I’ve pretty much finished the coloring decisions.


I decided to remove the outlines from the background.


Fixed a small mistake.


This actually made me start laughing. Very funny, great contrast between subject and style!! The bondage works well with the cute school style. My ONLY crit is that the far eye of the giraffe should be higher up and maybe you should texture his, eh, bondage mask :smiley:
I say this because you spend the most time looking at this one area, so you want it to be perfect…
You’re not far off though! So close!
Did I say I love your style?:applause:
Keep it up, not long before the deadline…


The most funny one!

Hahaha… I love it.

Good luck.


i like the concept and this funny idea. The comics style is very good. Great work and good luck for the end


Ahhh, a fresh wind. Easley on of my favorites, so disturbing.


Funny…well done :slight_smile:



without words… Exelent image!:thumbsup: it’s so funny!:smiley:


Is very funny and cute, but this don’t left out your good coloring and lighting, i like a lot seems a child illustration but seeing in detail i can figured it out that you a complete artist, the refractions on the goldfish bowl, the shadow cast, the chalkboard… very good illustration, good luck in this challenge.:thumbsup:


holy shit, the connotations of this image… wow man, hahaha. good job!


Thanks for all your comments! I wish I could have been more active in the forums, but as I wrote above, typing hurts my hands. :-/



clever… but eww! :stuck_out_tongue:

take luck!